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February 16, 2015

American Grown: the Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America

American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America
by Obama, Michelle
635.09753 OBA

My love of gardening and my admiration for Michelle Obama drew me to this book. It seems that many nonfiction books are more than instructional these days, and that is a wonderful thing. The beauty of this particular title is that it incorporates history, information, ideas, suggestions and recipes all involving gardening.

During the Obamas' first spring in the White House the first lady began thinking about creating a garden on the White House lawn. This book is her sharing with everyone the process she went through to create a kitchen garden where food can be harvested to use for White House kitchen and for donating to a local shelter. Michelle has been an advocate for healthy eating and exercise, especially for children. In creating this White House garden she invited local school children to help in planting, maintaining and harvesting the produce. This was and continues to be a way for the students to learn where food really comes from and how good it is to eat foods straight from a garden. I know I long all winter for the juicy, delicious tomatoes from my garden that I pick in the summer, and to not have to eat the round red things that are labeled “tomatoes” at the grocery store. Mrs. Obama details how the White House garden had been planted and is harvested along with the trials and tribulations by compiling the information from a three year period with the book divided into the four seasons. The reader is also introduced to the experts who collaborated with the First Lady to make this garden a reality and the maps used in planning the garden.

This book is a fantastic compilation of gardening hints, tips, ideas, recipes and a brief history of the White House gardens. It is full of colorful pictures and illustrations that make it a visual pleasure. I enjoyed reading about the history of white house gardens and got many ideas for my own raised bed garden at my home. The pictures of the recipe creations look delicious and may cause me to eat healthier. And that would be quite a feat.

American Grown is also available as a downloadable audiobook and an audiobook on CD.

                     --Recommended by Kris Gould, Nora Library


February 9, 2015

The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be

The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be
by Nepo, Mark
204.4 NEP

At first glance, The Endless Practice may not seem different from any other self-actualization books. That soon changes once it falls open and reading begins. You will not want to put it down! Will you be visibly changed? Not likely. Inwardly changed, however, most definitely! Mark Nepo’s prose is sheer poetry and through it he is able to communicate a deep, empathetic understanding of readers’ personal life experiences. It’s as if Mark Nepo is walking hand in hand with them on their life’s journey. As one continues on its’ as if the author is taking the reader’s hand and holding it to convey compassion or consolation (as if to say, “It’s really OK”). He leads one down a path filled with new and rich insights. If you’re in need of some encouragement on your life journey then check out this title. Experience firsthand how inspiring and reassuring it can be. As one person described it, it’s a “field guide to being human.”

                        --Recommended by Mary Agnes Hylton, Eagle Library


February 2, 2015

The Short and Tragic life Of Robert Peace

The Short and Tragic life Of Robert Peace
by Hobbs, Jeff
B Peace, Robert HOB

The story is in fact a tragic and emotional story of African American male Robert Peace. The story of a young man who survived the streets of Newark, New Jersey, to earn a full scholarship to Yale, only to be murdered in suspected drug deal.

Robert grows up in the projects of Newark, NJ and East Orange. He is raised by his mother Jackie while his father, ‘Skeet” sits in jail for murder. Jackie realizes that Robert has potential in academics and she finds a way by working long hours to make sure Robert gets a valued education from one of the local catholic schools.

The story is told by Jeff Hobbs, Robert’s roommate at Yale. The story examines race, class, community and privilege, and the two separate worlds of Robert Peace.

— Recommended by Gregory Hill, African-American History Committee


January 26, 2015

Providence Rag

Providence Rag
by DeSilva, Bruce

Diggs has killed two women and three children. The catch is that he did it as a teenager and will be getting out of the Supermax prison unless officials can figure out a way to keep him in longer. No one doubts that he will kill again, and sooner rather than later. But keeping him in prison legally? Not a leg to stand on. And when The Providence Dispatch’s rookie reporter (also the owner’s son) decides to investigate how the prison has kept Diggs as long as it has, things begin to turn ugly. The clock is ticking; Diggs will be released soon. When the Dispatch, already in financial distress, decides to run the story on how prison officers falsely charged Diggs with crimes in prison to prevent his release, they lose thousands more subscribers and attract radical protestors. Which is more important for a newspaper: publishing the truth, or protecting the society it serves? It’s a dilemma for sure, but DeSilva unflinchingly examines both sides of the debate, all the while weaving together a terrific modern day thriller.

              — Recommended by Cheryl Holtsclaw, West Indianapolis Library


January 19, 2015

Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics

Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics
by hooks, bell
305.4201 HOO

I’ll never forget my introduction to bell hooks as an undergraduate student. Her words were raw, unlike anything I'd heard before, and straight to the point - exactly the style I later learned she used during her lectures.

Committed to shifting the way conventional minds perceived the world and internalized the daily images fed to them through television shows, commercials, movies, music videos and magazines, bell hooks strives to uncover the hidden gender and racial injustices that continue to plague our society today.

Feminism is For Everybody seeks to reintroduce the feminist movement agenda through a black feminist perspective. It is through this oppositional gaze that hooks is able to highlight overlooked disparities in how implications such as reproductive rights and violence are viewed differently amongst differing classes and races. A prolific writer, feminist theorist and cultural critic, bell hooks not only challenges but forever changes the landscape of feminist politics by asking readers to view the feminist movement not as a singular gender issue, but rather issues that affect us all. By the end of the book, you will indeed agree that Feminism truly IS for EVERYBODY!

                        — Recommended by Tiffani Carter, Fountain Square Library