Advanced Skill Test: The Mystery of the Hidden Mine

Advanced Skill Test: The Mystery of the Hidden Mine

hidden-mineIn this mystery, four scientists take a field trip to a national park to do some treasure hunting. At the visitor’s center, Butch, a park ranger, tells the team about a local legend. In 1864 a prospector, Rutherford Raleigh, had supposedly discovered a legendary gold vein. But soon after his discovery, Rutherford disappeared, along with his gold. Butch jokes it’s probably all just a tall tale…but is it? With your help, maybe this forensics team will be able to crack the case and find the missing gold.

The Team:

  • Emily Mitchell – Lab Assistant
  • Michael Corey – Graduate Student
  • Peter Mancuso – Professor & Ex Forensic Detective
  • Susan Chang – Dean of Foresnics Dept. & Forensic Pathologist
  • You!

The Mystery of the Hidden Mine

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