Story Time: Let’s Explore!

Little explorers were ready for adventure in this interactive story time all about exploring! We packed our bags and set off:

Songs: Row, Row, Row Your Boat & Goin’ on a Bear Hunt

Books: Into the Wild by Lerryn Korda & How Things Work in the Yard by Lisa Campbell

                                  intothewild  howthingswork

Activity: Adventure Map!                                                                                                 Choose your own adventure! For this activity, we spruced up an old fold-up road map by adding eight construction-paper flaps of various colors and shapes, spread out and placed around the map. Little explorers take turns choosing a shape and lifting the flap to reveal a set of directions, such as “Hike…(up the) Mountain…with [picture of] a backpack.” Everyone then pretends to put on their backpack and climb up the mountain. Each shape features a different destination, a fun motion to act out, and something to bring along.


On our adventure, we rowed a boat quite merrily, climbed up a tree and hiked up a mountain, caught butterflies, explored a jungle, swam to an island, tip-toed into a cave, and met a very polite bear.

Below is a mini-adventure map featuring all eight excursions to explore. Where else would little explorers like to go? What things would they need to bring? Choose your own adventures!

Adventure Map[click the images to enlarge]


Take-Home Craft: Explorer’s Binoculars!                                                                 Wrap-up with a take-home binoculars craft. Decorate two toilet paper rolls, glue or tape together, hole-punch the outsides and add yarn. Little explorers will be ready to set out and do some exploring of their own!

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