A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

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A Long Walk to Water

Part of this story is about a boy named Salva. He lives in Sudan, a country in Africa, during a Civil War that happened there in 1985. The other part of this story is about a girl named Nya and takes place in Sudan right now.

When we say “The Civil War” here in America we are referring to our own Civil War that happened 150 years ago. The Civil War in Sudan was only 25 years ago. During the War in Sudan many people were killed, children were made orphans and families were separated. In order to get to safety many people WALKED to Ethiopia or Kenya.

When you are reading Salva’s part of the story you hear about how he slept on the ground at night and could hear lions hunting around him:

Marial was gone – vanished into the night. He would never have wandered away from the group on his own. His disappearance could mean only one thing. Lion. (page 40)

Salva even has to cross a river infested with crocodiles. Some of the people do not make it across the river. On the other side of the river is a desert…which the people also have to walk across. Can you even imagine surving a journey like that? I can’t.

Nya’s part of the story is about how she walks twice a day, EVERY DAY to a pond to get water. Nya carries the water in a plastic jug and balances it on her head to walk home. That’s what she does every single day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon. The pond is so far away from her home that she has no time to do anything else. No school. No playing. Just walking – carrying water to keep her family alive.

A Long Walk to Water shows you how Salva’s story and Nya’s story are related even though they take place 25 years apart.

There are parts of the book that are hard to read and very, very sad. Some parts are scary. In the end, though, this is a book about really good things. It is about people looking after each other – even if they are stangers to begin with. It is about trying hard and doing your part and it is about hoping for something better.

The really great thing is that A Long Walk to Water is based on a real boy named Salva – you can see his picture with the author on the book jacket or in the video below. (He’s grown up now.) At the end of the book there is a letter to you from Salva that I think you’ll like to read. The best thing he says is, “Stay calm when things are hard or not going right with you. You will get thorugh it when you persevere instead of quitting.” (page 117) Those are pretty powerful words when you realize they come from a kid who survived a situation much, much more difficult than anything we will probably ever face.


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  • Watch the PBS Need to Know Episode “The Lost Boy of Sudan” – it’s about Salva himself.
  • Water for Sudan – Salva’s own organization that drills wells to provide water to people Southern Sudan.
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  1. My class is currently reading. To me, it is slightly relatable and a bit interesting, but not quite the BEST book ever.

  2. i loved this book it was very good now me and my class haft to write a essay about the book !!!!!! 🙂

  3. This book is two stories. The first is Salva’s story; one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. In 1985 twelve-year-old Salva was among thousands of young Sudanese boys who traveled months, sometimes years, from Sudan to Ethiopia to Kenya trying to escape the violent conflicts that destroyed their homes and left them orphans. Intermingled with his story is a second story of a young Sudanese girl, Nya, living in Sudan today. Because of Salva, Nya’s story is happier. How you live your life changes the world for those who come after. Calm, hope and perseverance are the words Salva lives by and would like all young people remember when they feel lost. You cannot read this book without feeling empowered.

  4. It is an awesome book! I did a book report on it. It’s a great read and everyone will be amazed by it!

  5. Salva is lost boy of sudan he join the lost boy because of the civil war he run away form his own home it was vary difficult

  6. this book ended in both the best and worst way possible:a cliffhanger. a GOOD cliffhanger. i love this book

  7. I read this book with my school and i was speechless. it was an amazing source on reading of what the Sudanese Civil War brought to the Lost Boys. Challenges were through out the journey of this whole amazing, yet difficult exploration. READ THE BOOK AND YOU WILL LOVE IT! <3

  8. I am a sixth grade teacher and have read this book with my class. It is a powerful story, with so references to so many social justice issues around the world. After the book, the students researched current issues related to the book: lack of access to fresh water, boy soldiers, refugee camps, etc. I highly recommend it!

  9. Your Dad’s job is really interesting Yalmarie, you must be very proud of him. I think you are right that this book helps you realize that not everyone gets to live like us. It does inspire you to want to help.

  10. I read this book and honestly all I can say about it is that I love it’s really inspiring my dad is at Sudan right now he works for GE travel so he’s over there giving them electricity. When I read this book I thought of him and what he’s doing Salva is brave and he’s sting I’m gonna incorage others to read this book because its touching and important for people to help! Not everyone gets to live like us. I realized this when I read this book and u should too.

  11. This looks like a great book. I am going to look for it for my library. Thanks for posting!

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