43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

43 Old Cemetery Road #1: Dying to Meet You

Dying to Meet You

This book doesn’t have any chapters in it. It’s a collection of letters and notes with a few newspaper articles thrown in here and there. You have to figure out who is who and what is going on by reading the letters the characters write to each other and by reading the newspaper articles that report the strange happenings at 43 Old Cemetery Road.

Ignatius B. Grumply is a crabby old author with writer’s block who has rented a creepy old house for the summer. He doesn’t know it, but a boy named Seymour is living on the third floor and a ghost lives in the attic – a bossy old lady ghost.

The old man is none too happy when he discovers the boy. Seymour isn’t too happy about the old man either. The two set up a few house rules to keep things from getting ugly:

Mr. Grumply’s Rules:

  • You will not bother me when I am writing
  • You will stay out of my bedroom and bathroom at all times.
  • You will not lurk in doorways or dark hallways.
  • You are not permitted on the second floor, which I have claimed as my own for the duration of the summer.

Seymour’s Rules:

  • You will not tell me what time I have to go to bed.
  • You will not tell me what to eat or when to eat it.
  • You will not play old man music on the stereo.
  • You’re not allowed on the third floor. No exceptions.

And this begins a tentative agreement to help the two get through the summer without all out war breaking loose. They agree to communicate by letter, which is fine, until the old man shoots some accusations at Seymour that are simply not true. The slamming doors, the loudly playing piano, the falling chandalier – none of that was Seymour, that was the ghost!  Mr. Grumply doesn’t believe a word of it and he isn’t at all interested in having a liar for a housemate.

Read the letters to hear them duke it out in writing – the letters are funny exchanges between these people who don’t care for each other at all…at first!

If you liked Dying to Meet You don’t miss the other 6 in the 43 Old Cemetery Road series, and when you get done with those, try Billy Bones – he’s another ghost in hiding with a fun family. If you like how the story was told through letters try one of these: IndyPL Kids’ Blog Stories Told Through Letters


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  1. Thank you !
    I really like this book because all of the writing is in letters and news papers. This make’s it a lot more fun to read because it is not just normal writing. I alo like reading it because there is always a new question that pops up.

  2. I think Mr. Grumply is grumpy because most of the time in the beginning he was not very happy. He also was lazy because he didn’t want to write the book at all. E.Gadds is desperate too because he wants his money in the beginning.

  3. It is! Rodrick is your favorite? It must be good since there are thirteen altogether and you picked that one as the most awesome!

  4. Katie I don’t agree with you when you say Grumply is anti- social because he went on a date with Olive.

  5. So far in the story the plot is O.C.S mansion and Olive so far amolst killed I.B Grumply by the falling Chandlier and I.B Grumply went to the hopistal. Before all of that I.B Grumply made some rules and Seymour made some of his rules. Then I.B Grumpy thinks he doesn’t have writers block. Then he heard someone make a loud sound and then he thought it was Seymour. Then he tired to spank him and then that is were we left off.

  6. One element is Surprise because it surprised me at the end the end they all love and care for each other they begged for olive to come back.Grumply went from mean and bossy to nice caring and happy.

  7. seymour is really nice but mean.He is mean because at the very begining he was wanting to get rid off grumply.And also bossy about rules.He is nice because he cares for shadow and olive.He appriciates olive alot because he always talks about her well.and helped grumply with his book by drawing.Grumply ius mean and nice because at the begining he was mean and bossy because he bossed semour and wanted to get rif of him. For Example Grumply made 6 RULES AND GOT MAD.At the end he is loving and caring be cause he helped semour and Olive and was really nice to semour.Olive is really nice and caring ALWAYS she took care of seymour for about 2-3 years and made dinner lunch for him.My Favorite part was when Frank saw the basket of apples and he was like umm ok

  8. I.B. Grumpy is demanding because he was making his own rules. And he was demanding to E. Gadds because he was telling him that he should get rid of the kid and the cat. O.C.S is kind to seymore hope because he told I.B Grumly to not put a hand on the boy. And she will cook for Seymour and say nice things to seymore hope pictures and she tells him what he is doing.

  9. I like the setting of D.T.M.Y. very much. I like how they have it like a horror story! Then they have it in a creepy mansion haunted by a ghost! I like how Grumply is very skeptical at first then gets used to having a ghost where he is living. I also like how Seymour is trying to buy the house with money with his little $60 bucks.

  10. I think olive is kind because she always makes food for Seymour.
    Until she said I should’ve dropped 3 chandeliers on Ignatius.
    I think Seymour is nice because he is trying to buy olive mansion.
    And I think Ignatius is to grumpy.

  11. Oilive is impulsive because she dose what she wants sometimes with out thinking. I need a cell is persuasive she’s a realtor to her job is to get people to buy things stubborn she doesn’t back out when things get hard. Egads is friendly he’s always really nice to mr. Grumpy he’s also serious about his job.

  12. I think I.B Grumply is funny at the same time cranky and gruesome. Like When he says that boy has seizures and is seeing things. But later on he believes Seymour when he tells him there is a ghost in the house. Then he talks to her and then she goes on a date with him witch is weird. He also works on the book with her.

  13. I like when ignatios was telling all of those rules to semour. I thing ignatios was really mad about semour. when he wa ssneaking in to his office and messing up his books. He was reading the books when he wasnt looking.

  14. First, lets start with Anita Sale. I think Anita Sale is unselfish because she tells about everything in the mansion. I also think she is desperate to sell a house because if you say her name fast it goes to “I need a sale.” Lets go to Seymour now. I think he is nice because once he gets to know Grumply he is very nice to him, offering to make food for him. I also think he was demanding in the beginning of the book because he made all those rules.

  15. I think semour Hope is adventuras because he loves to explore spence mansion. I found that when he goes to ib grumplys room. Also olive c spence is mad because she loses her glasses a lot. Then people can’t see her. I found that when ib grumply couldn’t see her when he first moved in.

  16. Ignatius B. Grumply can be said to be demanding as he called Anita Sale and demanded about the house he would like to stay. Wanted the house to be quiet and far away from kids because he hated kids and much more as he was not ready with the new book which was due soon. E.gadds is respectful because he is waiting a long time and he is waiting politely for Ignatius B. grumplys new book because he is one of his best fan.

  17. I think that Olive is sorry and sad that Mister Grumpy got hert form the shandlers that why she invite to dinner. he thinks that Seymour did it and he angry at seymour not olive. At the dinner he was confused that food was dispering when it was Olive.

  18. Olive is disrespectful because she dropped a chandelier on I.B. Grumply and said she only want him to stay a small bit because he’s fun to tease but she is a small bit nice because she apologized.

  19. Logan

    I think Olive is a great character in the book because she acts like she’s a mean girl but she really isn’t that mean because she invited Mr. Grumply to dinner. I also like Seymour because I feel bad for him because his parents left him. Lastly I think the book has a great scary vibe to the characters.

  20. I think olive is kind because she always makes food for Seymour. she’s also scary because she dropped a chandelier on Grumply. I think Ignatius B Grumply doesn’t want to make his new book.

  21. My favorite character is Anita Sale because she is a Real state agent like my mom.
    Her characteristics are nice and short temper. I think that because she slams doors all the
    time and invitees I.B grumbly to dinner.

  22. I think olive is scary because she dropped a chandelier on grumply. I also think olive is kind because she always makes food for Seymour. And also that grumply doesn’t want to make his new book.

  23. Olive is sneaky and rude. She is those traits because wants to get rid of Grumbly.

    I. B. Grumply is serious and antisocial. He is those traits because he wants to get his book done as soon as possible.

  24. I think that Ignatius B. Grumply is anti-social. I think he is anti-social because he hates kids and he always wants to be alone.I also think Anita Sale is a fangirl. She always talks about I. B. Grumply’s books, but she needs to talk more about business

  25. I think that I B Gruphly is very serious because he is never late with a book . He is also anti-social because he doesn’t talk to children , he only writes notes. It also seems like he is very careless because he doesn’t care if you need something . Another character is Anita $ale , I think she is interested in reading because she enjoys reading I B Grumphly’s books . She also is loyal because she is kind to others . I’ve also noticed that she is very cheerful and excited.

  26. Seymour Hope is artistic because whenever I.B. Grumpy sees him he is drawing. Anita Sale is very perky because even though I.B. Grumply sent a mean letter she was not mean back to him. I chose these two characters because they both have something to do with I.B. Grumply moving into 43 Old Cemetery Road.

  27. I this book we are pushed to believe that Mr. Grimply is the villain. I believe that Olive C. Spence is truly the villain because all Grumply wans to do is get his work done. Sure he might be antisocial, but we all can be. Olive comes to terrorize Mr.Grumply beacause this is “her house” sure it’s her’s but she is dead and that dose not give her the right to make his life a livening nightmare.

  28. I think olive is scary beacause she’s always at the top of the house. I think I b grumply doesn’t want to make his new book. I also think olive is kind because she always makes food for Seymour.

  29. I think that I. B. Grumphly is Serious because he will not be late on with a book. And I think he is Anti-Social because he doesn’t talk to children . I also think he is careless because he doesn’t care if you need something .

  30. I think olive is scary because she was going to do something to grumply. I also think olive is also kind because she always makes food for Seymour. And that grumply doesn’t want to make his book because he was supposed to do it already.

  31. I think Mr. Grumply is grumpy because most of the time in the beginning he was not very happy. He also was lazy because he didn’t want to write the book at all. E.Gadds is desperate too because he wants his money in the beginning.

  32. Madeline i agree Grumply needs to be nicer and less bossy.I feel bad for ibg because he broke up with Olive C.Spence.Semour Is really nice and mean nice to olive and mean to grumpy.But now he is nice to Grumply.Grunply shouldnt take the credit it is mean to do that and selfish.Frank N.Beans Finally came up i like how he is a private investigator.Its really cool,anyways I will add more later.

  33. I think that all the characters in “Dying to Meet You” are all… very interesting.
    Mr. Grumply is very rude to everyone in his letters. Especially when he gave Seymour the house rules because he was extremely bossy about telling Seymour that he can’t do this and he can’t do that. He also was really rude when he wrote a letter to E. Gadds saying “thanks for nothing” at the beginning.
    Olive C. Spence is mischievous because she is intending to harm Mr. Grumply or “get rid of him” as the book says. M. Balm is very determined to find the book theif and is demanding the book theif to return the books to the library. I also think that Anita Sales is unselfish because she explains everything about the house on 43 Old Cemetery Road to Mr. Grumply (even the bad things about the house).

  34. I think the characters in “Dying To Meet You” are very different in their actions for example. Mr. Grumply is quite lazy because he was late to starting his 13th book, also he is grumpy because hates children even though he writes books for them.(strange right?), to add to the list is selfish he wants whats best for himself and doesn’t care about Seymour.

    Next we shift to Olive C. Spence she is very unique and a little daring she likes to play around with Mr. Grumply,next she is very caring she loves Seymour so much she cares for him and is basically his mom, also she is impulsive she does whatever wants whenever she wants, she super honest and tells Mr. Grumply tips to make “their” book better even though it’s Mr. Grumply’s book.

    Next is Seymour. Seymour is curious about whats going on in the mansion, to add he is VERY independent he wont let anyone help him. I guess its because he has been living alone for so long. Also he is very closed because he doesn’t really go anywhere except to eat and the 3rd floor.

  35. I think that Grumply is annoyed that Seymour is living with him for the duration of his stay at the manor. Grumpy is also even more annoyed that Seymour is trying to scare him off with his ghost stories.

  36. I think Olive C. Spence has a deep regard for Seymour so much that she will do anything to make him happy or do anything he urges to do.

  37. I think that Olive C. Spence is caring because she cares for and cooks for Seymour and also cares for his cat, Shadow. She acts like a mother to Seymour and his cat because Les and Diane Hope don’t accept Seymour for who he is so Olive has to care for them.

  38. I feel like Olive felt guilty because she has a little bit of a mother nature and that she will ask out Mr.Grumply on a date.

  39. I like dying to meet you because it shows a lot of action and it is scary.I like how the book shows emotions and really gives you character traits about the characters. I like how there is a lot of dialog in the book and it is written in a letter format.

  40. I like this book because it has letters instead of chapters. I like the different emotions and feelings it gives me. I find it interesting that they become a family at the end, because they didn’t like each other at the beginning. I think that 43 Old Cemetery road was a good house for him because he is dark and scary like the house. Seymour is interesting because he is curios and he uses his imagination a lot.

  41. Dying to meet you is a very…. let me put it this way…. more interesting, than you might expect. The plot is about a man named Mr. Grumply who moves into a random house called 43 Old Cementary road, but he doesn’t know that its haunted! Grumpy just thinks its a bad house with a random boy in it named Seymour Hope, who’s parents left him to move to France. Then Grumply sees,…. a ghost named Olive C. Spence. What does Grumply do next. Go to your local library and check it out and find out what really happens.

  42. DTMY is a very unique and strange book. Olive c. Spence the ghost living in the spence mansion is only seen by Seymour Hope a boy who’s parents abandoned him to move. Mr. Grumply a children’s book author wants to move into spence mansion so he may complete his book in the ghost tamer series.

  43. DTMY is a very unique and strange book. Olive c. Spence the ghost living in the spence mansion is only seen by Seymour Hope a boy who’s parents abandoned him to move. Mr. Grumply a children’s book author wants to move into spence mansion so he may complete his book in the ghost tamer series. If you say any of the characters names 5 times fast you can take a guess on what their job is.

  44. Dying To Meet You is a book about a house on cemetery road, haunted by Olive C. Spence.
    She had vowed to haunt that house until someone published HER book. She “lives” with a boy,
    by the name of Seymour Hope. His parents had abandoned him, because they “weren’t worthy
    parents.” Then, comes along Mr. Grumply, with a BIG case of writers block, who happens to be the FAMOUS writer of the Ghost Tamer Series. He considers buying the house… until he finds Seymour. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

  45. I agree with Cooper L., because I started to giggle when Grumply founded out that Olive was a ghost. Also, it was funny when Anita Sale warned Grumply about the house and he was like “ahh whatever” and then he regretted it. Plus the book gave me a break from reading a usual book format and gave me a letter format.

  46. This is one of my very favorite books I have ever read! I love the clever names such as Olive C Spence ( I love suspense ). I can tell how much work was put into this amazing book and all the brainstormed ideas to create a wonderful ,imaginative story.
    Olive .C. Spence( a haunting ghost) and Seymore Hope (a clever little boy), live in an elegant house on 43 old cemetery road. By looking at the house you would not want to live there, but after a while there were many memories made. When a grumpy old man came looking for a quiet place to live , he picked that house on 43 old cemetery rd. After all he was writing a ghost story. His name was I. B Grumply, (pretty self explanitory) Grumply dosen’t believe in ghosts so whenever Olive tries to haunt him he thinks its Seymore. He thretans to go up to Seymore’s room and spank him! Olive writes back,”If you lay a hand on Seymore you will regret it!” Of corse Grumply doesn’t believe her, lets just say he regrets it now. Similar events happen over and over such as random chandilers falling and things of that sort. Grumpy soon c comes to the conclusion that Olive is not Seymore and she’s not messing around. He soon be-friends Olive and that brings him amazing things. Grumply has an overdue book that he needs
    to write, and Olive helps him write like a professional. Olive soon figures out that Grumply was going to put her on his book as his “assistant”, when she did almost all the work! She refuses to keep helping him, and a day later he is desperate for her help. Luckily, the two soon make
    up. Grumpy finishes the book and Olive can finally go back to her grave in peace, but when Seymore and Grumply beg her to stay she changes her mind and decides to live with them for as long as she can. They all lived spookily ever after.
    Dosen’t it sound like an amazing story!!! If you haven’t already read it you should check it out! DTMY 43 old cemetery road signing off, thank you for reading.

  47. DTMY is an awesome, i like how it’s only notes, letters, and news papers. My favorite character is Seymour,and I.b. Crumply. my favorite part was when grumpily found out that olive was real.
    It really cracked me up when Frank .N. Beans went crazy and quit.I hope i’ll be able to read a 2nd book!

  48. This book was amazing! I love how it shows a great sense of humor, along with great deal emotions! I am also in love with the fact that Ignatius B. Grumply started out as an old grumpy man, and soon formed a bond with the people he thought he would hate the most in place he thought he would hate the most! It truly is a great book with an amazing meaning and wonderful story! Thank you Mrs. Horton for opening me up to this book, and giving me the grateful opportunity to read it! – Stormie G

  49. My goodness! What a sheer delight to have the author, herself, to comment on our entries. I can’t begin to tell you what my students learned through the Kid Blog section. Thank you for your wonderful series “43 Old Cemetery Road”. I have students running to the library to grab the next book(s). They simply cannot get enough of your books!

    Just wondering, too, but I am grading their blogs a few at a time. Am I in danger of their comments being taken down any time soon?

    Thank you for your attention and comments! So exciting!!!
    Mrs. Horton

  50. I think these kids are actually from Texas – the internet makes us all reading neighbors! 🙂

  51. Wow! What wonderful comments. I can hear Olive in the cupola right now, clapping her hands with delight. Even Iggy would have to smile if he knew how many fantastic readers there are in Indianapolis. Give my best to your fantabulous teacher, Mrs. Horton, and also say hello to my pal Carrie Waterson next time you see her at the Indianapolis Public Library.

    Your friend and fan,

    Kate Klise (www.kateandsarahklise.com)

  52. This book is great because it doesn’t just tell the story through chapters it tells it from letters which I think is ingenious! I loved the book and want to get the next book in the series. My favorite part of the book was the ending because I think it was really smart to collaborate on the book to be able to buy the house.

  53. Mr.Grumply is experiencing Writer’s block. He is renting an old house and hopes to write the 13th ghost tamer book. Mr.Grumply is sharing the house with Seymore Hope and Olive C. Spence. Mr.Grumply does not believe there is a ghost in the house. Strange things are happening and I.B Grumply finally believes Seymore. In the end, they all live happily together!

  54. This book I love it is about this boy named Seymore a author named I. B. Grumpley and a ghost called Olive. They are trying to live together in a house.Grumley is annoyed at Seymore while he is trying to write a book in the series called the ghost tamer.Olive doesn’t want Grumpley because she want to be only with Seymore and not Grumpley.

  55. This book is about a author named I.B Grumply. He wants to move to a calm place to write his new book, so he moves to 43 Old Cemetery Road. He finds a lot of weird things in his new move.

  56. This book is about a writer named Ignatius B. Grumply who moved into a victorian mansion with a twelve year old (Seymour) and a ghost (Olive C. Spence) and they first hate Ignatius but eventually they love him and he eventually finishes his firstbbook in over 20 years.

  57. DTMY is a very different book. It is formatted different, and the layout is unusual. I relished reading this curious book. l liked this book because you didn’t know what hold happen next. I was surprised that olive C Spence didn’t do alto of action in the beginning, but any way it was still a very good book.

  58. DTMY is a very uncommon book, and I don’t find these types of books every day. When I do find a book like this, I usually like the book. Mr. Gumply is a bit of a wierd name, but try to say Olive C. Spence 5x fast! So… Mr. Grumpy wants a place where he can be away from children and write his book, but the house is haunted by a ghost named Olive C. Spence and on the second floor is an 11 year old boy named Seymour, but Mr.Grumply doesn’t believe in ghost so Olive decides to have a bit of fun with him and Olive, Seymour, and Iggy (what Olive calls Mr.Grumply) team up to make a great book, but Mr.Grumply makes Olive mad and the book team is broken, but then Olive comes back and they finish the book and it is published and Olive says she is going to leave, Iggy and Seymour beg her to stay and she does and they like happily ever after.

  59. DTMY is very different from other books. It is formatted very differently than others. It has is own unique layout. I thought it wasn’t the best book but it was very interesting to read something different. I really relished reading a creapy/ mestory book. I was surprised that Olive C. Spence didn’t really make any action in the first part of the story, but even at that part it was interesting.

  60. Dying To Meet You is very unusual, the way it is formatted, but I like it. It lets my experience a book like that. I am very curious why Olive C. Spence didn’t have a lot of action in the beginning, and it was just I B Grumply and Seymour just talking about the rules in the house. and even though it is like that is was a pretty good book.

  61. Mr.Grumply needs to com down he needs to work on his book and why is he so mean. It’s so crazy and Olive C. Spence is nice and tries her best to take care of Seymour Hope. I wonder whats going to happen next

  62. Dear Students of Mrs. Horton’s ACE ELA Class:

    I am so very impressed with some of your comments. So many of you have expressed your enthusiasm for this book. It does my heart good to hear that you are pleased with my selection for your mystery genre. Thankfully, it is part of a series and there are many books for you to read in succession.

    Also, you are very well-read. Most of you have made certain that your sentences are complete and are connected to the story or are in response to a classmate’s comment. Olive C. Spence would be pleased!

    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Horton

  63. The book Dying To Meet You is about a guy named I.B.Grumply and he is looking for a house to
    rent this summer to write his book there. I.B.Grumply wanted a house where there is no children,
    but it turns out that there is a kid named Seymour Hope living there that is friends with the gost
    that also lives there named Olive C. Spence. Then Seymour Hope toled Olive C. Spence that he is
    starting not to like I.B.Grumply so Olive C. Spence droped a shandolear on I.B.Grumply. Then Olive C. Spence asked I.B.Grumply on a date. Then at the end I.B.Grumly fell in love with
    Olive C. Spence and wrote a book with her.

  64. DTMY is about a writer named Ignatius B. Grumply renting a house on 43 Old Cemetery Road. little does he know Old Cemetery Road is haunted by a ghost named Olive C. Spence, and to top that off there is also a little boy named Seymour Hope.

  65. 43 Old Cemetery road is a mysterious story that you can’t stop reading. I loved how at the end everybody was happy at the end and lived happily ever after(without the Hopes). Olive C. Spence haunted the house with her good friend Seymour Hope and her cat Shadow. One day a very Grumpy man named I.B Grumply rented the house for the summer to work on his book. Grumply was having a very hard time right the 13th book of the Ghost Tamers Series. Finally Olive C Spence helps him and they finish the book. Grumply wrote it, Olive reviewed it , and Semyour Illustrated it. They made lots of money and lived happily ever after.

  66. The house on 43 Old Cemetery Road is haunted by a ghost named Olive C. Spence. Along with Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow. Mr. Grumply rents the house for the summer. Little does he know it is haunted. When attempts to write the 13th book in the Ghost Tamer Series it doesn’t work. Slamming doors are interrupting his work. Is the house really and truly haunted? Read more to find out!

  67. DTMY is about a famous author, Mr. Grumply, that moves into a haunted mansion. But what he doesn’t know that already living there is a ghost, Olive C Spence, a boy, Seymour Hope, and a cat, Shadow. At the end they all become friends and they live there without any troubles.

  68. Dying to Meet You is a very interesting book, with a interesting layout, but there are many questions I don’t understand at all, such as how Olive had been with Seymour since he was a baby because he probably wasn’t born in the house and his parents hadn’t bought it until later. I think the author should add a page at the end of the book that answers some of our questions.

  69. Dying to Meet You is a very good book. When Mr. Grumply goes to Spence Mansion in hopes of writing his 13th book, he is surprised to find he has a roommate, Seymour Hope, and his cat, Shadow. But little does he know, there’s more than the two of them in the house. Olive C. Spence,
    ghost and failed writer teams up with Mr. Grumply through the event of a falling chandelier. Unfortunately, he runs Olive off. Can he and Seymour get her back?

  70. Mr.Grumply is a writer with a bad case of writers block who rented a old house for the summer. He hopes to be able to write the 13th book in the Ghost Tamer series. Unfortunately the house is already occupied by Seymour Hope and a ghost named Olive C. Spence. Mr.Grumply refuses to believe that a ghost lives in the house yet he keeps seeing strange things happen. Is the ghost real? He will soon find out!

  71. Well DTMY is a very good book because it is interesting when Mr.Grumply and Olive C. Spence join forces and try to make a book but, Mr.Grumply said she was just helping and she wasn’t COwritting and she thought that was really mean so she just hid from him. Olive only told seymore because she did not want him to think she was hiding from him but, she told seymore not to tell Mr.Grumply.

  72. 43 Old Cemetery Road is very intresting book with an unusual format,and I don’t understand how Seymor could see Olive C. Spence as a baby,because babies can’t even think and Ms. Spence said you have to believe in ghost’s to see them.

  73. I really like this book because all of the writing is in letters and news papers. This make’s it a lot more fun to read because it is not just normal writing. I alo like reading it because there is always a new question that pops up.

  74. 43 Old Cemetery Road is a very interesting book, I have learned so much through out this novel.
    I like how Seymour and I. B. Grumply are writing and sending letters back and fourth. And how Seymour blames every disrupting noises on Olive.

  75. I am loving this book so far! It is about a man named Ignatius B. Grumply (I.B. Grumply) who moves into an old house on 43 Old Cemetery Road to write a book. What he doesn’t know is that the house already has Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow. There is also a ghost named Olive C. Spece living in the house. Iggy is reciving letters from Seymour that there is a ghost living in the house named Olive (they call I.B. Grumply Iggy). Iggy doesn’t believe him and thinks Seymour just lets his imagination run wild. Iggy got really mad one night because he heard Seymour stomping up on the third floor. He was headed up there to give a spanking to Seymour, when a chandelier fell on him.

  76. So far in Dying To Meet You my favorite part was when Seymour Hope and I.B. Grumply each made their list of rules for each other. Some of Seymour’s Hopes rules were: 1. You will not tell me what time I have to go to bed. 2. You will not play old man music on the stereo. And, 3. You will not tell me what to eat or drink. (Those were my favorite rules from Seymour Hope). And, some of I.B. Grumply’s rules were: 1. You will not bother me when I’m writing. 2. You will not lurk the doorways or dark hallways. And, 3. You will stay out of my bedroom and bathroom at all times. Also, I like the creative names the author came up with.

  77. This was a cliff-hanger book and I enjoyed it very much. Olive C. Spence is very short-tempered, yet loves and passionately cares for Seymour Hope, as if he’s her own child! When Grumply arrives at 43 Old Cemetery Road, he has a TERRIBLE case of writers block (if not being able to write for about 20 years isn’t writers block, then I don’t know what IS!) and when he finally starts believing in Olive, she is able to, not only help him with his book AND save the house, she is also able to teach him to love again, after a woman whom Ignatius loved quite a bit and spent all all his money on broke his heart(this is obviously why he can’t write for 20 years!). Grumply’s insolence is going to be interesting to see in later books but I think Olive keep him in line; GIRL POWER! This is a wonderful book and I can’t wait to continue this series!

    Sofia S.

  78. I. B. Grumply (the writer of the Ghost Tamer Series) rents an old victorian house for the summer that he thought would be peaceful and quiet so he could cure his writers block. He soon realizes that the house is already occupied by a boy named Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow. It turns out that in the contract for 43 Old Cemetery Road, Ghastly Illinois says in it that to rent the house you would have to be the guardian of a boy and his cat, witch Grumply didn’t seem to see. Seymour and Grumply make their own list of house rules but Grumply thinks Seymour is breaking them when Seymour claims it to be a ghost. The ghost’s name is Olive C. Spence and she does things around the house that makes Grumply thinks it is Seymor, but when Grumply decides to punish Seymour, Olive sends a chandelier crashing down on top of him. When Olive shows Grumply her grave and starts to help Grumply write his 13th book, he starts to believe in her and starts to befriend her.

    I really like the book so far and have had loads of questions like, will Grumply ever finish his book?, How will Grumply pay back his money?, and will Grumply find out if Olive is real? I love how Kate Klise used letters to tell the story and can’t wait to read more. I’ve seen so many sign posts in this book and really hope that others will like it to.

    Your Fair Writer,
    Maya B.

  79. 43 old cemetery road is out of this world, literally!!!! I am fairly sure that E. Gads is not realy grumply’s friend he just wants his money ,but whats new everyone wants money. Grumply is beginning to learn that he needs to watch his smart mouth. Well grumply’s going to have to overcome his writing block or say good by to writing

  80. 43 Old Cemetery Road is a book that I will never forget. It was so exiting and funny!How did Olive learn to cook so well?I think it’s so neat and unique because it only has letters and documents.I really liked Seymor’s drawings, they were so good! I can not wait to read the whole series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesse B.

  81. I really love how the story is only told with letters, documents,etc. When I first a heard that this is how the story was, I thought it might was a week plotline. I mean, how good could a book made of letters and documents be? It is actually suprisingly detailed, especially compaired to my expectations. Overall the book is great!

    Signing off,

    Nick M.

    (P.S. I. B. Grumply has a literal ghost writer!!! LOL)

  82. I really like the book so far. It has been surprising what Ignatius and Seymour do. I think the most surprising part is when Seymour draws him and Olive doing things (it’s how Olive looks). I mean, Olive is just like glasses floating around, and when Olive is making dinner, she is glasses and an apron, and kitchen things floating around.

  83. So far i think this is a great book. I like when I. B. Grumply and Seymour Hope make the house rules. My favorite rule is rule #8 when Seymour asks Ignatius to not play old man music on the stereo. I love this book and i can’t wat to keep reading!

    Signing off,

    Brayden S.

  84. Ignatius B. Grumply, a famous children’s book author decides to rent a house over the summer to finish the 13th instalment in his “Ghost Tamer” series, but when he is renting the old house on 43, Old Cemetery Road he runs into a startling surprise, he has a new roommate, Seymour Hope. He said himself that he hates children, so I don’t think that he liked this little surprise. But when he asks his lawyer, E. Gadds, to undo the waver he signed to rent the house E. Gadds replies, “Ignatius do you realise that you are flat broke? Actually you are WORSE than broke, you already owe me 3,000 dollars for this flop house you rented for the summer. And, you’ve already spent the 100,000 dollars advance that i gave you for the new book, which you STILL haven’t written yet.

    Honestly I believe that Ignatius is in for a ride, because when Olive C. Spence (she’s the woman who built the house, also a ghost, and Seymour’s best friend) Decides that it’s time for Ignatius to leave, he will know it.

    Your Friend,
    Gavin T.

  85. So far in this book I have noticed some crazy things. I.B. Grumply is a weird and grouchy man. (but maybe he is not having such a good life?) Anyway I.B. Grumply is looking for a home to rent over the summer to write a children’s book (but really he strongly dislikes children). When he picks a house out Mrs. Anita Sale tries to warn him, but it did not work. Mr. Grumply instead of reading the papers he just tells his attorney to sign whatever. When he gets to the house he finally figures out that there is a child living there. Also to make it worse there is a cat which he is allergic to. He instantly sends a letter to Anita that says in big bold letters URGENT. Fortunately they both have rules for each other. I will update when I read more. Cannot wait to keep READING!!!!!

    Yours Truly,


  86. I can tell that I.B grumply does not like this house and he’s broke. He should write his ghost tamer book and leave before some thing happens

    your honest writer
    connor r

  87. I like the part where Ignatius gets mad and blames Seymour for the chandelier conflict. He is walking toward the third floor because he’s mad at Seymour, then the chandelier comes down mere inches away from Ignatius.
    Obviously, Ignatius is a grumpy, independent, and never really happy man.
    So thats my favorite part of the book so far! What’s yours?

  88. I think dying to meet you is a GREAT book it has really a lot fun rhymes and the book just leaves you hanging my favorite character is Olive C. Spence she is very mischievous she acts like a mom to seymour and think it’s just a great book over all.

  89. I really like the book all though I haven’t finished reading it.But I have an question why did you make all the characters names all say something why ever you did it I like it ,and why is I.B grumpily so grumpy did something happen to him when he was little anyway can Seymour see Olive and why do they type to each other when there in the same house and can just talk to each other.

  90. I wonder how Mr. Grumply got so grumpy and not as nice as most older people are. Maybe he got divorced or his mom and dad died when he was young, but I don’t know for sure. And I wonder about what hes writing about.

  91. I really like the book from what I read so far I think It is really funny and Im am going to enjoy the rest of it.I like the idea that they made the book out of letters and newspaper and Im looking forward to reading the series.I liked the part in the book when I. B. Grumpy first encountered the boy on the third floor and the cat because he was elegiac to to the cat and also because in the letter he sent he had seemed like he was getting really mad and grumpy and his name is I. B. Grumpy so I figured from that he was going to be grumpy all the time. I also liked when Anita Sale responded to the letter I. B. Grumpy sent saying there was a clause that said that he had to take care of the cat and the boy even if he was elegiac to the cat and or just didn’t want to take care of the boy and the cat.

  92. I love all of these reviews! They are so detailed and elaborative! Great job to everyone that has posted, Mrs. Horton would be very proud! 🙂

  93. I think it is a good book so far. I think it is funny how Mr. Grumply got really angry at his lawyer for doing something that he told him to do even though Anita Sale warned him. It is a little confusing how a ghost can hold objects even though she does not have a body, but sometimes you have to remind yourself that it is not real. How could Seymour’s parents be so cruel and just leave him in this old creepy house? If they didn’t want a kid they should of just left him on a doorstep or something.

  94. This book was so touching, I just finished it and it had the most wonderful ending, that could even touch I.B. Grumply’s heart. My favorite Character was Olive C. spence because she is not what we think of as gost, scary, unkind, and so on. Olive C. Spence is loving, kind, and a bit on the scary side at first, but once you believe in her you can see her true self.
    – Ella R.

  95. This is one of the best books I have ever read! My favorite charter is Anita Sale because she is a very nice lady and she sounds like she would be a great best friend. The book has a lot of secpence. I have read many mystery books but this one really sticks out.

  96. 43 Old Cemetery Road is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a bunch of books! This book is just breath taking! No one could write a better book. I especially like olive. She is so mysterious and full of c. spence. Get it? Anyway i just can’t wait to get my hands on the next few books. I actually have a text to self connection, well actually it’s a text to grandma connection. Okay, so my connection is with Anita Sale. You know how her name and email say that she is a realtor, well my grandma is a relator and she always gets these hard times when she needs the house to sell. Other than that, I have no connections with this story. I just wanted to say that i loved this book and i highly recommend it! Especially if you love c. spence. Haha, that is just so funny!

  97. The book is so interesting! I love all of the creative names, it’s such a smart idea. Once you get into the book you can’t get out.Even the front cover looks so interesting with flouting glasses,broken windows, and the title is spooky (Dying to Meet You). over all it’s a great book so far.

  98. I love this book and all of it’s amazing characters! Like Olive C. Spence, (I love suspense,) is the most tricky woman I have ever heard of! All the chandelier dropping and actually getting I.B. Grumply to believe she was actually a real ghost was cool! I predict that Grumply will now actually realize what he can put in his children’s books! REAL ghost stories! How freaky is that!? Seymour Hope (see more hope) is a proper young man and holds action for his 2 head real-estate parents, Les and Diane Hope. Together, Seymour and Olive will make sure that this 190 year old ghost and 11 year old boy give this old writer a little lesson.

  99. I love this book so much that I could read it 100 tomes in a row! So far I.B Grumply has bought a Victorian home for the summer so that he can write his book. When he arrives he discovers that a boy and his cat are living in the home as long as a ghost or “hallucination” as Ignatius would put it
    The two of them decide to split the house. Ignatius makes some rules and Seymour (the boy) adds to them. So far this all that I have read, but I can’t wait to keep reading. I don’t know how I can wait.

  100. Honestly
    I just adore these kind of books, I mean isn’t this format of this book interesting?
    With the letters, and stuff ( I havn’t read that far yet). And I also love when authors put in secrets in books like Olive C. Spence! So creative! I just hope nothing happens to I B. Grumpy when he moves in.

  101. I think that 43 Old Cemetery Road is a very interesting book that draws me into the book. Olive C. Spence is very mysterious and Mr Grumply well he’s just grumpy. The way that the writer wrote the book is like you don’t want to stop reading it. It is a very good book

  102. Summary Of DTMY:
    S- I.B Grumply
    W- to have some time to his self
    B- Seymour Hope was also living in the same house as grumply
    S- He made a list of rules for Seymour, And Seymour made a list for him
    T- Grumply has writers block, and he probably is going to go past the deadline

    So far I think this is an amazing book. I don’t think Kate Klise could have wrote it better. I think this book is off to a great start!

  103. “Dying to meet you” to me is a great book by Kate Klise. It is very clever using lots of clever names, including Seymour Hope which is (see more hope) and many more. This novel makes me want to jump to the moon and back wanting to read more of this wonderful series. I have lots of questions about this exciting book but one is buzzing around me like a fly and that is, why do they want to drive everyone out of the house? Do they do it for fun? Type your answer in the comment section.

  104. This book is amazing to me even though I am not even finished. So far I.B Grumpy has rented a Victorian styled home so that he can “finish” his book as in start. Once he gets to the house he discover that a boy by the name of Seymour Hope and his cat Shadow is living there with a ghost or “hallucination” is also in the house. He tries to get out of the rental agreement, but fails. Mr.Grumply now has to take care of Seymour and Shadow. I am so exited to keep reading. I don’t know how I’m going to wait. One more thing before I go. There is something I almost forgot about

  105. I think that Olive C. Spence is being a bit to rude to Mr.Grumply after all she is dead ,and dropping the Chandeilier right next to him was probably the right thing to do just not with a with a Chandeiler he could have died !!! But I do quiet like Seymore I mean he is just likeable with the funny drawing that would of course confuse Mr.Grumply.

  106. I. B Grumply is looking for a house to get away from kids to spend some alone time to write his book, apparently he thinks the Spence Mansion on 43 old cemetery road is the perfect fit for him. But little does he know that there’s an 11 year old boy named Seymore living with his cat shadow on the 3rd floor with a ghost who haunts the house. This book has a whole bunch of cliff hangers and leaves you wanting to know more and more! The book is so funny and happy all together!
    I absolutely love this book, it reminds me of halloween and and its a good season for it too! Well i got to go keep on learning!

  107. I absolutely LOVE this book! The book leaves you hanging and wanting to read more after each and every chapter, the names are super CREATIVE like Olive C. Spense {which is I love suspense}, and the author and illustrator are sisters! Whats not to love? This is a very mischievous book and the setup is just MIND-BLOWING! I can’t wait to read the end! Honestly so far I think the best character is ….. Olive C. Spense! She is a very interesting character, she is like a mother to Seymour, and she is a ghost! Whats not to like? Well, I got to keep reading to fill my mind up with mysterious thoughts that floats around in my curious head.

  108. I.B Grumply is trying to find a house to write his next book in.Then he finds Spence Mansion on 43 old cemetery road. Then he moves in and meets a ghost named Olive a boy named Seymour and Seymour’s cat Shadow.

  109. I love the names of the characters in this book! Like Olive C Spense is I love suspense,I. B. Grumply is I be grumpy, and Anita Sale is I need a sale! They’re so cool! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  110. Is it just me or does Mr. Grumply sound creepy or weird? I mean he said not to go in his bathroom/bedroom,don’t bother me when i am writing,and Seymour is not aloud to go up to the second floor.And even when Anita $ale says he might not want to buy it he buys it.Comment back if you think I’m right or wrong.

  111. Ignatious B Grumphy is the writer of the ghost tamer books. He is looking for a house were he can write his 13th book free of disturbance. So he finds a realtor Anita Sales and finds his dream home. But the house that he rented comes with a liitle surprise there is a boy that lives in the house and he is staying. So Mr. Grumpy has to lay down the law with this boy named Seymour and comes up with tons of rules. But Seymour also has some rules to. Seymour claims that there is a ghost in the house but mr grumpy does not belive in the ghost he calls olive.

  112. What I read was that Ignatius was looking for a peace full place to work his children book series the ‘Ghost Tamers’ away from all the kids his words were ‘I happen to write books for children. that does not mean I want to see or hear the little monsters.’ Anita $ale a realtor who sent Ignatius a brochure for properties to rent he chose 43 Old Cemetery road what he didn’t know was that a ghost lived there named Olive C Spense and a kid and his cat lived there the kids name is Seymour Hope. His parents own the house. Olive and Seymour are best friends. Seymour and Ignatius write letters to communicate. Olive starts writing notes to Ignatius she reads his diary and learns about someone who he loved but broke his heart. Thats what I read

  113. Ignatius B. Grumply is a writer looking to rent a house to write his book series in , because he does not like any distractions including children and phone calls. He locates a real estate agent named Anita $ale and she gives him a few houses to look through. He found a house and said that he would buy it on the spot. When he goes to the house he finds that a young boy living there and a cat. He complains to Anita $ale about it and that is all i read!

  114. Wow! Is this a great book or what?!? It leaves me hanging every time I read a chapter. The author is sooooo discpriptive when she is writing. It feels like I am apart of the story! I am so excited to see how the book ends. My favorite character so far is Olive. I like that she takes care of seymour. Its like she is his acctual mom. I also like that the author made their names mean something… like Olive C. Spence, Means all of suspense!! So freaky!!!

  115. Ignatius moved into the Spence Mansion, but what didn’t know is that a ghost with the name of Olive C. Spence created the house and still haunts the house. There is only one person that can see her and that is Seymour Hope. Only when she wants him to though. Ignatius is trying to write a book, but Olive keeps distracting him. Ignatius thinks that it is Seymour and so he said that if he kept doing those things to distract him that there would be big punishment. So Olive wrote a letter to Ignatius saying that if he laid a hand on Seymour, that he was going to regret it. When Ignatius went up to Seymour, Olive dropped a chandelier right by Ignatius and glass got into his foot. He went to the hospital but only stayed there for a night or two.When he came back, he wrote Seymour a letter.

  116. Olive has told Ignatius B. Grumply to leave the house and that she hated his books. Mr. Grumply thought that Seymour wrote the letter and told him “I thought you didn’t like books” and told him to tell his cat to get rid of the mice. Then Seymour told him that Olive wrote the letter and that Shadow(Seymour’s cat)didn’t like mice but liked Olive’s cooking better. After that, Mr.Grumply got angry and said that he was coming up to the cupola to give him a spanking. Olive sent a letter that he would not touch Seymour. Mr.Grumply thought Seymour wrote it. When Mr..Grumply went up the stairs a chandelier almost killed him. He had to go to the hospital because he stepped on most of the glass pieces.

  117. Ignatius B. Grumply told Anita $ale that a random boy was living on the third floor of his knew house and he had a cat with him. Ignatius strictly told Anita $ale to remove both of them from the house! Anita told Ignatius that the science he bought the house he has to take care of the boy and his cat until the parents told him to bring both the boy and his cat safely back to them!

    That is what I read. – Emma

  118. I. B. Grumpily is trying to find a house to write his new book in about the ghost tamer, so he moves into the house on 43 old cemetery road .He doesn’t realize that the house is occupied by a boy named Seymour hope and his cat shadow and an annoying ghost Olive C. Spence.They don’t want to share so he is getting pranked about everything read the book it is very good so far

  119. In the middle of reading this book I had a lot of questions and observations. One question is can Seymour see Olive C. Spence? I also noticed that most of the characters names have different words in them.

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