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Presenting Buffalo Bill [2]In American history, the time period know as the Old West is the time between the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and the last continental state, Arizona, being added to the Union in 1912 (two states were added later, Hawaii and Alaska). People living during this time period are well known for populating the land west of the Mississippi. Stories from this time period often recount the legendary deeds of explorers, trappers, and mountain men. One of those people is William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. Buffalo Bill is one of the most well-known larger-than-life figures of the American West. He served for the Union during the Civil War, was a scout for the US Army, received the Medal of Honor in 1872, performed in shows depicting life on the frontier and founded Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

By reading about an event from the perspective of different people, [3]you can get a more well-rounded idea of what that event or time period was really like. You can do the same thing by reading books that tell you about the different people, customs and events of a certain time period. Listed below are books, websites & databases that will help you learn about pioneering and the Old West.

To give you a start looking at what life was like in the American West, here is a Conestoga Wagon [3], an Artifact at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis [4]. “Hundreds of years ago, travelers depended on wagons and carriages just as we depend on our cars today. Made in Pennsylvania about 1803, this wagon hauled farm produce or machinery. As pioneers moved west, families used wagons like this one to move all of their family belongings and tools west of the Appalachian Mountains.:

More Pioneer Artifacts at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis [5].

Websites, Activities & Printables:


US History in Context Logo [13]

U.S. History in Context: Homesteading [14] & the Oregon Trail [15] – A database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch or at home. Login using your IndyPL library card number. It will show you biographies, magazines, videos and more about the American West, pioneers and the frontier.​


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NoveList K-8: Stories about Pioneers and the American West [16] is a database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch or at home. Login using your IndyPL library card number. Novelist will show you fiction chapter books and picture books you can read set in the time of the American West. “Check the Library Catalog” to see if IndyPL has the book.


Bad News for Outlaws [17]Dressing a Nation [18]Daniel Boone [19]Donner Dinner Party [20]The Donner Party [21]Explorers Trappers and Pioneers [22]Great Pioneer Projects [23]Wild Women of the Wild West [24]Poptropica Wild West [25]Women of the Frontier [26]How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail [27]You Wouldn't Want to Be an American Pioneer [28]Seed By Seed [29]Life as a Pioneer [30]Life on a Wagon Train [31]Painting the Wild Frontier [32]The Westward Movement [33]You Wouldn't Want to Live in a Wild West Town [34]Hornbooks and Inkwells [35]Texas Rangers [36]Who Were the American Pioneers [37]Voices of the Western Frontier [38]The Ballad of Lucy Whipple [39]Caddie Woodlawn [40]Hattie Big Sky [41]The Last of the Mohicans [42]Little House on the Prairie [43]May B [44]The Quilt Walk [45]Sarah Plain and Tall [46]The Trouble with May Amelia [47]Woods Runner [48]

Indiana Books & Websites:

Focus on Indiana Logo [49]

Alone [55]The Bears of Blue river [56]The Conners of conner Prairie [57]The Floating House [58]Log Cabin in the Woods [59]My Brother Abe [60]Ollie's Cabin in the Woods [61]A Place Called Freedom [62]Salt a Story of Friendship [63]The School at Crooked Creek [64]Where the River Grins [65]Blossoms on the Roof [66]
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