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Homework Help: Science Experiments


Looking for an idea for a science project? Here are several science experiment ideas that use materials easily found in your house. A couple of them might require a trip to the grocery store or pharmacy, but mostly you can just raid the garage, kitchen or medicine chest for the ingredients. Many experiments you will want to do OUTSIDE. Each experiment will give you directions as well as suggest websites and books that will help you explain what science is at work during the experiment.

Science Project Ideas:

Atoms: A Bunch of Empty Space [1]
Density: Buoyancy [2]
Density: Layer Column [3]
Density: Marbling Paper
Density: Straw Mix [4]
Miscible Molecules: Lava Bottle [5]
Polymers: Poke Holes in a Ziploc [6]
Polymers: Borax Goo [7]
Polymers: Cornstarch Goo [8]
Saturation: Growing Crystals [9]
Soluability: Sharpie Pen Tie Dye [10]
Supersaturated: Borax Crystals & Rock Candy [11]
Static Electricity: Salt and Pepper Separator [12]
Surface Tension: Pepper Scatter [13]
Surface Tension: Soap Bubbles [14]
Surface Tension: Sand Castles [15]

Acids: Bouncing Egg [16]
Acids: Folding Egg [17]
Chemical Bond: Kool Aid Tie Dye [18]
Chemical Reaction: Exploding Ziploc [19]
Chemical Reaction: Penny Cleaner [20]
Chemical Reaction: Plastic Bottle Geyser [21]
Chemical Reaction: Milk Play Dough [22]
Chemical Reaction: Milk Glue [23]
Nucleation: Mentos Volcano [24]
Oxidation: Brown Apples [25]

Heat: Fireproof Balloon [26]
Insulators: Blubber Test [27]
Insulators: Keeping Warm [28]
Melting Point: DIY Slushie [29]
Heated Gases Expand: Ivory Soap [30]

Aerodynamics: Paper Airplanes [31]
Air Pressure: Straw Through an Apple [32]
Air Pressure: Do Not Open Bottle [33]
Centripetal Force: Hex in a Balloon [34]
Centripetal Force: Tornado in a Bottle [35]
Friction: Thick Book Friction [36]
Momentum: Pendulums [37]
Newton’s 1st Law (Inertia): Tablecloth Trick & Egg Drop [38]
Newton’s Second Law: Comet Cratering [39]
Newton’s Third Law: Rocket [40]
Center of Gravity: Fork on a Glass & Balanced Pop Can [41]
Chromatography: Black Ink [42]
Gravity: Stacking [43]
Engineering: Newspaper Geodesic Dome [44]
Engineering: Build a Bridge [45]
Potential & Kinetic Energy: Marshmallow Catapult [46]

Cell Respiration: Balloon Blow Up [47]
Hydrologic (Water) Cycle: Make a Terrarium [48]
Transpiration: Flower Transformation [49]

srpeggthumb [50]SciencePitcher [51]srpapplethumb [52]srppenniesthumb [53]srphexnutthumb [54]


Here are some websites that have great step-by-step directions and photographs for planning a great science project.


[65]Science in Context [66]: is a database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch or at home. Login using your IndyPL library card number. The Science in Context database will show you articles, images and videos about science topics.​


science-fair-discoverer-logo [67]
Science Fair Discoverer [67] is a database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch of at home. Login in using your IndyPL library card number. It is a great way to find experiments that use common around-the-house items.  Search by asking where you want to begin: In the recycling bin? In the junk drawer? In the yard? In the Kitchen? In the Bathroom?  When an experiment is selected, you will see a list of needed items and directions.



You can also ask a math and science expert for homework help by calling the Ask Rose Homework Hotline [68]. They provide FREE math and science homework help to Indiana students in grades 6-12.



Use your indyPL Library Card to check out books at any of our locations [69], or check out e-books and e-audiobooks from home right to your device. Click on a book jacket below to request a book or download it. Need help? Call or ask a Library staff member at any of our locations [69], text a librarian at 317 333-6877, or leave a comment.

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