Michael Morn lives in New Liberty, “the City without a Super” – no superheroes, not even one. New Liberty is kind of sketchy. It’s a place where a boy like Michael can live quietly with his father building top secret electronics and selling them to the highest bidding villain. It’s not a bad gig. Lucrative. Michael and his father are doing fine, as long as they lay low, don’t cause any trouble and watch each other’s back. Michael’s father is the  engineer genius and Michael helps out, learns, and does what he’s told – he’s his Dad’s minion. On the side, they rob banks!



It’s a little known fact that Michael can control other people’s minds. In a city full of villains, it’s really best to keep that kind of information to yourself. It’s always best to be underestimated and having a secret power as the ace up your sleeve helps you keep an edge. In a city of villains, the competition is intelligent and ruthless.

And also, Michael doesn’t want to overuse his power…to take advantage. Michael might be a villain but he’s got some standards! So even though Michael’s a bad guy…he’s not such a bad guy! One of the many interesting, complicated ironies in this non-stop adventure. The characters are full of surprises and not often what you expect at first. They make you re-think how you figure out who the bad guys even ARE.

A companion to Anderson’s Sidekicked.


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