Central Library Employee Serves as National Cancer Advocate

October 17, 2011

The need to protect funding for cancer research and prevention programs is the message being spread nationally by a 37-year veteran of The Indianapolis Public Library who is now a 10-year cancer survivor.

Penny Pace-Cannon

Penny Pace-Cannon, an adult reference librarian at Central Library downtown, is a key player in the Celebrate With Action campaign of the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). She recently visited with Indiana's legislative delegation in Washington, D.C. to encourage them to commit to fund proven cancer control programs and research to help develop better early detection tools and treatments for cancer.

"We can't afford to rest on past successes in fighting cancer," said Pace-Cannon. "Even in this tough economic climate, Congress should commit to protecting funding for research that makes existing tests and treatments more effective and works to find breakthroughs for the most deadly cancers."

Pace-Cannon's message was also put on display on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., featuring a large photo of her and the quote, "I have completed an Olympic length triathalon, a 100 mile bike ride and a marathon," reflecting her ability to maintain her passionate pursuits thanks to past investment and continued breakthroughs in cancer research.

Individuals can learn more about the work of ASC CAN at www.acscan.org.