Into the Volcano

Into the Volcano


Duffy and Sumo get sent to the principal’s office (bad). Once they get there, they find out their Dad is taking them out of school (good!) to go on an island vacation (even better!). But, their dad isn’t going on the trip (bad). Their travelling companion is instead an enormous, silent bald man in sunglasses (what?).

Their adventure begins in a limo and private jet with all the chili-fries they can eat. It continues in a disabled speedboat heading for rocky cliffs and a life or death race through the lava filled tunnels of an active volcano!

Duffy and Sumo are not at all prepared for the physical and mental tests that their adventure brings.  They also are not prepared for the truth – the truth that is the reason they end up inside a volcano. And also, there is treasure, did I mention that? This is a colorful, action-packed graphic novel – make sure you click on the look inside link – once you start, you can’t put it down. Author: Don Wood

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