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Famous Hoosiers

Indianas 200 [1]

The websites and books on this page will help you find biographical information about people from Indiana as well as learn the stories of those who made a difference in the lives of Hoosiers, the country, and the world. Famous Hoosiers come from all walks of life: law, politics, art, music, entertainment, literature, sports, education, business, religion, and science.


Famous Hoosier Artifacts from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

TCM Logo 150 [7] Artifacts at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis [8] – A collection of photos of 1,000 artifacts from the museum collection – selected objects range over school subjects from Social Studies to Science to Geography with a particular emphasis on Indiana. Browse the Collection [7]
Raggedy Ann Doll [9] The Orphant Annie Book [10] Autographed Photo of Gus Grissom [11]
Raggedy Ann Doll
Johnny Gruelle
The Orphant Annie Book
James Whitcomb Riley
Garfield & Friends
Jim Davis
Benjamin Harrison Medal [12] Madam CJ Walker Wonderful Hair Grower [13] Door Latch to Levi Coffin's House 205 [14]
1888 Campaign Ribbon
Benjamin Harrison
Wonderful Hair Grower
Madam CJ Walker
Door Latch [14]

Levi Coffin’s House


Indiana Legends [15] Bill Peet [16] Madam CJ Walker [17] John Green [18]
Ernie Pyle [19] President of the Underground Railroad [20] Banjamin Harrison [21] Gus Grissom [22]
Jeff Gordon [23] Ryan White [24] Tecumseh [25] Anthony Wayne [26]
Michael Jackson [27] Larry Bird [28] Seed by Seed [29] Major Taylor [30]

More Books:

[41] [42] [43] [44] [45]