Sisters Grimm: Fairy Tale Detectives

Sisters Grimm: Fairy Tale Detectives

Fairy Tale DetectivesSabrina and Daphne have been sent to live with their mysterious Grandmother, Relda Grimm, a Grandmother they didn’t even know they had. Once they arrive the girls find out they are direct descendants of the Grimm Brothers – the fairy tale guys. They also discover that the Grimm Brother stories actually happened and that the fairy tale characters are alive and well and living in their Grandmother’s town, Ferryport Landing. The Grimm Brother stories are actually a history of all the crimes committed by the fairy tale characters. The girls are part of a long line of detectives from the Grimm family whose job it is to investigate the fairy tale crimes. The girls and their Grandmother are hot on the case of a giant that has been unleashed into Ferryport Landing by one of the fairy tale characters, or Everafters, as they like to be called. Which character set the giant loose…and why? Author: Michael Buckley


And if you like this one – there’s more!

#1 The Fairy-Tale Detectives (Bonus Book – 30 points!)
#2 The Unusal Suspects
#3 The Problem Child
#4 Once Upon a Crime
#5 Magic and Other Misdemeanors
#6 Tales from the Hood
#7 The Everafter War

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  1. I really liked these books I’m just now reading the last one and i hope it’s good!
    My name is Carinna. Pronounsed

  2. The sister grimm book is a series that combines mystery and fairytales. It is a great series that displays suspense and humor. I only wish there where more books. Michael Buckley… If your out there know we are still hopping for more.

  3. This book is…AWESOME! I love it. You would love it if your like fairy tales and stuff like that. It’s a really good book.

  4. I LOVE THE SISTERS GRIMM i am on book 7 and it is AWESOME thank u michael buckly i am your BIGGEST fan

  5. Sisters Grimm is the one book that I can pitcher perfectly in my head . Its so amazing I would stay up till 11:00 reading it . A friend of mines dad is going to direct the movie so it’s even more exsiteing ! You are an amazing writer! – mackenzie

  6. I LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES!! Michael Buckley is my favorite author now! I just finished reading the 8th book and now can’t wait until the 9th book comes out. I wish it wasn’t the last book though.

  7. All I can find about book 9 is this tweet from Michael Buckley on March 21, 2011: “This fall we proudly present The Sisters Grimm Ultimate Guide! Edited by Puck and guaranteed to hold you over until Book 9!” He tweets on March 25, 2011 “big writing day: Sisters Grimm 9, 2nd draft of the Grimm script, NERDS proposal, and Hellfire Commandos – none of which I’ll finish.” So if this ultimate guide is coming out first and it won’t arrive until the fall…we’ve got some time to wait for book 9…because he’s still writing it.

  8. I love reading the sisters grimm!!! My friend Julia told me about it at around april 7 2010 and I got the book around may 15. I dont read all of them in order but heres that reason.The library was so busy with sisters grimm that I couldn’t find one book. They are very popular. My favorite character is Daphne When she turns 8. But I like Sabrina too. THIS IS THE BEST SERIES IV’E EVER READ!!!!!!!! Thank you Michael Buckley You had an awesome idea!!!

  9. Reviewer: Charlotte
    Title: The Sister’s Grimm Series
    Author: Micheal Buckely

    This book is about two ordinary sisters Sabrina and Daphne. There parents are kidnapped. They have been from foster home to foster home until they end up in a Fairytale village to live with their grandma they never knew about. They soon discover things their parents never told them about their life. With their grandma they start solving fairy tale mysteries of all sorts. And later try to find their parents who were kidnapped by the Scarlet hand. Join them as they have many crazy scary wild interesting suspenseful adventures. This is my favorite series because its fantasy and mystery!I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE MY FAVORITE BOOKS

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