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Free Classic E-books for Kids

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[2]Classic /ˈklasik/ Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Ex. “a classic novel”

If you were alive in 1917 when Central Library was built, this is what one of the bookcases in the children’s section might have looked like.

Listed below are 50 books for kids published before 1917 that were on the shelves back then. These books are classics, having stood the test of time. They have been favorites for more than 100 years! Click on any book jacket to read the book right now! You don’t even need to wait to check it out. These books are part of the public domain. Public domain means that since these books were published before 1923, they are not subject to copyright. That means you can read them for free! You can find even MORE classic books for kids to read for free at Read.gov: Classic Books [3] and at The International Children’s Digital Library [4].

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn [5]The Adventures of Tom Sawyer [6]Aesop's Fables [7]Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [8]Anne of Green Gables [9]The Arabian Nights [10]Black Beauty [11]The Blue Fairy Book [12]The Call of the Wild [13]A Christmas Carol [14]Cinderella [15]Grimm's Fairy Tales [16]Gulliver's Travels [17]Hans Brinker [18]Hans Christian Andersen Stories [19]Heidi [20]Jack and the Beanstack [21]The Journey to the Centre of the Earth [22]The Jungle Book [23]Kidnapped [24]The Legend of Sleepy Hollow [25]The Little Princess [26]Little Women [27]The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood [28]Nights with Uncle Remus [29]Oliver Twist [30]Peter and Wendy [31]Peter Rabbit [32]The Pied Piper of Hamlin [33]Pinocchio [34]Pollyanna width= [35]The Princess and the Goblin [36]Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm [37]Rip Van Winkle [38]Robinson Crusoe [39]The Secret Garden [40]Snow White [41]The Story of the Champions of the Round Table [42]The Story of the Three Pigs [43]The Swiss Family Robinson [44]The Tales of Mother Goose [45]The Nutcracker and the Mouse King [46]The Three Musketeers [47]Through the Looking Glass [48]Treasure Island [49]Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea [50]A Visit from Saint Nicholas [51]White Fang [52]The Wind in the Willows [53]The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [54]
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