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Homework Help: Skeletal System

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The Skeletal System is made up of the 206 bones that hold the body up. It is amazing that the body can direct muscles to move all those parts around. It is one thing to raise an arm up and down…but then think about what a soccer player does or a ballet dancer or someone climbing a cell tower to repair damage from a storm. Really, the human body is so amazing. The books and websites listed below will help you learn a lot more about the skeletal system.

Websites, Activities, Printables & Databases:

DK Find Out! Skeleton and Bones [3]
KidsHealth: Your Bones [4]
Biology4Kids: Skeletons Inside and Out [5]
BBC: Human Anatomy Skeleton [6]
National Health Museum: The Living Skeleton [7]
Wonderopolis: Why Do Our Joints Pop? [8]
Wonderopolis: How Does An X-Ray Work? [9]
Printable: Human Skeleton Diagram [10]
Printable: Color and Label Human Skeleton [11]
Online Game: Learn the Skeletal System [12]

[13]Science in Context: Skeletal System [13] is a database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch or at home with your IndyPL Library Card. Login using your library card number and PIN. What’s My PIN? [14] It will show you biographies, magazines, videos and more about the Skeletal System.‚Äč

Pinterest Logo 25 [15]MORE Websites, Printables & Activities on the indyPL Kids Pinterest Board: Skeletal System [16]


Learning About the Musculoskeletal System [17]Skeletal System [2]Super Skeleton [18]Take a Closer Look at Your Bones [19] [20]The Skeletal System [21]The Skeleton Book [22]You Can't See Your Bones with Binoculars [23]Your Skeletal System [24]Forgotten Bones [25]Human Movement [26]I Broke My Arm [27]
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