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Big Nate Flips Out

Big Nate Flips Out [1]

In this latest misadventure, Nate, the all-time record-holder for detentions, gets to see how the other half lives as he follows his best friend Francis’s example and becomes a total neat freak; has Nate totally flipped out?

When Nate makes the worst friend mistake ever and breaks the “secret swear” he made to Francis, he knows he has to make some big changes to earn Francis’s trust back. He decides he can’t do it on his own and turns to Teddy’s Uncle Pedro for help. What good is he? Well, he’s an inventor-magician-handyman-mad scientist. And he hypnotizes people.

Nate doesn’t believe he’s hypnotized until he starts to really act odd. He notices things like Dee Dee’s smudged glasses and a puddle he doesn’t want Teddy to step in. He cleans his room.He rewrites his messy class notes. He cleans his locker. Nate. Cleans. His. Locker. And THEN…Nate gets an A++. Not Gina. Nate! He really has flipped out. But Francis is still mad. It doesn’t matter to him that Nate is trying to change. Lincoln Peirce [2]

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