Tales Around the World: The Little Red Hen

Tales Around the World: The Little Red Hen

Armadilly ChiliThere are lots of stories you can probably rattle off without even thinking much – The Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, Cinderella, etc. Some of these stories are so commonly told that kids all over the world know them. When the stories are told in different places though, they take on interesting differences that reflect the land and culture where the story is being told. Armadilly Chili is a Little Red Hen story from Texas. In it, a tarantula, mockingbird, and a horned toad are too lazy to help an armadillo make chili, but of course want some when it is all done!

This page is a list of several more versions of The Little Red Hen. Like Armadilly Chili, the stories are either set in a different region or country, are told from a new point of view or have some kind of fun twist to make the story unique. 

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Little Red Hen Golden BookThe Little Red HenThe Little Green WitchThe Little Red Elf

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