It's Time to Call-a-Pacer!

March 29, 2018

2018mar29_callapacer.jpgChildren and families are invited to hear their favorite stories in children's literature read by members of the Indiana Pacers from April through June on The Indianapolis Public Library's 24-hour Call-a-Story telephone line.

By dialing 317-275-4444 or toll-free 877-275-9007, listeners will hear recorded stories with a "down on the farm" theme from Pacers players who demonstrate their love of reading as a way to encourage young ones to "read like a pro."

The 2018 "Call-a-Pacer" schedule includes:

In 2017, "Call-a-Pacer" generated 61,713 calls during its 12-week run.

For additional information about Library programming for children and families, call 317-275-4099 or visit