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Native Americans


Non-Fiction Books:

Black Indians [7]Native American Heroes [8]Looks Like Daylight [9]Native American Tribes [10]Buckskin Dresses [11]First People [12]>Hands On History Native Americans [13]Children of the Tipi [14]A Native American Thought Of It [15]Native American Mythology [16]Native American Culture [17]A Day in the Life of a Native American [18]Native Americans [19]Native Americans a Visual Exploration [20]Tecumsah [21]The World of North American Indians [22]Before Columbus [23]Exploring the Life Myth and Art of Native Americans [24]Kids Guide to Native American History [25]Native American Art [26]Native American History for Kids [27]

Fiction Books:

The Birchbark House [28]Buffalo Bird Girl [29]Crossing Bok Chitto [30]Ghost Hawk [31]The Legend of Lighning and Thunder [32]The Man Who Dressed As Elk Dogs [33]Paiute Princess [34]The Porcupine Year [35]Return to Hawk's Hill [36]The Story of Jumping Mouse [37]The Woman Who Lived With the Wolves [38]

Indiana Books & WebsitesFocus on Indiana [39]:

The Miami [40], Potawatomi, [41]Kickapoo, Mascoutens, Delaware [42] (Lenape), Shawnee [43] were some of the Native Americans that lived in Indiana before settlers came here. One of the most well-known Native Americans from Indiana is the Miami Chief, Little Turtle. The websites and books below will help you learn more about Native Americans all over country, especially those who lived in Indiana.

The Miamis [53]Salt [54]
[55] [56] [57] [58] [59]