The Heroes of Olympus #3: The Mark of Athena Cover & Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus #3: The Mark of Athena Cover & Chapter One!

The Mark of Athena

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On his Blog: Myth & Mystery Rick Riordan says this, which is pretty exciting:

“What is the scene on the cover? Is that who you think it is, about to fight??  Can’t tell you, but yes, that is an actual scene from the book, and the meaning will be clear when you read it. 

Well, it’s finally October 2nd – I hope my copy comes in today! If you like to talk about the Heroes of Olympus; the characters, the book covers, the prophecy and who might date who, you might like looking at the comments that have accumulated so far about the first two books. Over 1700 for each of them!

After you finish The Mark of Athena, come back and tell us what you thought.


The Heroes of Olympus Series

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  1. @Lovey143 the title of book four (Fall 2013) is “The House of Hades”. I can’t remember if he said there would be four or five books though…so not sure if that is the last.

  2. Hey guys how have you been? Sorry i haven’t been on but i haven’t forgotten about percy jackson! If any of you have an instagram follow me and my friends percy jackson account camphalfblood0. Also does anyone know what the last book is going to be called?

  3. im back and i actually don mind the mysterious ending last night i had a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ……………………………………………… DREAM ABOUT IT CREEPY im gonna get the house of hades on my kind too if your voting for obama say i if your voting for mitt romney say obama is awesome hahahabye please say it

  4. (sob) im a fool i complained how i didn’t like the book now there gone (sob) a year of worrying but face front true believers they’ll conquer this i know they will the pit will send something back

  5. finished it like on the 10 ocotober (finished it in 2 days eek) really good but i hate when it ends with A mysterious ending ugh cant wait until the house of hades comes out in 2013 thanks for the good review lovely143 it helped i think so tony fave person:percy,leo and not piper she was a little spoiled princess brat drama type thing lol ahaha (:

  6. @danny i kinda get what you’re saying but **SPOILER** i think the owl symbolized the mark of athena because annabeth followed the owls as but keep reading maybe it will get better

  7. @ lovey i mean i was hoping for a epic meeting of the geeks and romans but it was kinda casual like uniting the camps to save the world was no big deal plus the battle between jason and percy was so lack luster SPOILER annabeth wasn’t even there when they fought so i have no idea what the owl is supposed to mean and i wish they would have stayed at the camp longer they only get to get toannabeth’s pov before the thing happens and the quest starts and back to the percy vs jason thing it’s obvious the two have tension so why didn’t they let it build up so at the end of the book it could have been the ultimate duel but alas im on page 202 i haven’t read in 2 days plus rick got the keto thing wrong he the ttic she was a giant moster but in this she’s a monster god

  8. @ every one im at page 114 and honestly i am annoyed everyone’s saying oh it’s such a good book well it has not got of to a good start it feels rushed and i do not like the beginning at all i hope it gets better

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