3-D Printing Workshop, Demo & Wild Times Exhibit!


Interested in how 3-D printing actually works? Stop by Central Library on Wednesday, July 23rd to observe a workshop and demonstration by 3D Parts Manufacturing, LLC, beginning at 10:30am in the Learning Curve Arena. Anyone is welcome to observe the workshop, designed for educators, or the 3-D printing demonstration, open to the public.

Also on the west end of the Curve, check out “Wild Times,” a new exhibit sponsored by Creative Capital and others, featuring information and visuals that show the hike artist Susan Robb is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail. As she hikes, she is choosing rocks along the way and sending 3D design files to us so that they can be printed in 3D. They will then be attached to the Pacific Crest Trail map in the exhibit and displayed on the window ledge. A display of related books, bookmarks, activity ideas, and additional information will all be part of the exhibit.

The artist’s press releases share more of the story behind the exhibit:

“As our culture increasingly pressures us to maintain a personal “brand,” be in constant contact, and snapchat every moment, maybe it’s not just our geographic wild spaces that are endangered, but our internal wild spaces as well. Artist Susan Robb’s Wild Times merges new media, social engagement, and a 2,650 mile hike as an invitation to explore wildness as a geographic ideal and a state of mind.

Beginning in mid-April 2014, Robb will embark on a 5-month adventure from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Using the trail as a nomadic studio, and her experiences as inspiration and medium, she will create digital works—photos, videos, and 3D files…At its core, Wild Times is a proposition to YOU to seek out and explore your own wildness. To aid this process, Robb has developed satellite events and programming. The project website features “Hack Your Wild” instructions for creative action, the results of which can be posted and shared.”

The 3D workshop and demonstration hosted by the Learning Curve will kick off the Wild Times exhibit of 3D printed rocks Susan has collected on the trail. Please join us!

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