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Amelia Rules! #7: The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff

The Meaning of Life and Other Stuff [1]

Sassy Amelia is back in another book that clearly shows Mr. Gownley remembers EXACTLY what it’s like to be in Middle School and figure out that really, “fair” just doesn’t exist. Amelia’s visiting the principal a little too often again…language, tardiness, mumbling under her breath, constantly testing the boundaries, etc.

Amelia finally asks her teacher, “Mr. Henderson? Can I ask you something? Why on earth would anyone want to be a teacher? I mean seriously…if I had to go to school every day for the rest of my life…I’d go catch a bus with my face.” (page 63)

That Amelia, she holds nothing back! The one thing that IS good about school though, is Amelia’s friends: Reggie, Rhonda, Pajamaman, & Joan…even her new friends on the cheerleading squad. Amelia gets an idea of the meaning of life and what’s important, everyday with her friends. I’d love to go to school with them.

Favorite line? When Rhonda confronts the mean girl who denies ever doing anything mean, “You’re a nightmare! If I were a Jedi, I’d have force choked you a year ago.” (page 118) Whoa!, that Rhonda, she doesn’t hold back either, no wonder she and Amelia are such good friends! Author: Jimmy Gownley [2]

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