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The promise of dawn
Snelling, Lauraine

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Overton, Hollie

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Carlson, Melody

The lighthouse
Moore, Alison



Maryon, Kate

Carey, Elizabeth Doyle

Lawrence, Katherine

Emily's pranking problem
Brandes, Wendy L.



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Staff Picks

November 28, 2017

The Coaster

The Coaster
by Wurster, Erich

Bob Patterson is a coaster. Although he prefers to think of himself as an Everyman, which he is if it’s every man’s lot to have married a rich man’s daughter and to be handed a job that requires little to no effort. Bob knows that he’s phoning it in, and he’s okay with that, defaulting to self-deprecating humor when forced to rub elbows with rich snobs at obligatory fund raisers. But, of course, nothing lasts forever, and as so often happens, once the snowball starts rolling, it picks up momentum and heft. Bob’s father-in-law dies, leaving Bob to handle his vast financial affairs, a job that Bob is ill-equipped to do. And then an old college friend turns up; you know, that college friend, the one who did all the wild and crazy stuff that everyone else was afraid—or too principled—to do. Toss in the possibility for Bob to make it on his own when he’s offered an opportunity to buy into a too-good-to-be-true deal, and, yep, right there you’ve got the beginnings of a perfect storm. With Bob right in the middle, coasting along. Until he can’t coast anymore and has to (gulp) do something. Will he—can he—rise to the challenge?

The Coaster is also available as an eBook.

           --Recommended by Cheryl Holtsclaw, West Indianapolis Branch



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