Comic: Joey Fly Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime

Comic: Joey Fly Private Eye in Creepy Crawly Crime

Joey Fly Private EyeWhen Flick travels to the city in Bug’s Life to find help for his colony, I think he could have met Joey Fly there – maybe in the bar where he meets the circus performers! (Joey Fly would have known right off the bat though, that the circus performers were NOT tough bugs! He’s got street smarts Flick doesn’t.) In Creepy Crawly Crime Joey is visited by the beautiful butterfly Delilah. During a party, one of Delilah’s possessions disappeared and she wants Joey to find it…AND she wants to know which one of her friends took it. Joey does what detectives do, he visits the crime scene and begins interviewing possible subjects…ladybugs, mosquitoes, etc. Something’s fishy and Joey Fly will find out what it is! This one is a comic book – make sure you click on the Look Inside link to get a look at Joey Fly’s world.  Author: Aaron Reynolds

Aaron Reynolds also writes about Tiger Moth, an insect Ninja. And Joey Fly isn’t the only insect on the case, try Ace Lacewing, Spider Kane or Bug Muldoon for more insect detecting.
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