The Public Collection Installation Now Open at White River State Park!

November 5, 2015

The ninth and final artist-designed book share station as part of the city-wide The Public Collection has opened at White River State Park on the city's near Westside. The installation, Evolution of Reading by artist Kimberly McNeelan, is a modern cave-like form constructed of properly-harvested and reclaimed western red cedar, steel and polycarbonate that contains free books from The Indianapolis Public Library for passersby to borrow and return at their leisure.

Public Collection - White River State ParkThe Public Collection is a new public art and literacy project developed by Rachel M. Simon, with support from the Herbert Simon Family Foundation, as a way to improve literacy, foster a deeper appreciation of the arts, and raise awareness for education and social justice in the community. The book share stations are restocked by IndyPL on a weekly basis and are intended to reach diverse populations and age groups.

"Anyone who chooses to enter and explore the interior library will be surprised to find a timeline on the wall referencing the cave paintings, which are the first known form of written symbols," stated McNeelan. "The concept is to convey the development in reading and writing in our history as a progression, which has resulted in the current goal to make books and information accessible to everyone."

White River State Park is an advantageous setting for Evolution of Reading because the aesthetic qualities of the sculpture accentuate the surrounding cityscape and fit in with the adventurous environment of the park.

Since the launch of The Public Collection in late August, more than 6,700 books have been distributed at book share stations that include the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Eskenazi Health, Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, Horizon House, Monument Circle, Indianapolis City Market and the Southeast Corridor of the Cultural Trail.

The Public Collection is managed in partnership with the Central Indianapolis Community Foundation, Mindy Taylor Ross of Art Strategies LLC and The Indianapolis Public Library.

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