Christel House Academy Joins Indy Library’s Shared Catalog System

October 17, 2012

Sarah Batt and Scott Dooley

Sarah Batt (left), Manager of The Indianapolis Public Library's Shared System, welcomes Scott Dooley, Media Specialist at the Christel House Academy, to the Shared System.

The Christel House Academy, located on the near southeast side of Indianapolis at 2717 S. East Street, has become the third public charter school in Indianapolis to join The Indianapolis Public Library's Shared System. The Shared System provides circulation and cataloging of Library books and materials for 15 private and public schools and two museum libraries.  Students can request Library materials online through the Indy Public Library's website and check them out at their schools.  Allowing schools to use Library materials through their school libraries and to share their resources city-wide strengthens the ability of all libraries to meet the needs of their users.