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Library's Energy-Saving Project Guarantees Cost Savings

November 6, 2009

Ed Olsen

IMCPL Director of Facilities Ed Olsen says the Guaranteed Energy Savings Project will save the Library over $900,000 in the next six years, and even more in the future as the project is expanded throughout the library system.

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library has embarked on a multi-year pilot project designed to lower energy consumption and guaranteed to reduce operating costs.

The Library's Guaranteed Energy Savings Project initially will focus on the Library Services Center, 2450 N. Meridian Street, IMCPL's second-largest building that serves as its administrative and processing headquarters. By upgrading the building's lighting and heating and cooling systems, IMCPL will achieve an annual savings of over $145,000 in energy and operational expenses. Over the six-year period of the project, that amounts to over $964,000 in savings, adjusted for inflation.

The savings are guaranteed by Energy Solutions by JMS of Indianapolis which was awarded a $796,000 contract, funded by non-operating monies from the Library's capital projects construction fund, to perform services that include an energy audit, engineering and installation of equipment modifications, monitoring, and the reporting of savings as required by Indiana statute.

If the guaranteed savings are not achieved, Energy Solutions must reimburse IMCPL for the difference between the guaranteed amount and the actual cost savings. The company will also work to obtain rebates for the Library if it becomes eligible.

"The projected savings from this project will greatly reduce our utility and maintenance costs and have a positive impact on our operating budget well beyond the term of this agreement," stated Ed Olsen, IMCPL's Director of Facilities. "The Library is taking advantage of this opportunity to make major changes in our energy consumption that can be replicated at other IMCPL locations for even greater long-term savings," he added.

The cost of retrofitting the Library Services Center with new energy efficient lamps, electronic ballast, an HVAC digital control panel and other systems will be made up from the resulting energy savings within six years.

A smaller project involving lighting improvements at IMCPL's Eagle Branch, 3325 Lowry Road, has been contracted with Perfection Group, Inc. of Indianapolis. It calls for annual savings of over $4,400, with the cost of retrofitting made up from energy savings within four years.

The Library intends to expand the energy saving initiative in the future to its other facilities, many of which were constructed with outdated and extremely inefficient infrastructure systems. It represents that latest of IMCPL's numerous efforts to identify cost savings and maximize taxpayer resources.