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Amazing and True Animal Stories

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I’m sure you’ve heard people say that dogs are man’s best friend.Animal Stories [3] When you read some of these books, you’ll discover that there are a lot of animals that have been man’s best friend as well as best friends to each other! Who would have thought that a deer and a dog or a dog and a duck could be friends?

Some of these animals just have the best life stories. Some are famous, like Koko the gorilla that learned Puppy Love True Stories of Devotion [4]American Sign Language. Or the 21 elephants that walked across the Brooklyn Bridge when it was built, just to prove it was safe! Or Eclipse, the dog in Seattle that learned how to catch the bus to the dog park all by himself! Check out some of these books for amazing stories about some special members of the animal kingdom.

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Unlikely Animal Friendships:

Tarra and Bella [6]Suryia and Roscoe [7]Owen and Mzee [8]Rickie and Henry [9]One Big Happy Family [10]Two Bobbies [11]Kate and Pippin [12]Lenore Finds a Friend [13]The Tiger Cubs and the Chimp [14]Unlikely Friendships The Leopard and the Cow [15]Unlikely Friendships The Dog and the Piglet [16]Unlikely Friendships The Monkey and the Dove [17]

Animals Loyal to People:

Stubby the War Dog [18]Finding Winnie [19]Hachiko the True Story of a Loyal Dog [20]Helen Keller's Best Friend Belle [21]Emi and the Rhinocerous Scientist [22]Little Dog Lost [23]Koko Love [24]Jack and Jill [25]Midnight [26]Step Right Up [27]Tuesday Takes Me There [28]Tuesday Tucks Me In [29]Rags Hero Dog of World War I [30]Darling Mercy Dog of World War I [31]Fly Cher Ami Fly [32]War Dogs [33]Nubs [34]Bunny the Brave War Horse [35]Hachiko Waits [36]Dadblamed Union Army Cow [37]The Donkey of Gallipoli [38]

Amazing True Animal Stories:

Bob the Railway Dog [39]Clara the True Story of the Rhinocerous Who Dazzled Kings [40]Dog on Board [41]Dozer's Run [42]Elephants Can Paint Too [43]Herbert [44]Ellie's Long Walk [45]Faithful Elephants [46]Elizabeth Queen of the Seas [47]Hope for Winter [48]Ivan [49]The Giraffe That Walked to Paris [50]Lily a True Story of Courage [51]Looking for Miza [52]Out of the Woods [53]Queenie [54]Saving the Baghdad Zoo [55]Shep Our Most Loyal Dog [56]Stay [57]Jumbo the Most Famous Elephant in the World [58]The World's Greatest Elephant [59]21 Elephants and Still Standing [60]Wonder Horse [61]Zeraffa Giraffa [62]
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