"Inside Out" International Art Project Comes to Indianapolis

October 17, 2013

A local art installation showcasing Indianapolis public transit bus drivers will become part of a global platform for people to share their untold stories and transform messages of personal identity into works of public art.

Inside Out is an international art project which received the coveted TED (Technology, Entertain, Design) Prize in 2011 for making digitally uploaded images into posters to display in diverse communities. Over 120,000 people from 108 countries have participated in Inside Out activities.

From November 1 - 30, more than two dozen large-scale black and white portraits of local public transit bus drivers can be viewed along the west perimeter of Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street (36" wide x 53" tall), as well as at R-Bistro, 888 Mass Ave., and Big Car, 3819 Lafayette Road. The photos, created by a team of local artists, are intended to show appreciation for the drivers' resolve and dedication to ensuring viable public transportation. The local project also seeks to support the growing central Indiana public transportation conversation by means of a unique voice.

The city's participation will be included on an international scale via the Inside Out parent website at http://www.insideoutproject.net, where examples of other installations throughout the world can also be seen.

To see a sample of the photos displayed locally, visit the project's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IndyInsideOutProject.