The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune – Read Chapter One!

The Son of Neptune

Well, I think this cover has fewer clues in it than the last one, but maybe you will notice something important that I don’t see. I liked the title of Chapter One – “Percy”!, but won’t give anything else away until you have a chance to read it too.

Read Chapter One



The Lost Hero
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  1. That first chapter was released by the author, Rick Riordan. I can’t share his whole book! The chapters of his book are his to share or sell. You will have to borrow The Son of Neptune from your library to read chapter 38!

  2. You should have the whole book, otherwise it was cool. But you should have the whole thing. I need to read chapter XXXVIII and I can’t because you don’t have it. So you should have the whole thing.

  3. so love this book the part when i found out annabeth and them were coming i was thinking is percy going to remember her but it ended lol

  4. OMG!!! Sarah Kate! Your back!!! Do yo even know how much I missed all of our old conversations that were actually on topic! Now I can come back and relive the love of having normal people talk about my favorite series in the whole entire world.

  5. Hmm, there would seem to be some difficulties while using initial link, as it returns a 404 error

  6. oh my god on the cover is it percy and jason fighting and is percy on blackjack


  8. hey everybody im readin the serpents shadow and guess what DREW AND LACY from the aphrodite cabin are in it and it said that they both went to a A SUMMER CAMP


  10. @Anonymous you go to youtube and search Rck riordan reads the mark of athena chapter 1
    then click on the one that is in all caps.

  11. wow when are we going to start a blog for the mark of athena? wow it feels weird to be back


  13. hey guys you know you can go on youtube and find Rick Riordan reading some of the first chapter of the mark of athena
    just wanted to let you know

  14. Well what a pleasnt an old friend returns welcome back sarah 😀 surprise i bring good news i was just looking at something and it said the cover for the MOA would be released aroundnext month

  15. @Everyone: Oh wow! You guys are all so nice!! 😉 Thanks! And.. NO WAY!! THE COVER IS GOING TO BE OUT IN 20 DAYS?? AHH!! That’s so exciting!! hehe:)

  16. I havent been on in forever! And @Sarah Kate welcome back(: and omg i think i heard the cover is gonna be released on the 25th of may which is in 20 days! Idk if its true but i cant wait.

  17. @dancer: thanks!! It’s good to be back! 🙂 And oh my gosh!! Me too!! I’m so excited for that one!

  18. @sarah kate welcome back!! i cant wait 4 mark of athena 🙂

    @carrie thanks. i will check regulary (idk how 2 spell that) on his blog (rick riordans…. duh)


  19. @carrie: Oh yes definitely!! I’m excited for that one!! I cannot wait! I bet another person is going to be the main in Mark of Athena (besides Annabeth.) Because I love Annabeth and all, but I also like new characters! 🙂 I hope we get a lot of new ones in Mark of Athena!! 🙂

  20. @Sarah Kate – I think everyone is just waiting for the cover of The Mark of Athena to come out so there is something new to talk about.

  21. And Cabin6Girl!! Just have a message for you! Luckily, I saw your comment on my fanfiction today after not getting on for months! But something told me I should get on and I did and you inspired me to come back! 🙂 haha! I’m so excited though! I kinda missed talking to all y’all!! 🙂

  22. Heyy… I’m Sarah Kate 🙂 I don’t know if any of you remember me haha but I’ve decided to look back here and WOW. My last comment was WAYYY back at the begginning! Hopefully, some of my old pals still remember me and are still here! I remember really enjoying our conversations and I hope I meet a lot of new people, too! 🙂 Anyway, thought I’d just drop by and say hey! AND I LOVE THE SON OF NEPTUNE!! Cannot wait for the next one!! hehe! Ok bye bye! I’ll probably be visiting you guys more often so be on the watch for me! 😉 Love you all! ~~ Sarah Kate <3

  23. @dancer – I will definitely post the video when it becomes available, they said it would take a week, so I’ll keep on eye out for it early next week. I don’t know if The Serpent’s Shadow is good, I am still waiting in line to get it from the library.

  24. @carrie please post the link to that video. by the way is the serpent shadow good?

  25. I listened to the Rick Riordan webcast today about The Kane Chronicles #3 The Serpent’s Shadow. (The archived video will be available next week.) During the webcast he said he THINKS about writing a Kane Chronicles/Percy Jackson mix…but no promises. He also said that after he finishes The Heroes of Olympus his next series will be about Norse Mythology.

  26. Well theres probably only like a month until the MARK OF ATHENA cover and first chapter and blog come out sooo there isnt that long of a wait(:

  27. heeeyyyy i havent been on in 4ever. y athis blog rly isnt about SoN anymore…

    i like jason but i cant say i love him cuz i dont rly know him. i think he is like a california version of percy.

    i cannt wait till demigod diaries comes out

  28. @Cabin6girl its not that i dont likr reyna. I just dont think she is good with jason at all. But i do admire her character. And the conversations on this blog stray bcuz we’ve already talked about the mark of athena alot and until RR gives us more clues and info on the book we arent going to be able to guess about it as much.

  29. @cabin3 i know but once the mark of athena blog comes out it will be better.

    @DaughterOfPoseidon i love jason too(; everyone hates him thought which i dont understand

  30. well im back you guys so i just wanna ask why this conversation is about the hunger games??? Anyway the book is coming out October 2nd. But its not finalized. so bye you guys and I miss the other people like Sarah Kate and SonOfNeptune. We used to be like the parents of this blog and look at what its become.

  31. im a total huge fan of all the ‘HEROES OF OLYMPUS BOOKS’….im in love with jason and i want percy to be my brother…i guess bcuz i love bein in water,swimming,surfing:my fam calls me a mermaid

  32. yeah i learne din social Studies just finshed the hunger games trilogy and im a little diappointed with the end but i guess not every one survives i mean caualties of war are…….. inevitable D: D; D; D;

  33. Did you guess know that Hannibal was a Carthaginian general who tried to defeat Rome? And he had elephants when he made his attack. Thats why Hannibal the elephant is named that! And there was a Roman general named Scipio and he defeated Hannibal. Thats Reynas pegasus name. I never knew any of this but im sure you did but i thought id point it out because i thought it was funny.

  34. Yeah, The Beyonders was really good. You can read about it here: http://w Beyonders #2 The Seeds of Rebellion just came out March 13…waiting for that one to come into my library.

  35. yall dont post something if other people cant understand it. bob, no one understands you. please explain what you mean

  36. @Everyone i read it somewhere but i told you that idk if its true so yeah but i would assume it be somehwere around when the son of neptine came out.

  37. Wered you learn this lovey i mean if rick finished the book you think he would release it earlier i mean were not getting any younger

  38. I can tell you what happen at the end of the book. What happen was that some one is going to you his family and also this was the last sentence in the book. This won’t tell you anything but you et the idea right.

  39. Hey everyone! I heard that the mark of athena is coming out October 2nd!!!!!!!!! Idk if this is true but if it is then its 2 days eariler than the son of neptune! And i heard that it only got rated one star so critics are retardedd.

  40. @danny in the hunger games movie katniss buys the mockingjay pin and gives it to prim on reaoing day and says as long as you have it it will keep you safe they don’t have madge in it

  41. @ every one iam not going to see the hunger games why because its LOOKKS NOTHING LIKE I IMAGINED NOT A POST APOCTOLPTIC HAVEN BUT IT LOOOKS LIKE SOMETHING DR SEUSS CREATED

  42. @lovey143the books are pretty good. hope u hv fun : )

    @annabeth 2 wow for 3 weeks?? thats alot. we got ours the 3rd, 20 days in advance. it will be worth it though

  43. @Chloe Try searching up audiobook on youtube, it won’t be the same as reading it yourself, but this will work.

  44. @Dancer i never read the books but i might go see it. Have you heard taylor swifts song safe and sound for it bcuz its wicked good.

    @Son of the gods yeah ikr! I love you guys as a cyber family even though we probably will never meet. But you guys are the only people who understand my love for pjo, hoo, and mythology

  45. *dancer i was going to go see it but it is sold out for 3 WEEKS where i live so me and my friends are going to see it on spring break

  46. hey i know this is heroes of olympus blog, but whos gonna go see the hunger games movie? i live near charlotte and get to go see it a day early. im so excited. i mean, a day early! the 22nd! im siked…

    srry just had to get that out there

  47. yeah im sorry chloe. i dont know where to find it sorry : (

    @son of the gods ya i see us as one big cyber family. i love u guys (as a cyber family, as a friend)

  48. hey cyber people well just 2 let u know i think of y’all as an extended family oh and Chloe i’m sorry i don’t know where to find the entire book online unless u feel like buying it from Barnes and Noble


  50. @high dude i agree with @dancer. You might wanna change your name or people will get the wrong idea. And i thought it was good but very much alike to the lost hero and whateves.

  51. He high dude… It is an epic adventure between Giants and Demigods! Well, at least the start of it…

  52. @Annabeth2 no the next blog will most likely come out in may or when RR releases the first chapter

    @jerry sorry what??????????

  53. i just took a doctrate in percy jackson series……….i want to do so in heroes of olympus to!!!!!!!!!!

  54. well cabin3 just look it up on Google if there isn’t one on there then there isn’t one

  55. THere is this kid in my seminary class that looks exactly like Leo. He is so annoying to, but not in a funny way, he is seriously annoying.

  56. @annabeth 2 impossible Reyna could not be Percy sister because she said her Mom was Bellona

  57. @ danny ya hunger games is pretty good. i think they are both the best in thier own way, they are both very different books. oh, and how do u pre order demigod diaries on a kindle fire?? cuz i tried but they dont have it yet [to preorder]

  58. @ every body im redaing The HUNGER GAMES and its pretty good Not better than pjo though p.s om ordering th demigod diares month after next

  59. @ annabeth2 percy does have sibling Tyso And @ Cabin3 whered you find thta out i always thought from the last olympian and the titans curse percy was a little shorter than annabeth

  60. P.s ive ben reading and percy might not be able to beat jason maybe cause jason didnt have the river styx when he fought kriosbut fightong krios was like super hard for him but percy dispeled hyperion the strongest titan aside from kronos and atlas with some what ease but percy more ripe and was able to beat ares with barely any training so i think percy would win if they were to get down sand fight

  61. Oh and at cabin3 ithink reyna will get over it i mean she only knew for like 3 months well more but she wasnt buddy buddy until they he became praetor shelll probably were her mask be a little hurt then move on

  62. @Carrie
    I just searched up annabeth chace wiki and it was the first link that popped up, and then I pressed on the percy jackson link….

  63. @lovely143 maybe reyna’s roman and percy is greek like Jason and Thlia they are not that alike jason more like percy and thalia is more like reyna but greekish

  64. @cabin3 wow really? ive always imagined annabeth as 5’5 and percy 5’8. ive always seen percy as a little short but not rlly. and its ok, your not short.

  65. K I just found out that Annabeth is 5’9 and Percy is 6’0…..I never imagined them that tall, the average American woman is 5’4-5’6, the average Amercan man is 5’9-5’11, but then again they aren’t really average are they? I’m 15 and 5’5, that just makes me feel short….

  66. @annabeth2 not possible reyna is nothing like percy.

    @cabin3 I think she’ll be dignified bcuz they never really were a couple so she can’t make a big scene.

    @everyone I may not be able to go on as often anymore bcuz my math midterm is coming back to me soon( dont ask why they’re so late bcuz I honestly don’t know) so we all know I will probably fail…so if I don’t come on don’t worry i’ll be back.

  67. and why do you guys think every other kid in the big three has a sibling and percy doesn’t

    maybe rr stoped his book there to reveal percy’s sibling it COULD be reyna maybe bellona is her patron and posideon wanted to keep her safe

  68. @cabin3 think she will react like she care in public but in like her prator house she will be crying

  69. @annabeth 2 im with ya. i like reyna waaaaaaayyyy better then piper. shes more of a leader, more serious, and not so complainy. but however it turns out, ill be happy with it. either would be fine with me.

    @danny o ya!! i am so pumped for the serpents shadow!!! imma have to read the red pyramid and throne of fire again b4 it comes out.

  70. @son of the gods I love that post so much that words cannot describe. Jason and Piper belong together and I swear if rick makes jeyna I will send him hate mail.

    Omg guys guess what? My english class has to read the lightning theif and do a project on it. I’ve already aced this!


  72. the greeks because although the romans are more war like the greeks were far more creative

  73. @danny honestly I think it would be a tie! I know that sounds extremely lame but their fighting styles are foreign to each other and they both have strong warriors.

    @percabeth I think he does it to create suspense but I kinda wish he would write faster.

  74. Do you guys have any clue what the mark of athena is bcuz this prophecy would be easier to decipher if we knew. I think that it could be something like what daedalus had bcuz he killed his nephew or whatever but I don’t believe annabeth would kill anyone she loved…… Anyways let me know of you have anything to say.

  75. anybody pumped for the serpents shadow imean if you go the the kane chronicles wiki and type in percy jackson there will be a list of strange occurences in the both books such as carter seeing a pegusus flying around the empire state building……

  76. @ everyone lets vote if the romans and the greeks were to go to war who would rules are you cant say the greeks or romans beacusa there cooler or something you have to have facts the team with the most votes and reasons Facts as to why there team would win wins

  77. and no offense to anyone who likes piper
    (i like her but not as much as reyna) i don’t think she deserves jason what if it was percy and annabeth situation

  78. @lovely143 i only think percy remembered annabeth because she was his girlfriend jason probably did not remember reyna because they weren’t dating

    @dancer*thanks for agreeing with me

  79. Hey Percabeth here Why wont Rick Riordan just write ONE series at a time that way he could release that series faster. ALSO we would not even be waiting for the other series because it WOULD NOT EXIST

  80. im back yeah and ive been to oh and @lovey jasons gonna get piper because all you have to do is read allo f her chapters in the lst hero

  81. @son of the gods yeah ik thats what shes described like but I dont imagine characters unless they look like someone I know which coincidently all the characters do.

    @annabeth2 percy remebered annabeth which is true love and if jason disnt remeber reyna until after they saved juno/hera then he obviously didnt love her and it was hinted in the lost hero that they would probably like each other

    Okay this has nothing to do with the heroes of olympus but taylor swift is literally the most amazing person ever and I only said this bcuz alot of her songs remind me of percabeth and stuff

  82. @lovey143 i know right!! people are all “octvians the bad guy hes so evil hes with gaea bla bla bla” he probably is be we should take the first impression as the lasting one.

    just throwin out theories there guys. i dont want people to die.

    @annabeth 2 ya i agree. i would not want that to hapen to percy and annabeth

  83. Thalia has pale white skin jet black hair she is about 5’4 with blue eyes she always wears a silver charm bracelet and she sorta has that punk rocker attitude

  84. hey guys posted a comment 2 days ago but it didnt’ show up and i forgot what it said but anyway hey and juan it’s nice to see a new name here

  85. @dancer I dont think one will die I think he’ll just pick one(hopefully piper(; ) but anythings possible

    Okay…i have to say this but octavian is not evil! Everyone thinks he’s an annoying brat and dont get me wrong I dont exactly like him but I feel bad bcuz we dont really know him so we shouldnt judge…

  86. @lovely143 i think reyna might end up with Jason cause they could have been a couple what if the same senario happened to annabeth and percy reyna deserves him piper does not we don’t what she is like she might be nice i thik her pov will be in the next book

  87. @cabin6girl i dont think sarah kate goes on here anymore… maybe she will come to the mark of athena blog. do u know her fanfiction name??

    @lovey143 i think one of them might die so jason has to settle for the other one. *please dont hurt me!!* i dont WANT one of them to die, im just looking at all the possibilities.

  88. omg max,how told you you’ll need money to get to read this book?
    i’ve just finished reading it and i’ll tell you to get this book on the internet,as i did

    (even though i haven’t bought the book,i’m not a poor guy,i didn’t buy it just because i’m from another country,in which this book has not even come out,brazil,and the good thing about it is that i did not spend any money on buying this book,i started reading it 20 minutes after deciding to read it,that’s it)

  89. @lovey143 piper he will end up with piper and also Thalia pale white skin jet black hair sort of in a braided crown type of style silver nose ring a silver charm bracelet she’s around 5’4 and always has on silver nail polish that is my description of Thalia Grace

  90. @ max do you have a public libarry if not ill tell you here goes Dannys tells the stroy of the son of neptune chapter 1: the return of percy jackson: BEGIN after training with lupa Percy is running from the gorgons Stheno (nick named beano by percy becaus eof his dylexia) and Euryale the sister of medusa (who hasnt come back from tartraus yet) and because eof the curse of achilles they are unable to kill him when he comes across a cliff which leads to a tunnel to camp jupiter and euryale catch him percy cuts Eurayale in half and knocks out Stheno he then takes her tray of Frisky weiners and slides down the gorgons reform Because they never stay dead lnger than 2 hours beacuse death has been captured and the doors of death are opened he then meets june (Juno in disguise as an old woman) who tells him to carry her to the camp and he will gain his memories back but says he will lose his curse of achilles and face much pain or he an go to the sea and live apeace ful new life he decides to carry her into the little tiber a river in new rome were his curse of achilles is washed away there frank and hazel attack the gorgons frank is captured by them percy then turns the tiber into two huge hands and tears them apart June tehntranforms into the peacock goddess Juno the roman equvilaen tof hera and tells the romnas he is percy jackson a son of neptune then leaves reyna camp praetor who percy asks if she knows him because she looks like she seen him in nightmares she says no but percy believes she is lying annd ask Hazel to interrogate him and send him the Octavien to see if he is an new recrute or an enemy to Kill

  91. @ max i will pick up from their tommorow with Danny tells the story oof the son of neptune Chapter 2:THE SON OF HADES AND ABNORMAL HAZEL

  92. im new but im 2 poor 2 buy the book so can anyone tell me what happens???? 🙁

  93. @percabeth omg I wonder what thalia looks like! I never really know how to imagine her…

    I have another question that most of you probabaly wont care about but who do you think jason will end up with? Reyna or Piper?

  94. @dancer* hey i havent talked to u in a long time. Is sarah kate still writing her story????

  95. @danny ok. i dont either

    @cabin6girl yes i missed u! so many original people on this blog are disapearing.

  96. @Lovey143 LOL I made that mistake once and called my Friends Girlfriend Annabeth cause she looks EXACTLY lie Rick Riordan Said. OH NO LIE Rick Sai That the Demigod Diaries would have the FIRST EVER picture of THALIA OMGods

  97. Heeeyy sory I havent been on. My wifi was down weell I personally like the lost hero better no offense to everyone who like the son of neptune.

    Have you guys ever heard the song sparks fly by taylor swift because it reminds me so much of percy and annabeth…well some parts.

    Also there is this kid in my tennis class who looks just like how I think ocatavion looks and the other day I called him octavian! Im pretty sure he thinks im crazy…

  98. @lovey143 i pray my comment wont disappear ithink there equal because i didnt realy like the side protagonist like hazel and piper not thta cool but frank and Leo Awesome like piper is one of those girls i just relly dont like her and hazel is always in flash back mode but like story wise i cant decide they both leave huge cliffhangers at the but i found them different like uh the the lost hero is the greek version and the son of neptune is is the roman version think about it

  99. the thing about minor gods is that they represent more stuff than major gods like for instance the major gods represent war or water but minors represent sleep death victory (Nike) and even magic

  100. @lovey143 i like SoN better. but they were both very good.

    @danny i get what you are saying… but i dont believe that 2012 is our doomsday. everyone has their opinions

  101. Maybe the world will end if the heroes dont defeat gaea;) but we all know they will
    I have a question. Which did you like better? The lost hero or the son of neptune

  102. my commentent disapered the one about 2012 ( i dont belive in ill be telling my kids about the hero percy jackson in 2020

  103. Lovely143 I’m the one that said MoA is the last book, I know it’snot, I was just kidding 😛

  104. hey just cause thats what u think dancer does not mean does not mean we will i mean their calender was so precise that it predicted solar eclipses hundreds of years into the future so how deal with that logic

  105. i do NOT think the world will end in 2012. no matter who or what predicted it. so what, the calender ends. it just means they need to get a new!!!!

    dont worry people. we will live through to the year 2013.

  106. hey guys i just thought about the ancient myans and how they theorized that the worlds would end the winter solstice of this year opinions thanks and happy new years

  107. plus i new about the new books the serpents shadow and the demigod diaries ooh the cover 4 the serpents shadow is so coo Carter and Sadie are right next 2 the sea of chaos and there is a giant glowing white obelisk ( the sea of chaos is red ) ;p

  108. plus i new about the new books the serpents shadow and the demigod diaries ooh the cover 4 the serpents shadow is so coo Carter and Sadie are right next 2 the sea of chaos and there is a giant glowing white obelisk ( the sea of chaos is red )

  109. Hi….lol awkward…
    idk who said this but MoA is not the last book. There are 5 in all just like the pjo series.

  110. everybody go to blogspot and go to rick riordans blog. hes writing a new book as a prequel to the lightening theif! (just like danny said) and the new kane book was announced!!

    the serpents shadow

    and the book cover is AMAZING!!

  111. @ dancer its by RR!!!! i was at fanfiction and in a chat room two people were talking about so i went to ricks blog MYTH&MYSTERY and evrything i said i got from his own words also the third book of the kane chronicles has been announcedMay1 the serpents shadow if you dont belive go to RICKS BLOG MYTH&MYSTERY

  112. Hey Percybeth U little cheating Meanie

    And MoA is NOT the last book in the HoO Rick ALREADY said there were going 2 be 5 Books so… The KANE series only has 3 though…

  113. i just wanted to say thier is a survival guide for the Kane croncicles comeing out in march 20 2012


  115. Son of Neptune is like THE best book. It’s so interesting, besides part of the book happened on my B.Day…

  116. No storm means Percy because his dad Poseidon is god of STORMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. @ dancer josh and i think annabeth has long blonde hair but mostly keeps it in pony tail i think shes percy almost exact height her grya eyes of course and she has well the face i saw in her picture and because of the movie for the first book and second book i thought that was what she looked like som etimes it hard to imagine some charecters that havealot opf details like for me will solace Dakota And chris rodriguez look extremely familar in my imagination

  118. HEY lovey142 Yeah That fanfiction is fixed Now anyway This is INFORMATION STRAIGHT FTOM RR HIMSELF

    Kane Chronicles Book 3: The Serpent’s Shadow

    Heroes of Olympus Companion: The Demigod Diaries
    Contains: A LIGHTNING THIEF PREQUEL Lukes POV Adventuring with Thalia and Annabeth
    THE 1st Percy Jackson POV 1st Person Stroy since The Last Olympian. A Short Story where Percy and Annabeth’s Date are interupted by Hermes and A staff with a fire blowing dragon… Leo is building Argo II When something goes wrong. Teams up with Jason and Piper to fix it before the camp is destroyed…

    AND WHAT SURPRISED Me the most is a story that HIS SON came Up with (The Idea His son Did not write it Moron) What Happened AFTER th Manhatten Fight against Kronos that we did Not know about THESE ARE ONLY THE STORIES there is more in their

    KC Book 3 will be released MAY 1st
    Denigod Diaries released AUGUST 14th Cannot wait
    On on the subject of Look up the Author PplusAforever

  119. Hey I just found out that Mark of Athena is going to be the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series!!!!!

  120. Hey Everybody The Mark of Athena Burns Through Rome WHAT DOES THIS MEAN I am a son of athena It is FRUSTRATING when I do NOT know something

  121. Is fanfiction not working for anyone else? Because when I try to open it the page sayd that there is an error and the url cant open….

  122. sorry about this i just wanted to say u guys should checkout a fanfiction on fanfiction.NET it is 1 OF THE BEST fanfiction if u want to read it tell me

  123. ya know percy might have a new york Accent LOL and i agree with @dancer wes hould talk but not get carried away i mena this is notg and will never be FACEBOOK!!!!!! so have fun guys

  124. @lovey143 i picture percy jackson talking just normal. i picture him talking and looking like josh hutcherson. well, when he was younger.

    who do u think annabeth looks like?

  125. ya, this is more than a book club. we are all now friends and chat more than about a book. but lets not get carried away.

  126. and im pretty sure sure thatt when thye land they might all have povs instead of just 3 ive been studying the lost hero ans the son of neptune ya know to refresh and im thinking that some demigods were put on their not beacaus ethere the stronngest but for other reasons like percy and jason were neede to connect the two camps an dsince there the two strongest demigods alive nw leo because he his flame ability and how hes different from other hephasteus kids like how he was able to get festus comminiacte and not act crazy (like becendorfR.I.P) and frank because he can transform and stick thatt freed Thanatos hazel beacuse she is save nico piper cause her charmspeakk and her strenth courage and sence of justce ( but is still sort a anoyiing) that set her aside from drew annabeth beacuse maybe she can d]read the inscriptions on tghe doors of death

  127. Whoops I didnt finish that last comment. So I think annabeth(the wisdom daughter) will have to make a disision (as hinted in the battle of the labyrinth by janus) by her self and what she does affects the whole quest. Idk about the mark of athena burns through rome though.

  128. @percabeth good idea!

    So I think 7 demigods greek and roman will go on a quest. The world will end/ a dark age could/ maybe will xome by storm ( jason, or percy) or fire (leo). There was an oath with someone and they may break it and die. Then the greek and roman either defeat gaea and close the doors of death OR maybe just maybe…they will die as friends. Lol not sure if this is accurate but I have an imaginative mind…lol

    So the next

  129. Well the first is simple 7 demigods shall except a quest storm or fire will wreak havoc in the world ( aka. Percy or leo ) someone made an oath that they have to keep with their life and greek and. Roman demigods will fightt together against the enemy at the doors of death 😉

  130. @danny yeah i believe it was castor who died but pollux wws so sad that he asked zeus if they could shwe death. And so one is on earth one day the other is on earth the. Next

  131. Oksy

    Seven Half bloods shall answer the call
    to storm or fire the world must fall
    an oath to keep with final breath
    and foes bear arms to the doors of death

    Okay lets disxuss what does this mean


    Wisdomms daughter walks alone
    the mark of athena burns through rome

    talk about this 4 a whil

  132. Hi. Um so danny is jarek and jarek is danny…
    C O N F U S I O N ! Jaha um which is roman and which is greek?


  134. @dancer in greek mythology there two uys named Castor and pollux they had the same mom but different dads one was aking one was zeus they were argonauts and one of them died i think it was castor

  135. yep im danny i wanted to see what is would be like to represent a different charecter on this chat my ROMAN equivalent so goodbye well not good bye cause im danny but our personalities are slightly different so good bt to jarek

  136. i kinda agree with son of the gods it is about being friends but also about taling about the book

    but we are definetly not a book club

  137. Hey guys yeah my tablet started feezing so much so i had to mimif hermes and “borrow” my sisters but i thinks thie blog is about pjo and hoo fans getting together and becoming friends not just talking about the books i mean for christs sake this is not book club

  138. I tried reserving The Son of Neptune at my public library but there were over 300 holds on it… I can’t wait literally I really can’t someone tell me what happened??? The summaries online are so freaking vague…

  139. i agree with lovey143.

    who has noticed that suzanne collins has two brothers named castor and polloux and one of them dies, and so does rick riordan? i wonder who came up with it first. or is they both took it from another book/movie.

    ps yes that has to do with percy jackson so dont dis me.

  140. OK EVERYBODY Cabin11 I Have the ultimate guide I want 2 No if anybody nos anything 4CERTAIN That will happen in MoA

  141. Hey Yo Moderation U can do better I do not no waht 2 say BC I do not no what yall said


  143. Oh guys! Im so sorry I havent been on in forever! I havent forgotten and I have missed this blog I promise I will come on more often

    1) Zeus
    2) Hera
    3) Posiedon
    4) Demeter
    5) Ares
    6) Athena
    7) Apollo
    8) Artemis
    9) Hepheastus
    11) Hermes!!

    So is this right?? Is Aphrodite 10 and Dionysus 12?? I was looking in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Ulitimate Guide book….and I think it’s wrong it has one to many cabins in the girls side and it’s missing one on the guys side….do any of you have this book?? I’m confused.

    1) Zeus
    2) Hera
    3) Posiedon
    4) Demeter
    5) Ares
    6) Athena
    7) Apollo
    8) Artemis
    9) Hepheastus
    11) Hermes!!

    So is this right?? Is Aphrodite 10 and Dionysus 12?? I was looking in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Ulitimate Guide book….and I think it’s wrong it has one to many cabins in the girls side and it’s missing one on the guys side….do any of you have this book??

  146. Actually, Percy is NOT wet. the staff is wet, and there’s a splash behind Percy. He is not, in fact, wet 🙂

  147. um yeah it took me while and @PJO like piper said those storiies are like dead and were i put dionysus on on Ephilates was supposedd to be apollo

  148. HEY Good 2 B Bak So Anyway I Hav 1 vote for the Fanfic thing so I HAV Updated mt Stories. What Do U think Of My book Predictions Hey read my MoA fic that I started it is NOTHING like RR would hav it TRUST me just ask my Bro

  149. so that means the only gods without giants are Demeter hera hestia aphrodite ares and the only giants with out gods are Agrios Damysos leon peloreus theodams and thoon so we can dechper wh gets who but and pallas were killed by hercules athena and were minor giants so they dont count

  150. there are 14 major gods the 12 olympian and the non olympians hades and hestia how ever Hecate also participated making 15 gods and there are 15 giants not includinf eurymedon since he has no nemisis if we take of the god and giants matches and leave the single giants and gods we be able to determin what giant gets what god

  151. @son of the gods im on my new tablet 2! mines a kindle fire, note: it does not have a cameera or 3G. which really sux.

    what website are u guys getting all this info bout the giants!!!! i try different sites but they look very un-reliable.

  152. Hey people its me son of the gods on my new tablet at my grandmas house. And bro i think Option A. Well i think that they will go to rome pluse annabeth will lead the way

  153. Okay I Hav a Prediction for the WHOLE series.

    MoA they Sail to Rome
    B4 They sail to Greece
    B5 They Split up to prtect their Camps then Reunite at the end And Percy and Annabeths life skips about Five years and we hear about Babies

  154. Thank you few who have tried to bring this post back to life. My prediction is that annabeth will NOT be on the Greek warship but she will be in Rome. I mean you can’t start a book with a long percybeth make out scene

  155. !!!I’M BAACK!!! Miss me? You KNOW you did.

    @Danny So the only gods with giants as enemies are Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Dionysus, Artemis, Hermes, and Hepheastus? Really? Those are 8 of 13, (counting Dionysus) aren’t there others? And how come there are TWO giants for Dionysus? All right, I guess I believe you since you did look for research and I didn’t, I’m just pointing it out, that’s all.

    @Jarek Actually, it is uncertain if Porphyrion, Alcyoneus, and Eurymedon are the same giant or not, RR apparently decided: not. Hey did you know that their called Gigantes pronounced: JI-GAN-TEE…

    Ok so maybe I did do a bit of research, but not that much.

  156. 1048 is the coment number. pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassseee go and read it. it took alot of thought.

    (i got alotta hate for sayin what i said, but i wish for her to come back to life!!!!!! r.r. would never kill annabeth and not bring her back)

  157. a long while back, idk what comment number, i made an amazing prediction for the mark of athena. i will try to find it

  158. alright when the others get to camp its obvious that there going to have to decide which of the seven are going or maybe theyll all go i mean theres no reason they shouldnt any way lets debate on whos going and what giants theyll face ive been studying

  159. Ive up dateed heres the real list og giants and enemy giants


  160. did you guys know rick changed the giant thing the real king of the giants was eurymedon not pophryon and he was the oldest not alcyoneus

  161. here all the giants and their god equivalents


  162. @Jarek I will Hav A Pole About.

    A U want me to tell U when I update my Fanfic

    B U do not want me too

  163. So my FAKE Brother says my FAKE Mom says we hav to clean our room. He says he will dust and I will Vacuum. So my FAKE Brother gets ready to dust and I Say why doesnt he just go watch TV and I wil dust he says THANX and I dust then i go to my FAKE mom and tell her i Dusted and he did not.

    kid of ATHENA Just PWNED Dat Suckah

  164. @ every one let the predictions begin like will do different catergries to talk about( by catergories imean like monsters apperances connections story line not personal life

  165. P.s @ percabeth no more fanfics on this chat were gonna save this chat so if any body has predictions questions ASK!!!!!!!

  166. Yeeahlets ave th chat but no one but afew danny dancer cabin6girl and some othrer peop actually asked for predictions so let predictions comme fourth

  167. I’m with you PJO i read the first series in 2 weeks and i read the first book of each new series in 1 week (i read them at the same time)


    not not trying to be mean or aanything. its just that any newbies comin on this blog is gonna think, what the heck? is this facebook chat or SoN chat???

    ALL of us have made several unncessary comments lately. dont blaame just one person.

    Lets just all be friends : ) that chat about what was previosly mentioned

  169. Hey Everybody. This blog HAS Lost its meaning. Anyway I Just wanted to say a few things

    1. I am writing a book that I am going to send to a publisher. It will not be as good as PJO or HOO though.
    2. I Hav a blog I will post my MoA Theorys on it. click below

    4 MERRY CHRISTMAS Feliz Navidad Happy Holidays Season Greetings ETC. I would hav done Greek but my stupid computer wont let me :<
    5. 😀

  170. mine to I read all the books in under a year the books are amazing the battle of the labrinth is the best book

  171. @annabeth 2 Unless anyone can give us a hint about the book there’s nothing else TO discuss. So let’s just drive everyone crazy by talking about our personal events! Who’s with me?! (Y)

  172. hey Percabeth like me is a child of athena he can’t help making short comments long it’s just how we are but if you ever dis him again i will personally hunt you down and destroy you Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!!! 😉

  173. look like one of the best books…
    percy jakson is my fav book, and rick riordan is one of the best authors i ever read…… 😀 1st in books

  174. @ dancer im hoping the same thing arjun kindeve annoyed me but its werid not to have him on any more@ every on edo you reall have to ask Why cabin6 girl dosent like percabetyh

  175. @cabin6girl i understand sort of @ pecabeth uh maybe cabin6girl doesnt like because lets be serious you always make long unesscary comments and were your story this a chat about heros of olympus not FACE BOOK OR FANFICTION!!!!!!!!! but icant say yopur not cool

  176. WHY CAN’T SCHOOL END FOREVER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  177. ok we need to go back to what this blog was origianly for this is NOT facebook this is a blog about a book lets talk about what u think will happen in the mark of athena

    no more things that do not have anything to do with the book!!!!!

  178. @Percabeth
    No offence and i’m not trying to start one of those idiotic typed wars and stuff. But I’m just stating my mind. So no offence I hope that … idk we become friends or something. That’s something ppl would say … right?

  179. @dancer* since when is this blog about facebook and your girlfriend I allude you to comment 1418

  180. Bom… na foto o Percy ta em frente uma geleira ( em um lugar bem frio, claro)
    ele está com uma cicatriz, então perdeu a marca de aquiles.
    as geleiras parecem estar em ruinas, mas eu não me surpreenderia pelo talento de percy em destruir as coisas 😀

  181. yup κάποια σοβαρή απέχθεια στο δρόμο προς τη cabingirl 6 Θέλω να πω, αν σας αρέσει αδερφέ μου u dislikeme γι ‘αυτό θα επιστρέψουν την εύνοια και τρελοί οι άνθρωποι είναι τρομερά τρελοί οι άνθρωποι είναι δροσερό είναι όλα καλύτερα από cabingirl 6 i mean yup some serious dislike going towards cabingirl 6 i mean if you dislike my bro u dislikeme so i’ll return the favor and crazy people are awesome crazy people are cool they are all better than cabingirl 6

  182. @Percabeth Thanks, I just put my Like. Only 63,821 to go. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that all my fake accounts Like it too. Is there like a deadline or something?

    @Cabin6girl Why? What did Percabeth do?

  183. WHY WHY WHY Do U hate Me Cabin6girl. What Hav I don To U 4 U 2 Hate Me????????????????????????????????????

    I WANT MY MOMMY! ;D Cabin6girl is acting like an Dumb -_-
    Rit now STOP IT U… U… U MEANIE :sjdfcruisfgvbdfrghytrftgfgfghguytgvg£xchjbgghfderf*frtgdyuhfghyfuiojhygtdfuifrtefvg¿frgtdyuihfdgthyjuio€fugtygjhfdtyfgjhgtfederfgthhjtgrdghgh}gfxchvjbdggtfgf”hjsdeirthwuyrdjhfreyusidehrtijyuisjwdehfr”7.,@)_«jchdfureisdufjrhejuy»^hajsyuwtghjuasdyertfghjdfmhtyirsejscfhzxgvbsjhfdshdefrhdhefjdfrehjhdjfjzvwgahvbwexsqauhj6quwqyuh cvjmf
    duidjfcduihujdridjdhusiaqjqwyuqjhsdczgdftyeywqwdgtfeywjhdtyesgtdyejwysuiwquwikshqdyueimsdufijehsydfujrhjurioqwsdefhyugwiqkjwdhf692=,sjudiejsuiajkaiiquwdhfhdujiasuwyhuqjsydetfrgheuwssdwyfrihjesuiwrsyfesuihjeduiwuwshjdgetyuwqadgtyuewiqkamncdgtyfeuwavhyistduisafgsdyuhifuidsihyeuwiqyueiwjhsauwdujyhfgiohjurdfyuj THAT IZ WHHAT U R MEANIE GRUK FACE

    P.S. Did I Beat the Randomest and Longest Comment Award????????? DID I Mr.

  184. @cabin6girl percabeths ok hes got good qulaities but the fanfic news do you have to tell us every you update and to review no offense this isnt face book or fanfiction this isnt p.s ill be hapy when the new chat starts so we can talk about our predictions

  185. @ cabin6girl this a stupid question but what dont you like i mean or are you lust kidding i mean

  186. @cabin6girl percabeths ok hes got good qulaities but the fanfic news do you have to tell us every you update and to review no offense this isnt face book or fanfiction this isnt p.s ill be hapy when the new chat starts so we can talk about our predictions we can do that now but nobody wants to

  187. HIYA Everybody. My Brother found this thing on Facebook called the Quest for 1 million If they get 1million likes then we get a Deleted scene from The Lightning Thief. R Yall a Part of this

  188. @Percabeth I’m starting to dislike you. actually its been awhile since the feelings started.

  189. guys i hooked up some new software in my phone, computer and all my other technology so now monsters can only find me if they sniff me out


  191. P.s any body read the verge fanfics about chris rodriguez by foaly wins forever or the struckstories about anabeth and percy their really good

  192. Note were at 1425 comments and the book well over 9 monthes away so well be at at least 2500 comments before rick publishes his next blog and thats a lot of comments

  193. HEY EVERYBODY. What ya doin. Huh Huh. Yeah I am chillin with My girlfriend. A daughter of Poisideon. JUST Like Percabeth Just Poisideons kid is a girl and Athenas is a boy

  194. Ive been re redaing the whole series and like it nevers gets old sarcasm the action but i think if had to choose my 2 favorite books it would the lightning thief and the battle of the labyrinth whats you guys is fav book or books

  195. @cabin6girl no i was not part of the lost hero blog but ive been on this one 4 quite a while.

  196. what is it with people ppppppp no dont type that
    its rubbish oh and theres a lot of fans oof rick riordan

  197. @dancer*
    Thanks for understanding what I feel for this blog. Were you part of the old blog the Lost Hero one???

  198. i think this will be the 7 people on the quest

  199. Hey everybody Read my updates on MOA Fic and my Percy Jackson Adventure 3Please THANX Percabeth son of Athena

  200. well that probbably wasnt the londest but probbably most random. it still diddnt beat PJO’s.

  201. ghfgfhg hjhhjhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj hggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffg ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbb ,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk khiyiyiiyiyiiyyiyiy66666666666666666666 666666666666666666666 66666666666666666666666666666666666666 6666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 666666666666666669999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999y yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiyiyi iiyiyiy iyiyiyi yiiiy iyiiy iyiyi yiyi yiyi yiy iyi yiy iy iyi yi y iy i yi yi yi y i yy iyiiykj,jjpu7873987543345678987654345678p987654 098765432123567890987654323456789876543 hghghghghhghghghghghhgh gjhkkiyrglkjh qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,.’;[][[;’./’;[‘;/./;'[‘;/.;'[‘;/.;[p guttuci5t cj,tyhc njtycrtgjrnyjtyj5ttyt ILOVEPERCYJACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yuyiyiiiyui utuuvkuytguytgjuhgtghjutghhggjgjh ggjgj gjgjg jgj gjg gj gj gjgj gj gjg jg j gj gj j g j j gj gj g jg j gj g gj g j gj g gj j gj j gj g j gj gj j jg j’;;”;’
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    LONGEST COMMENT EVER!!!!!!!! beat that

  202. I LOVE U PJO
    I LOVE U lovey143
    I LOVE U Cleaveland
    I LOVE U dancer
    I LOVE U Jarek
    I LOVE U cabin11

    OH NO What has Aphrodite Done to me No Uh Uh………

    IloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveuiloveU SO MUCH. Come to mY house I wanna kiss U SO BADLY I think U are Real Super de duper HOT. Wanna

  203. @dancers right we dont even talk about percy jackson any more we just talk about stuff were reading and fanfics

  204. But what is there to talk about i mean the chat has the most action like when book was coming out not even when it came out we all read the old books so we could talk about which was our like the lightning thief or the battle of the labyrinth either way we need some thing why dont we gtalk about which book was our favorite

  205. i know right and it will attract lightning and it will have a big statue of Athena in the middle and a place to keep owls. oh and there will also be an owl statue next 2 the Athena statue

  206. Hey Athena just appeared to me. SHE IS 600 Times Hotter than Aphrodite. AND She does not wear make up!!!!!!!
    OH Uh he Hey Aphrodite. NO I did not say My mom was hotter than U. Why would U thinl that? NO No Aphtodite PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOcdzgfxeuysxdeyrtfgnsxdhertiyfstyistdyuisxdweyrdsfgedrr

  207. Yes! I got the second to easiest exam tomorrow: Spanish. And, the last one is the easiest of all: English.

    PS. I live in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

    y to uté son palomo

    PPS. That’s how we say it in the hood. (H)

  208. hey guys check out my new story remember athens22 is my pen name and the new story is called The Norse chronicles

  209. HEEYY EVEERYYYOONNNNE! sooooo soooorrry i havent been onn i got my computer taken away for getting a 75% on a math test:/ well im going to beat ur guys record for longest comment cuz i deserve it sooo yees here u goo


    huff i give upppp looool

  210. @cabin6girl,u are right. this blog has lost its origanol meaning. to chat about the heroes of olympus (and percy jackson). its ok to chat about other stuff but thts all people are chatting about now. please tone down the comments off topic. a few are ok but right now almost all of them are. i know its hard to discuss the mark of athena because we know no details bout it. just pointing that out. i mean no harm to anyone.

  211. WOooooooooooooooooooo i havent been on in along time have you guys grown up LOLL om gIdddy cleal land please i have not read good one bout nico well i have bit hezs with thalia i dont like thalia at alland the ones are usually discontinoued

  212. an dif were gonna play the demigod game then i am the son of a son ares and adaugter of nemisis and i like fatalities hint if any one can guess that riddle i will say any thing on this chat

  213. @ cleavland do it now and enough with the pppppppppppppppps it hard to read itmakes my eyes hurt a@ pjo are you girl or boy cause im curious ttooooo

  214. Hey BRO I would have emailed U the sneak Peek but the play i was in was changed to tonight. I got the most applause.

  215. ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the movie Immortales wasn’t bad (just saw it) But immortal means not being able to die sure gods bodies can be temporarily displaced but they r still alive they just have to form a new body i mean seriously look in a freaking’ dictionary and Peracabeth do you think i should put Tesla coils on a temple to Athena after all she is the only god (besides himself) who ever got to go into battle with it


  217. @ms. readalot, most of us have the book. im sorry u have to wait so long…but its well worth it. u wont be dissapointed.

  218. Well Bro The worst grade in my life i made was a 56 and that was today because i did not do some of my homework

  219. Hey bro i only keep some bad grades cause i’m 2 busy reading or thinking of ideas for new temples of ATHENA my bad grades r usually c’s but will sometimes fall to high f’s but that doesn’t happen 2 often i really need to stop reading so much in school cause it always results in a bad grade cause i dont pay attention to what im doing while i’m reading

  220. Hey who all Is a child of Athena or Poseidon?? Because I want to know who my aunts and uncles are!!!

  221. HEY Bro I am in my school play Practice was until five. I had A LOT of HOMEWORK It was easy though. I do keep some bad grades on my work so nobody suspects anything but anyway. I will Email U Maybe tomorrow although that may not be possible But U will get it by Thursday

  222. @PJO U did not need to explain what was going on in UR PS Thingymabobber I am a Kid Of ATHENA goddess of WISDOM Hello!!!!!! I figured it out before U explained it. Took FIVE seconds. And U Do Not dis me again. Sorry U did not win. It is pretty obvious Annabeth is my sister. IF U WERE A PERCY JACKSON FAN U would know that was my sister. Now We know U R not a kid of Athena.

    @Carrie Sorry about that.I know some of their emails already.

  223. μπορεί να τους θεούς να μας βοηθήσει στα ταξίδια μας και δεν επιτρέπεται η μοίρα κομμένα τα νήματα της ζωής μας σύντομα για να, I mean, may the gods help us on our journeys and may the fates not cut the strings of our lives to soon

  224. SON OF GODS IS CORRECT That is probaly because he is my Bro. I know ur email from Ur reviews U leave. I will email U the Sneak Peek and tell me If I should start it.


  225. @son of the gods I didn’t dis him, I just said I didn’t believe that he read the book FIFTY times and still likes it.

    @Percabeth How many tries do I get? Cuz, I’m just going to say the names of some of the girls. And if it doesn’t work (Just in case. I mean no offense to anyone.), I’m going to name the boys. (I have no offense intended for all those who I got wrong, I’m just bored.)

    GIRLS (sorry if your a boy, and got in this category, I don’t know EVREYONE’S genders)

    1.carrie (She’s most likely because her last comment said that she erased part of your comment which probably meant either she’s a hacker (no offense intended) or she has access to your computer… Or both. (no offense intended)
    3.annabeth 2
    7.the lost hero

    Those are all of the girls in the past 200 comments. (Sorry if your a girl and I forgot to mention you.)

    BOYS (sorry if your a girl, and got in this category, I don’t know EVREYONE’S genders)

    1.ME (I’m just kidding.)
    2.son of the gods

    Those are all of the boys in the past 200 comments. (Sorry if your a boy and I forgot to mention you.)

    I hope at least ONE of those 11 will be it. (Sorry ’bout the boy thing.)

  226. @Percabeth – Had to remove the sentence in your last comment/quiz question asking for a personal e-mail address per rules of this blog – online safety and all that.

  227. Here iz a quiz Answer it correctly U will get a sneak Peak of a NEW story I might begin.

    ON THIS CHAT Who is my sister?

    Answer correctly.

    1st Person I C who gets it right will get the Sneak Peek.

  228. yeah Cleavland i guess that would be ok and PJO don’t dis my half brother cause if u dis a kid of Athena u will regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Hey guys would it be ok if I posted a two paragraph short story about nico meetings girl. It’s clean and I made it for English so itsnot the greatest. Would it be ok?

  230. 68 PS’s.!

    And I beat the longest comment record, too.

    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. There ws a typo, between “yourself” and “when” there was supposed to be master.


    “Besides, you shouldn’t call yourself master when you can’t beat me”.




  231. @Percabeth Ha ha, you put as many PS’s as me!

    PS. B

    PPS. e

    PPPS. s

    PPPPS. i

    PPPPPS. d

    PPPPPPS. e































































  232. @Jarek My mom does not know but I stay up till like TWO AM.

    WATCH THAT YOUTUBE VIDEO. I am keeping track of my views. Right now is 49 It should go up to about 50 Something if U all watch it once. TURN VOLUME UP SOME PLACES R HARD TO HEAR te audio makes some of it funny. While I was shooting this video MONSTERS attacked me. People thought they were poodles that had gotten into the school. I survived with a few scratches Do Not worry sibling. I am OK.

  233. PJO U think U
    P.S. R the master

    PPS of the

    PPPS Most

    PPPPPS Beacuse
    PPPPPPS I am
    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS ?????????????????
    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS Did not hink of dat Huh??

  234. the most pages i’ve read in an hour i 200 the least 75 depending on how i’m concentrating and how much i like the book but unless i’m in school or don’t like the book i usually read somewhere from 150 to 200 pages

  235. i once read a 164 page book in one hour. no joke.. and it was a chapter book.

    @PJO ur right, after reading a book so many times, no matter how good it is, u will get sick of it. i read the lightning theif 16 times. seriously and its getting kinda old. i mean BEST BOOK EVER!!! but ur right.

  236. @percabeth i can’t put my review up on the website so hear it is i like it and are you going for “jiper or Jasper” or “Jayna”

  237. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. If you put all the comments into one it would break the longest comment record too. Does that mean that I beat that record too?

    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. 19 P’s including this one.


    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. Okay, I’ll try to stop the PS’s.




    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. 25 P’s including this one!



  238. PPPPPPPPPPPPPS. Who here thinks I didn’t break it?

    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. To say that I cheated doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t break the record.

    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPS. And no one can say otherwise.


  239. PPPPPPPPS. OK so maybe I didn’t break the longest comment record… yet.

    PPPPPPPPPS. But it’s hard to break that record. Again, sue me.

    PPPPPPPPPPS. Again, please don’t sue me.

    PPPPPPPPPPPS. At least I’m sure I broke the PS. record.

  240. @Percabeth I didn’t say that I’m sick of The Son of Neptune, I said that you can’t read the SAME book so many times without getting sick of it. And I live and die for books too, in fact I counted all the books that I read last year (it’s sort of a family tradition) and I read 82 and beat my mom’s record of 74.

    PS. Kudos on the 134 pages thing, the most pages I’ve read in an hour or so are like 108, so you beat me. 🙁

    PPS. Yes, I am a book addict, sue me.

    PPPS. Please don’t sue me.

    PPPPS. I think I broke the PS. record don’t you think.

    PPPPPS. I mean this blogs PS. record.

    PPPPPPS. And I probably broke the longest comment record too, but, just in case: ***LOOK DOWN THE COMMENT***

    PPPPPPP. 🙂

  241. Come on even my half Sibling is being infected with the dreaded curse CRITICISM On Me Come on I just really love books If U talked to my parents (My fake ones) They would tell U exactly what I said. I do not get sick of books easily.

    Please believe me PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  242. Hey @PJO U R sick of The Son of Neptune. Well I am not. I LIVE for READING.

    @Danny READING and WRITING come naturally to me. I do not know why but they do. U DO NOT Have to Believe me. BUT I can Read a 134 Page book in about an HOUR Or LESS

  243. @annabeth 2 NO I am Updating around now.


  244. @Jarek I wish I HAD another book, I finished the only one that I have that I haven’t read yesterday. And I’ve already reread them all. I’m sticking with movies ’till I can buy another one.:)

  245. bro PJO is right even though we r Athenians (kids of Athena not people of Athens)and i love to read i’ve only managed 2 read it once more which = 10 times and if i read it any more 4 the next 2 months i will literally go insane.

  246. thanks for say my story was awesome dancer u r the best or at least 2nd best my half brother percabeth is the best

  247. @Percabeth FIFTY TIMES! I’m not saying that you can’t read that fast, but I don’t believe that you kept on reading FIFTY times. I admit it’s good, but not THAT good. Even I stopped at 9 or 10. And 7 of them were just to pass the time. I’m sorry if what you say is true but you couldn’t have read more than thirty times before you got sick of it. And I mean pneumonia sick of it.

  248. @ every one i suggest you guys pick up a different book even one you alreadt read try anew series i guess the SoN was okay but you should not read it all the time iwa son ricks blog he says MoA will be out in oct and he says it i would release it earlier bit it wouldnt be as good i said well these new books arent thta good so id give em 7 out of ten so eh

  249. @ percabeth howd you read it 50 timesi mean youre writing your stories (hard work ive heard from some of my friends) and theres school sea world you couldnt have its not possibel 50 times maybe youre exaggeraating

  250. @percabeth did you updte chpter 6 because it is not up yet?

    @son of gods what is your penname for


    THANX percabethlover

  252. HEY If U Hav read my Mark of Athena Fic EVERY CHAPTER. Then U know I will Not UPDATE ANYTHING Until I have AT LEAST ONE Review on every story that has not been reviewed that I have Written. THANX

  253. @cleavlend wow the 8th time? ive only read it 2.8 times. im spacing it out till the mark of athena wich i cannot wait for!!!!! this waiting is gonna kill me

  254. @percabeth, i was just at seaworld 2!! (well i live in FL so i go there alot) did u ride manta?

    @lovey143 u dont suck 4 not being on in a long time, i havent been on since nov 18.

  255. hey, i havent been on in soooooooooooooooooo long. at my grammas 4 thanks giving. im thankful for rick r. and his amazing books. and alot of other important stuff 2 like food, shelter, and family.

    happy thanksgiving!!!!

  256. @ every one thanks giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im eating fudge brownies mac and cheese sweet potato pie turkey chicken and soda YEAH!!!!!!!!! @ cleavland uhh cool for yiu

  257. We all agree the series of unfouutanate events is dum igth my liberian described as a weird book series about a sick guy who wanted to kill 3 kids

  258. @everybody
    Happy turkey day! 🙂 hope its a good one. I just finished son of Neptune for the 8th time

  259. updated my story again penname athens22 Story title the demigod chronicles read and reveiw please and thanx

  260. updated my story again penname athens22 Story title the demigod chronicles read and reveiw please and thanks

  261. @Danny You got the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I want to buy it but I’m saving up for a Kindle Fire. Only twenty bucks to go! Yeah!


    @PJO the series of unfortunate events is a stupid idea I do like how they are written though.

    READ MY mark of athena fic. There is an important note in it.

    I BOUHGT A JUMBO Loli Pop at Sea World today.

    I will go back tomorrow

  263. @Cleavland your right they coppied the greeks the egyptians their entrire society was built of of greek and egyptian practices

  264. hmmm reading Artemis fowl books and the new dairy of a wimpy kid and the demigod files nshould waste lots of time for the mark of athena P.s@ percabeth happy seas my posidon be with you

  265. @lovey143 Yeah that was a mistake. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT WAS MY FACEBOOK ADRESS HUH?That is what I thought U DON’T I do not have a facebook. My parents wont let me have one. I LIED I feel ashamed !!

  266. hey umm did you know that the statue of liberty is basicly a temple to the number seven i saw the plans for it and noticed that 3 minutes into looking at it

  267. Hey I am a son of ATHENA
    @son of the gods I am ur long lost brother. Athena just told me

    @EVERYONE I Pdated my story. I will be in the SEA WORLD Tomorrow. S I won’t be able to update until around 6:30

  268. artemis fowl is pretty cool Im reading the first book now waiting for DOAWKCB AND the demigod files @ every one does every one think the series of unfortunate events stupid cause i my friends and my liberiean do

  269. Man, I haven’t been on in weeks.

    @Pan I admit I was very childish and harsh, I understand that it’s not that you hate the book, and there are LOT’S of parts that I didn’t like either, it’s just that I got mad that you criticized what we were all talking about, and I didn’t listen to reason and cease fire.

    PS.@lovey143 & @Cleavland (Though I think I’m like a hundred comments late) I think I had 1 or 2 comments that put all of yours to shame. Once I pressed the Z key for like ten minutes just for fun. (Though not here, I don’t remember where, I think it was on a Beyonders blog or something.)

  270. i havent been on in 2 weeks thats how much i suck

    @percabetj (idk if u ment percabeth) but i dont really think it was a good idea to give out your facebook adress….just saying

    @danny that sounds logical probably along the lines of what will happen i agree with most of it

    @cabin3 yes nico is a son of hades because although some people say theyre the same theyre obviously not as we learned from clovis in the lost hero.. he just knows about the roman camp from spirits in the underworld and he just happens to have a sisster whos roman

  271. @danny you should read the artemis fowl story i am on the lost colony but they are all fairies and technology stuff

  272. hey guys like um how can i say this oh yeah being a demigod is freaking’ awesome like that’s how cool it is but i don’t think i going’ to go to camp half-blood i’m in Georgia and i highly dought my my parents know i’m a demigod Athena let’s put it like this transferred me from her mind as an embryo into my moms stomach one month and one day after the summer solstice (July 22) i was born and like they promised i was claimed 4 months after my 13th birthday

  273. @Danny – Yeah the Artemis Fowl books are good. I just read the first one in The Brotherband Chronicles by John Flanagan who wrote The Ranger’s Apprentice. It was really good. It’s called “The Outcasts.”

  274. P.s i think the fourth book will have the povs of piper frank and leo and hazel the last will have them all

  275. i think that the greeks will meet the romans and prepare for the war at greece but the gods say the must go to rome first and the coucil is all like who should we send in the seven and the listen to the prophecy the one about athena and rome and they choose annabeth she must now choose two people of the prophecy she choose pery and jason after relaizing only she can open the doors and 3oo page sworth of quest the beat the giant(s) of the book ppercy and annabeth before opening doors and now prepare for greece nico stays behind to make sure their not opened again so thtas why hes not part of the quest now theyset sail for greece

  276. @ cleavland what do you mean but ill explain Roman is basically greek myths nut with some of their own and different god names egyptian however has all these god who have different aaspecs of themselves and there are so many gods for the same thing plus some of their gods have roman a nd greek forms like morphing of anubis and hermes hermeanubis its real ok

  277. @percabeth i liked it alot
    make i a percabeth and jayna story
    What do you guys think will happen in the next book

  278. @cabin
    Nico is hades but in my opinion Hera made him the advisor over the trade off in order to keep things in order. Because Percy would’ve been killed without nico in s o n. also Bianca and nico were relatives and in the lotus casino when the kids were young hades protected them from the explosion not Pluto

  279. @nonyabuzyness actually those are the roman base camp buildings that that roman team set up 50 years ago and never came back from the mission they are on a glacier in alaska

  280. Hey I was reading earlier comments and some guy said that Nico is a son of Pluto not Hades! I don’t think he can be because Bianca specifically says in the fourth book that a chils of HADES shouldn’t hold grudges. Maybe he is a son of Pluto, but if he is then I’m going to be ticked off… ~8)

  281. By the time u get this I will Be in Orlando Florida going to Sea World. ANYONE READING MY STORIES KEEP ON REVIEWING BUT I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO UPDATE. So Bear With me please. Thanx

  282. been 5 hours 32 minutes since i was officially claimed by athena so happy but i was attacked by 1 monster

  283. @jarek
    Explain to far. As in Greek roman mix? Because Egyptian and Egyptian-Roman would get confusing

  284. Hey everybody. I Uodated my story at 12:36 last night. My mom made me go to a play about shakespheare it took forever Yeah EVERYBODY I have a video on
    My friend posted it. It is called PARODY OF MOUNTAIN DEW (and some fighting). It will be uploaded by the user bamagirlzie. MESSED UP HUMOR. Made it a little stupid on purpose

  285. @ annabeth2 and the lost hero. I will try that. I will research as much as I can and start that. I like Reyna Better.

    @Danny NO they will not have short stories. That is going to be in the other guide coming out before the fifth book.

  286. their making another kane series about wht the alredy beat aphophis so what else can they do worth 3 books .does any one know if there gonna be short stories on the kane chron survival guide like the demi god files

  287. the kane chronicles another seeries what are they gonna do they already beat aphophis what sthe second gonna b about P.s does any one know if like thres gonna be short strories like the demi god files on the kane chronicles survival guide

  288. i hope rick dosent go over board with the new kane series like hes doing with the new half blood series the kane chronicles is cool but some times is confusing egyptian mythology is way more complicated th greek or roman

  289. @paercabeth why don’t you write a mark of athena fanfic and who do you like better reyna or piper

  290. now i know why i couldnt find your stories, i was going to and not i read both of ur stories, they are relly good. i reviewed on both of them.

  291. Hey dancer I cannot get you a link because I am on a mobile device but here is the most simplified way I can get u on.

    GO TO

    Go to search

    search percabethlover NO CAPITALS

    Click on the name it comes up with.

    Read my stories.

    Click on the reviews on the Percy Jackson stories and click on athens22 over his review. It will take u to his story page.

    Or u could click on SuperGreeks name.


    @Cleavland. Rick said he would reveal the name in January next year when the Kane Chronicles Survival Guide comes out. The Survival guide is the same thing as the Ultimate Guide for Percy Jackson except it is for The Kanes.

  292. can u get me a link strait to ur stories on fanfiction? ive tried everything and i cant find ur stories. no im not stupid, its just that so many people write on percy jackson and when i look up your authors names it comes back ERROR. please dont call me dumb. my computer is crap.

  293. THANX EVERYONE WHO HAVE KEPT UP WITH MY STORIES YALL ARE AWESOME. Give some ideas for stories u want me to write.

  294. @percabeth I think the truth or dare concept is pretty cool ……but u got to really bring out the characters attributes

  295. Hey Thanx for the reviews athens22 I need an idea for the story u want me to continue. I have writers block. CONTINUE UR STORY.

  296. @PAN I don’t know I liked Percy Jackson on Facebook, and they said that they have a surprise for either December or January…

  297. yeah i thought greek charming would suck but i was wrong in the book i didn’t like the end they totally left us hangin’ but i guess thats why we all like the books to and thanx everyone who read my story or at least tryed 2

  298. honestly i have been here since the beggining i just haint said anything so im new but not new and ive red all the books and this wasnt my favorite by a long shot was repeat i was disappointed first of percy his curse dum and camp jupiter better thab camp half blood yeah right RR has gone to far hello my name is Jarek

  299. @ dancer i just had my liberian order the demi god files for me i read allthe stories but the interviews should be cool oh and why were you anoymous@Festus thanx for the info plus can some body ask rick if he gonna make another half blood series@ cabin hermes what good news.

  300. @ Anonymous well i agree abt u know ur favorite part with percy in the library and him punching the shelf. Maybe not my fav. part but definitely pretty close. 🙂

  301. @ lovey, kudos I guess yo do I’ll try harder next time. Though it took a long time to look through all 1174 comments

  302. @lovey143 My sister watched watched that movie too. IT IS BASED OFF THE BOOK Geek Charming by Robin Palmer.

    Hope this helps


    Everybody that has read my Percy Jackson stories read my other ones and leave a review saying if I should make a Sequel Prequel or Continue that story Please THAX EVERYONE WHO REVIEWED MY STORIES SO FAR.

  303. i came on <3

    @cabin11 whats the news??d:

    btw i found the geek charming book online imma call a library soon ill let you all know how it is incase u wanna read it

  304. that was me at anonymous comment 1211 1212 1213. that was me so go back up and read i (please :))

    @lovey143, thx 4 saying happy b-day! it was fun but its over 🙁


  306. @Cabin6girl Yeah, i want to read it SO BAD! Unfortunately, i’m a little broke right now.

    @everyone its fine, I admit I was being a bit of a dirtbag

    @cabin11 What news?

  307. @percabeth My favorite part of the book was that Percy didn’t cheat on Annabeth. I would’ve murdered RR if that happened!

    @Danny Well, I thinj i’ve already stated what I didn’t like.

    @percabeth No, I think Nico trumps all

  308. @ Festus101 Hey Festus 101 Thanx for reviewing my story. Did u read my sequel. Please read it. Read my ohter stories too.Hey that idea u suggested i will work on that. I will even write my version of the Mark of Athena MAYBE. What do u think about me doing a Truth or Dare fic with the campers and act like the Heroes od Olympus never happened

  309. hey umm like sorry i barely comeon anymore? ill try harder(:

    @pan i agree some parts were similar but it was unique in its own way and the lost hero is unique too.

    @everyone its PAN’s opinion and you have to respect that WE ALL have to start being kinder and ^i know that just sounded pretty lame^ but im a peacemaker its just what i do

    @annabeth2 definetly piper i think you couldve guessed that(:

    @Danny i dont like how it ends or how much it repeats

    @clevland I DEFINETLY hold the record for longest comments i mean cmon yours is preety long but ya

    @dancer Happy Late Birthday! lol sorry im late hope you had fun(:

    @festus101 imma girl pretty obvious

    Did anyone watch the disney movie Geek Charming? i expected it to suck but it was actually really good AND its based off a book but i cant figure what its called or who its by ive checked my school library and the one in my town. IF anyone finds any info on it please let me know! k thanks(:

  310. @cleavlend, wow long comment. thx for the info on the demigod files. i found it online which worked out well.

    @percabeth, my favoriite part was when percy was at the library hitting the shelfs cause he sorta remembered annabeth then forgot again, that part was touching cause u remembered but he diddnt and it was all frustrating.

  311. @pan thx for accepting my appology, and @danny, your right. were all one big cyber family. lets like each other cuz we arent going anywhere anytime soon…hopefully.

    @son of the gods, ill try to read ur story

  312. @pan i’m sorry just i love the books

    @danny i don’t like that rr didn’t include reyn that much tht is the only thing

  313. @Pan whoa the next book is called The Death Cure?!?!??!?!? I WANNA READ IT!!!!! Oh and yes I have read that series. 🙂
    @Percabeth I don’t think even thalia can beat Percy and Annabeth… Cuz in the titan’s curse I totally thought Percy was beating up Thalia there until u know she was going to strike him down with lightning and all.

  314. @dancer* thank you for understanding, and it’s fine that you got upset at me. In all honesty, I am very over critical of a lot of stuff. In this case, I realize I’ve been harsh, but in the end, this is one of the things I love to do. When I see a movie, read a book, or whatever, I enjoy going online and seeing other people’s opinions, as well as arguing my own.

    @PJO If you read the top part, I think it’s obvious why I exercise my rights the way I do. And clearly, @Danny is ok with me sharing my opinion, and @dancer* has at least accepted my having an opinion. Beyond that, you are gonna meet a lot of people like me, and it’s important you learn to listen to their opinions openly.

    On a completely unrelated note, who here has read The Death Cure by James Dashner, or any of the Maze Runner series?

  315. That’s ice in the background but there is parts of the ice they made look like crumbling greek buildings.

  316. @ pjo i care and agree with Pan you guys serioulsyly you loved the first series and you had high expectations for this one so youre in denial this was good but not the greatest book ever so Pjo i care for pans opinion

  317. @PJO how dare you insult pan i bet he liked the book he just found some things he didnt like about it as if u didnt find things in the book that u didnt like and i think u just attracted the wrath of athena

  318. Will yall talk about Heroes of Olympus. Not kane chronicles wait for that chat.

    What is your favorite part of the Son of Neptune.

    My favorite part was when he called his mom that is happy sad moment.

  319. @Pan I get that you have the right and are entitled to your opinion, however that does not mean that you should exercise those rights with people that are obviously not in favor with your opinion and it should be wise for you to recognize it as such. So please, unless you find someone who does like or even care about your opinion do not speak like that about this book, instead of going to the very place that is full of people who do like it just to start insulting it.

  320. sorry for so many comments i try not to say to much and cut into paragraphs i cant beleave ive been since commonent 134 and were at coomonet 1183 so ive been on 1029 COMMOENTS im going to celebrate to by haing pop tarts for dinner congrats to eveery one whos been here sinece da begginning

  321. i read the entire Throne of fire and carter dosent dance with any one of the Pjo peoplehe dosent d itha ny not even ZIA iw as talking to my liberian and he hates Piper he said shes the worst charecter ever hehehehehhehe what yal got against piper darn computer

  322. i read the entire Throne of fire and carter dosent dance with any one of the Pjo peoplehe dosent d itha ny not even ZIA iw as talking to my liberian and he hates Piper he said shes the worst charecter ever hehehehehhehe what yal got against piper

  323. @ Pan no im pretty popular so dont worry i dont think any body dosenrt like me i mean i dont have anything against any body were all one big family cyber fanmily anyway
    heh fanmily I just created anew word for cyber group IM A GENIUS

  324. im sorry if i offended u pan, i really diddnt mean it like that. i just had a spaz attak and went all angry on u, im really sorry. i thought u were saying u hate HoO and all that other stuff. i really do feel bad, i dont like it when people are upset cuz of others. i get ur point…sorry.

  325. MODERATION comeon. HEY DID YALL READ MORE ON MY STORY YET. I Updated a LOT I think last night will update more today. What other story do u wnat me to update.

    P.S. I was thinking about doing a story where PERCY is actually a girl. What do u think. THANX TO EVERYONE who REVIEWED MY STORY. give me ur mailimg address and I will send u FIFTY BUCKS EACH.

  326. Hey sorry wasn’t on yesterday
    @dancer demigod files is worth it. If you read in the order 1stbook
    2nd book
    3rd book
    I think 4th book
    Demigod files
    Then the last Olympian
    It will make much more sense
    It shows where hades got his sword in last olym.
    It also shows lots more things that Show up such as where festus came from. Overall it is really good, gives a good background on clarisse, shows more of percys powers, shows his fatal flaw, and has multiple puzzles in the back. It’s practically part of the series. I hope R.R makes more Greek roman short stories even when he is done with this series. Sorry for the long comment guys.
    @festus101 I think and hope that nepune will show up as well as hecate, and bologna*
    @annabeth 2 I like reyena better but piper is probably more powerful with her sweet talk

  327. and don’t dis pan or i’ll tell my mom the warrior goddess Athena herself on all of you don’t ever make a demigod mad u here me all who dissed pan @pan sorry for any demigod who dissed u we aren’t all like that

  328. happy b-day dancer i hope you enjoy the red pyramid it was a really good book the only thing that makes the transition from Greek/roman to Egyptian mythology is that everyone knows something about the Egyptian gods

  329. @Featua101 Yeah u did that was definately the wrong one. That may have been another one of mine. P.S. In that one u read they are not married they were still dating.

    @ son of gods Great i will go now

  330. @dancer*/@PJO You guys dont seem to get what I’m saying. Never once did I say that I hated Heroes of Olympus. In fact, The Lost Hero is one of my all time favorite books, and RR is one of my favorite authors. I listed off the things I didn’t like about this book in particular. You guys can hate me for having an opinion, that’s your right. I pray for the future of this country when we have so many closed-minded people living in it.

    @Danny Thank you for keeping an open mind here. I apologize if your defending me causes people on the forum to dislike you

  331. @percabeth Your story is only like 2 paragraphs or did I just read the wrong one …all the do is get married then break up

  332. Just dont trash pan for his opinion every one here can name something they didnt like about the book me i dint like how nico wasnt the child of the prophecy and how camp jupiter makes it seem better

  333. @ every one dont dis Pan this is a blog yes about the son of neptune and yes i liked it was a decent book but when were we give critcicms so every body here pan alone hes got a right i have to say rick is pushing a little

  334. Today’s my birthday!!!! I’m turnin 13!!! And my red pyramid book just came in the mail!!

  335. @danny team anubis wait no team walt i don’t know kinda hard but i think she’s going to end up with walt because anubis is a egyptian god

  336. @PJO ya I agree, if ur just gonna dis the book then create ur own blog and name it I hate heroes of Olympus. We all LOVE the book so let us be.(@pan)

  337. @danny team anubis!

    @dancer* i have read the demigod files you should read it but i don’t think you need to buy this one you can just get it from the library

    @son of god i’ll look for your story:)

    TELL ME YOUR Ideas for the mark of athena

  338. @Danny Thanks for not flipping out at me. As for the rest of you guys, I have reasons for being on this blog. For one thing, I was so freaking excited for this book. If you look far enough back, you’ll see I commented on this blog long before it came out. Another thing, all of my points have some basis behind them. It’s not like I just hate RR.

    @PJO Trust me, I’m anything but stupid. I’m just not afraid to point out flaws in people’s writing, even if it is about my favorite author.

    @dancer* I have read the Demigod Files and it is good. Again, I don’t hate RR or his work, I just have my issues with it.

  339. @annabeth2 Percy Jackson Adventure. Not Number2 though that is still pretty rough but srart with the one mentioned above
    @Festus101 They Kane chronicles guide is on RICK RIORDANS BLOG at I think that is the URL. The others that is classified information that u need no know.
    P.S. I deleted one of my stories it sucked IT WAS NOT A PERCY JACKSON ONE.

  340. So go bother someone else with your opinion because it’s obvious just by reading what book this blog is about, we don’t.

  341. @Pan I realize that he’s not a god, but what I don’t get is how someone would be stupid enough to go to a blog ABOUT this book, full of people who love this book and start dissing it. That’s like going to a convention or something just to say that you hate what it’s about! So don’t think that I’m the one who’s not thinking it through.

  342. One other thin @PJO. I read so many books, it’s not even funny. I have stated my reasons for disliking it, and all of my comments hold water. Let me know when you realize RR actually isnt a god

  343. P.ssss sorry so many notes but to all you kane Chronicle fans who do think is better for sadie Anubis or walt im on Team Anubis

  344. @ festus im a boy of you cant tell by name or i could be a teenage girl or ameddle aged women wiith no life or a middle aged man on dis blog to get into minds of young teens…… Nah ima boy a 17 year old boy stay safe guys

  345. @Pan i think youre alittle of but i konda agree the first series was amazing this one os okay but it alittle extreme so icant get mad at you

  346. @PJO look, I enjoyed the book (well, parts of it) I simply didnt like how repetitive it was of the past books, and I dont like it how RR tries to make everything more amazing than it was in past, like how Frank can turn into anything and sometimes, the story especially the dialogue just seemed forced to me

  347. @festus101, i usally try to comment on everyone. im a girl.

    sorry for my previous comment, it had to be said. i apoligize if i hurt anyones feelings.

  348. @pan & @cabin artemis

    his work is amazing and this book is amazing. dont cross the line, yall went TOO FAR!! if u feel that way, then leave. and never come back to this blog!!!! the son of neptune is a MASTERPEICE!!! thats right i said it!

  349. @PjO I WILL READ UR STORY did u get my email P.S. They are supposed to seem like that sorry if that is annoying

    @Festus101 what is ur penname P.S. I have the Ultimate guide The Kane Chronicles guide is cominf out In March and The HOO Guide is comming out in 2013 or late ext year.

  350. oh sorry i put the wrong comments it supposed to be @pan’s first then @from cabin artemis

  351. @from cabin artemis it might be kinda like the lost hero but so what this book is really good!!!!!!!!!

    @pan sme thing from above and don’t be hateing on rr’s books

    @festus101 i’m a girl and i have the percy jackson ultimate guide

    @percabeth witch story of yours do you want us to read first

    hey guys tell me your top three books oyu have read or series doesn’t matter

    Give me your pen names for and i’ll read your story for you

    sorry for long comment

  352. @fetus101 i’m a girl

    @from cabin artemis if you don’t like the book don’t other people love it

  353. But not at those who dissed the book, I am NOT sorry to them. I’m only sorry that they can’t enjoy this book. They’re missing out on something awesome.

  354. @Festus101 I’m a boy in case you thought I wasn’t.

    @from cabin Artemis Then read another book and don’t bother us. Yep I said it.

    @Pan You too!

    PS. I put my first story on! It’s called The Half-Blood Chronicles, (I know, totally copied, but give me a break everything good is already taken.) it’s about Percy having a dream, two years after the Second Giant War, of a monster saying that he’s waking up and that his rein shall last longer, (yeah, yeah, I know, totally copied… again) and then he finds out that the monster is actully Ouranos and that when Kronos chopped him he was no longer a part of Western Civilization and now he’s waking and he’s going to destroy Western Civilization to truly KILL the gods and titans and even death itself. I am TRULY sorry for how copied this is, I truly am.

  355. @lovey
    Woah mind-blowing idea. But Rick will probably just add another character as he has in every book

  356. Look, i love RR’s work, but this by far the worst one he has written yet. First off, his general sense of humor seems to be fading. Second, the storyline was practically the same as TLH, and everything since Percy showed up at the new camp was the same as the first book, with very small differences. Third, RR is trying to top stuff he has done in the past. Look, I know Percy defeated Kronos, but in that instance it made sense! Now three demigods showing up means the doom of an entire army. I love Percy Jackson, and all of RR books, but I didn’t like this one.

  357. I meant comment. P.S. When u saw my message I bet yall looked over at he number to see if we had 2000 HAHAHAhahahaahahaahaha I got U GOOOOOOOOOOOD


  358. Does any one have the Percy Jackson ultimate guide….it’s really good plus it has a quiz in it that tells u who ur Greek parent is….I hope they make a guide for HoO too…’s cool

  359. @percabeth I’m makin an account so I’ll read your story …it sounds good…my friend gave me this story he wrote , it’s not about Percy Jackson ,but it’s cool like that, you should write about Jason Leo piper at camp halfblood in between lost hero and son of Neptune …plz reply….this is my first blog and it’s awesome …festus101 over and out

  360. why thank u for calling us awesome @percabeth!
    i will try to read your story this weekand (i diddnt know u had to have an account, i went on as just a guest or anomonys or whatever)

    and hey, dont rag on me 4 saying that annabeth is goung to die because SHES GONNA COME BACK TO LIFE!!!!!!! or thats just in my prediction. i would never want her to die and stay dead, that would break my heart! <3

  361. Plz say if your a boy or girl cuz it gets cunfuzin…plz reply….why does no one reply…I’m a boy…go festus

  362. Stupid moderation. Hey I just updated another Two chapters on my PERCY JACKSON ADVENTURE story. Please tell me what u wnt me to update 4 U. THANX.

    P.S. look we have reached pass 2000 COMMENTS! :O

  363. @son of gods HAHAHA that would be hilarious if she said i used to date ur grandpa! ahhahah that would be so awk

  364. @percbeth i have read all the stories on well most of themm and i go to

  365. i have been to both fanfiction websites i kinda of think is better

    but give me our pen name and i’ll read your stories
    like percabeth said percabeth, cabin11 and i will read your stories

    @percbeth i don’t have an account becuse i can’t write stories i’m horible but i always have ideas

  366. @carrie I heard about that one but I didn’t find the release date.

    @Percabeth I read you’re story and I liked it, though I think you made them too teenagerish, I mean shouldn’t they be more like adults.

    PS. I already put my review. Sorry if you thought it was a bit harsh.

    PSS. My Pen Name is SuperGreek.

  367. that fanfictionnow thing is a total fake. Sorry to those who don’t go with the normal thing but I have to put that out there that its a total utter fake.

  368. For you guys who said you like The Ranger’s Apprentice – John Flanagan has a new series starting. Book #1 just came out – The Brotherband Chronicles: The Outcasts.

  369. @dancer sorry i did not respond to u I somehow skipped over ur comment O.K. here goes

    1. go to
    2. regiter and make an account.
    3. go to search and search A PERCY JACKSON ADVENTURE
    4. Read the story review and read my other stories and please review
    5. leave your penname here and cabin11 the lost hero and I will search u and read ur stories

  370. @lovey143 thank u for accepting my apology. after u read my stories please tell me which one u liked best.

    U too cabin11 the lost hero and dancer


  371. @ the lost hero u do know that i mean not fanfiction.NET Right. u too annabeth2 MY accoutn name is PERCABETHLOVER I have 4 stories up I WANT U TO READ

    A PERCY JACKSON ADVENTURE but u can read by other stories to P.S. Review my stories and make an account and put your account name on here.

  372. oh yes i think it was @percabeth who said this but i think moderation really isnt good it takes forever

  373. HEY sorrry my comments are always soooooo long i really am sorry but i have alot to say:)

  374. I REALLY NEED TO START GOING ON DAILY!!!!! i feel like i miss sooo much but hopefully ill have time

    @PJO hahahaha youve never had a crush? well thats okay i dont judge(:

    @cabin6girl okay ill definetly try those books

    @dancer* i agree that id rather have iris be delivering messages. Also i would SOO be piper(obviously(: )

    @percabeth I accept your apology hahaha lol i will def try your fanfic probably this weekend

    @clevland this is just a WILD guess and i know im gonna get jumped on for this but what if nico was with reyna?? if not…i really have no clue! he truly is a loner

    i dont think aanabeth will die that would kill the story AND if she did die another series would never be able to happen!

  375. @cabin11 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. What si yor account name.

    @annabeth 2 Thank you also. Do u have an accoutn.

    I am talking abotu not FanfictionNET. @Cabin6girl.

  376. @ dancer i would want myself to play in it i guess i would want to be Leo PS. i cant believe how hazel and one of Leo’s grandfathers dated that would be to funny if she said and i quote “i used to date your grandpa”

  377. @cabin11 I just Posted another chapter. I will Update some more tonight. And i will hug u if I ever find out where u live just because u cared enough to read my story. ;D.

    P.S. by the time this review shows up and u go back to the story i might have FIVE chapters up or maybe one or two Who knows.

  378. @Percabeth ummm there is a category for Percy jackson… I go on it allllll the time… so yea… just to let u know.

    @PJO Percy’s dream was a flashback when he was at Mt. Orthys and when he was trying to save annabeth. Like u know during the ending of the Titan’s Curse. Oh yea the girl the died was Zoe.

  379. @lovey143
    The kingdom keepers are really good I miss those books. Man that was so long ago when i read the last one. U guys should read Peter and the starcatchers. (the whole series) The books are amazing 🙂

  380. if they made heroes of olympus into a movie who would u want to act/play in the movie?

    i would totally play khione or reyna.

  381. @son of the gods ya, ya i liked the way rick r portrayed iris.. but i imagined her to look more like sarah jessica parker. idk where i got that from but i just picture her like that.

    i dont like how rick did fleecy. i would much prefer to know that iris handles iris messages rather than fleecy.


  383. @ every one whow ants to readpercabeths story heres what you do Percabeth make a one shot( areally short one about anything) then the newest story will be on the top of the list and next to it theres the persons screen name click on it and it will show you all the persons stories at the bottom then click on the one you want well if youre way dosent work try this just thought id help

  384. @annabeth 2
    With the Valdez family it will probably be pros grandpa
    That would be funny
    I think that these pairs should be Together
    Grover- juniper

    Woah what if nico and clarisse were together!
    Except she’s already dating Chris
    Screw him
    Who should nico date?

  385. haven’t been on in along time ok we have to talk about the mark of athena what do you think is going to happen and what about the Jason\Reyna\Piper tringle and about Sammy valdez

    @percabeth i’ve been on fanfiction i’ll try to look for your story

    please comment

  386. hey who are your favorite characters?

    @dancer* your welcome
    @percabeth i go to fanfiction a lot what is your story about

    please comment

  387. @percabeth, i cant find your story, repeat the directions again but more detailed. i reaally want to read it, i love fan fics!

  388. Hey didn’t Percy have a dream that the 7 are going to fight in Mount Othrys and a girl dies? I think it’s Hazel, because of the irony that she died TWICE.

  389. lovey143 i am genuianly sorry. Got ot go to books then go to Misc. Books and read A PERCU JACKSON ADVENTURE and review please than make your own accoutn give me your pen name write a story i will read i and review

    P.S. MY account name is PERCABETHLOVER

  390. P.s @ every one somebody ask rick if hes going to another half blood series( cause obvioulsly the PJO universe is his greatest series) cause it would be cool to see the childdern of
    Percy and annabeth
    Grover and juniper
    Tyson and ella
    Travis and katie
    Connor and Lou ellen
    nico and whoever
    Chris and clarisse
    jason and piper
    Leo and reyna
    frank and hazel

  391. @dancer you might be right i hope the following people dont die percy leo jason piper grover Frank hazel reyna chris rod travis and connor annabeth i really dont want any one to die i mean the last series like six important people died becendorf selena bianca zoe castor

  392. Annebeth might die like Selena but then Percy would die like charly…..who thinks hazel will eventually go back to underworld… I think one of 7 will die In the end….srry for all the bad fortune…. This is wat I think not want….franks powers are so random who the heck came up with dat…I like frank but he’s a huge w.e.n.n.i.e……..oh my life depends on a stik bla bla bla…..”………festus rules

  393. thank u @the lost hero and @cabin6 girl for commenting. i diddnt say i wanted her to die, i think she might though, then somehow comes back 2 life so …

    ps annabeth is my 2nd fav character. if she died(and diddnt come back) i would kill rick riordan (not really but u know what i mean)

  394. P.S.S

    When you got ot FANFICTIONNOW.COM click the register button in the left side. MY FANFIC IS A Percy Jackson Adventure it is Rated P G I have had seven people read it and one review . go as soon as you see this message read my story and sign up

  395. OMG sorry i havent been on in forever! i havent had time lol imma busy girl

    @percabeth why you so mean bout piper!? i dont insult any of your favorite characters and its MY OPINION so yaa! AND @EVERYONE you all think shes like all about jason…well obviously youve all never had a crush no offense

    @PJO try the kingdom keepers series im reading it right now and its really good ! its somewhat like percy jackson

    @festus101 i like lacy (pipers half sister) cuz shes funny and reminds me of my friend

    @dancer* im sorry but thats definetly not what i had in mind lol

    @Hippiegirl thatd be cool ! but id rather it be demigods(:

  396. GO TO no capitals though i have an account here my Pen name is Percabethlover


    P.S. ALL YALL MAKE AN ACCOUT AND LEAVE UR PEN NAME HERE SO we can read ur stories and comment on them

  397. rr might think that we would think that he wouldn’t kill annabeth but i bet he will and bring her back to life like @dancer* said

  398. @dancer*
    Since when does ANYONE predict that Annabeth is going to die?!?!?!?!?! I like Annabeth so like don’t predict that. BUt that is some pretty deep thinking right there… So kudos.

  399. @greekgirl I think anabeth will mess it up by not being on the boat to begin with. She will be on a really important quest on her way to Rome for some reason I mean u can’t start a book with a kiss

  400. She could make Annabeth go the wrong direction or trap her somewhere else since Rick loves making the heroes have to choose between doing their quests or saving someone else. (Examples: Lightning Thief, The Lost Hero, Throne of Fire, etc.)

  401. @GreekGirl I think (hopefully not) that she’s going to be controlled by Gaea and that could be how Gaea will control Percy as a pawn, plus she’ll be leverage in case Gaea ever needs it.


    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeee comment on it. i put alot of thought into that!!

    @thelosthero I hope those are the POVs!☮

  404. lets talk about the mark of athena. its obvious that the one type of demigod that will be able to read the signs to the doors of death will be children of athena (hints at the name of the book) obviously annabeth. hera said annabeth has a hard task ahead of her in rome and she will cause many problems for percy. that is clear (well 2 me, idk bout u)and frank said that percy will have to make a sacrifice but wont want to make it so frank will have to force him to do (2 save the world) so i think he has to sacrifice annabeth BUT!!!!!! somehow she comes back to life and goes to battle the giants in the fith book (so she might be dead in the third and/or fourth book)

    wow thats alot.

    thats my opinion, plz comment!!

  405. this blog has 1039 comments. the lost hero blog has 20 comments. the red pyramid blog has 8 comments nd the throne of fire has 178. just saying

  406. @PJO
    The Ranger’s Apprentice series.
    I have to finish the last 4 or 5 books. But there’s like 11 books in the series and I like them very very much 🙂 But Percy is still beast. Well Frank is beast while Percy is the best. 😀
    Oh the nerdiness…

  407. I’ve read most of those except Hunger Games but my sister’s read it maybe I can ask if I can borrow it.


  408. P.S. Rick Riordan started the 39 clues series but other authors like Gordon Korman and Peter Learingis helped write them and RICK RIORDAN QUOTES

    ” If i wrote all the books in the series i wouldnt be able to give you what you love Percy Jackson “

  409. @PJO my comments take forever to load. i wait about 1-2 days for it 2 load.

    @percabeth i hope rick writes about that! but he said after HoO he was going to write about norse mythology. but maybe he will do that after the norse mythology series.

  410. Hey pjo the book wild magic and it’s series by tamora pierce is great. Also the Kane chronicles. And my third favorite series is the hunger games by someone Collins . ( my second fav series is wild magic)

  411. @PJO you have to read Hunger Games they’re really good

    I don’t hate piper but she is really whiny and i also think jason is really amazing

  412. Mark of Athena wil be beast… O ya…who’s you favorite camper besides the main characters. Mine is charly beckondorf….plz reply..thanks

  413. When will the MARK OF ATHENA Chat room or whatever come up ¿ P.S. I think after this series Rick shoul write a series about the PJO gang is grown up and have kids and thei kids go on adventures some one ask him i cannot find his address

  414. next time ia m on this chat everyone should have read the book so we no longer dicuss predictions but the book it self and predictions for TMOA OR the mark of athena in longer terms

  415. P.s do you guys notice in hazels point of view she dosent fight any body like percy frank leo and jason instead shes in dream mode

  416. you guys are crazy most of you any way piper is not that bad shes actully cool but it is annoying how she thinks ohhhhhh Jason is da coolest and hes not percy is every body gasped when they found out he beat kronos nobody cared when jason baet Krios

  417. CRW really u haven’t read the book i told you what happened in it and you said you hated percy jackson (LOSER) jk No offense i hate piper too

  418. @PJO…you posted that comment at 3:25pm and it got approved at 3:36pm. Not fast enough?!

  419. I hate this moderation thing, it’s annoying.

    PS. How much do you have to wait for the comments to show???

  420. hey did any of you guys lose power last night cuz like my whole town did! it was creepy..



    Why does my comment i posted 23 hours ago still witing moderation i dont have anything to talk about

  422. i just read the SoN. it’s sooo good. Percy meets up with the romans….but doesn’t fit in. oh, and it mainly takes place in alaska.

  423. Hey now the elements:
    Jason- air/electricity

    Piper- voice
    Annabeth- brain

    Frank- “anything”/ fire 😉

    Comment please if you liked this

  424. @lovey143 she may be your favorite character but she is a whiny pathetic baby who hates makeup and dresses and stuff my mom doesnt let me talk about for girls ( sine i am a boy) but she loves love Very P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C. sorry to any other fans P.S. why is she your favorite

  425. @percabeth my favorite character is annabeth (besides percy!) i find myself alot like her and i like how shes real (what i mean is is that i can see her as a real person and not some perfect barbie dol character from other books)

  426. @ every one Octavien is so annoying i day dream about about leo kicking his Tale and reyna thyen falls in love with him (SWOON) but its just adream but it might happen hopefully

  427. My favorite character In the PJO and HOO series so far besides Percy is hmmmmmmm Tyson he is so happy and doesnt really are what happens as long as it is good @Cabin6girl PJO Danny Alice Dancer and others what are is favorite charcter besides Percy.

  428. @alice, u can totally join!
    @danny, frank is way better. loved him at first sight. (but not as much as percy!!!)

  429. I’ve always wanted to know what Annabeth’s point of view would be like, so I hope she’s included…

  430. My weapon would pe some thing like percys i would need it to return to my pocket i once took 15 pens to school one day lost them in two hours. i like knifes

  431. WOW! i havent been on in like forever!!

    @danny leo is better for me

    @alice of course you can join! you dont have to have anything special or ask our permission(:

    @bob um no were not weird

    @festus101 probably a sword thats celetial bronze or a golden gladius

    @percabeth YAY you got your book! i hope u like it

    i think the POVs will be percy,jason,reyna,leo or frank and i REALLY want piper to be one too but idkk

    P.S. have you guys read the kingdom keepers series? cuz i read the first 3 a ouple years ago and i reading the 4th right now, theyre good but pjo and hoo are soooo much better

    P.P.S. im gonna start reading the fanfictions (hopefully lol) this weekend(:

  432. Percy Vs Jason winner Percy
    Annabeth vs reyna Winner Annabeth
    Leo vs Frank winner leo
    Piper vs Gwen winner Piper
    Pollux vs dakota Winner pollux
    Nico vs Hazel Winner nico
    Will solace vs Octavien winner Will solace

    See all the pairings greeks would obiviously win

  433. @ alice you dont need to ask but i would be happy if you did P.s dosent any body wonder if like well you know how at camp jupiter its more of city/ military base/ camp and there are the dynasties like octavien and frank do you guys ever wonder if two would fight for real full scale who would win? i like the greeks like they have Tyson Mrs oleary and the warship and they have percy ( i pointed him out cause he is the stronges t and the majority of the seven are greeks) but i wonder…… Nah the greeks would win

  434. @Danny Leo definitely, I mean if Frank’s life depends on the stick NOT burning then Leo can kill him instantly no matter which shape he turns into.

  435. @Danny
    I thimk Leo
    Idk y but frankss cool too. so yeaa. I mean leo is all fire-y and stuff so thats y I like him better (but just by a lil bit)

  436. @Cabin6girl I doubt that most of us have ever used any of those actual weapons we chose, we’re (or at least I am) talking about objects that are similar and have the basic structure of the weapons we chose. (Even if you chose a bow and you’ve actually handled one, the bows and arrows in the books are very diffrent from the normal bows and arrows we use here.)

  437. I like how in son of Neptune frank pictured a dragon ( oh the suspence can he really do that?) then it says nothing happened. Loser just kidding he’s cool

  438. I think Rick will either go back to first person point of view or all of the above for pov (all characters ). Hopefully he does point of views in Jason Percy and Leo . Do you think Tyson and Ella will go on the quest …it says 7 halfbloods …it doesn’t mention monsters/creatures

  439. @every one Enceladus before dying says you have defeated me but you will never my brethern compared to them i am puny AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh

  440. I would have a sword and a dagger.
    maybe a spear but who knows. i just want it b/c athena’s weapon is a spear.
    I have nvr tried any of these things.

  441. @Percabeth He didn’t really say that Frank is better than Percy, he just said that Percy will fail because of his fatal flaw if Frank does not save him.

  442. i think these might be the pov’s for the the 3rd book

    Reyna POV
    Annabeth POV
    Jason POV
    Percy POV

  443. they are sailing to rome in the mark of athena. i think they are sailing to greece in the fourth book, then they will have their big fight with the giants in the 5th book. thats my guess.

    @percabeth rick would only put the point of view in one of the seven. i think it will be


  444. @dancer I’ve been reading a lot of then to, and you are right a lot of them have the same beginning. I bet most of the writers will just quit halfway through, but Time2wake has promised to get it finished no matter what 🙂

  445. PS. It’s not that I don’t like spears but I have never EVER have had the… abilty… to use it… well…

  446. @Danny Enceladus wasn’t the weakest giant, in fact he was considered pretty highly and feared.
    He was just the smallest…

    @festus101 I would choose a celestial bronze double-edged broadsword ’cause I’m actually pretty handy with a sword. (I hate spears and I STINK in archery… well pretty much anything that involves aim.)

  447. just found out Possible POVs for THE MARK OF ATHENA

    Annabeth is a POV

    Tyson Rick is considering

    Reyna Possibly

    P.S. Just finished book funny Tyson got a girlfriend Ella

  448. My favorite character in the book was besides Percy Ella i dont know why she just is. Any way what mars said about Percy not as good as frank Total LIE Percy and Anna beth wont be minor parts of the seven. The main people who will defeat Gaea Main threee Percy then Jason then Hazel then Annabeth then Frank then Leo the Piper.

  449. Will annabeth be on the ship?
    Will something go wrong to cause panic? 
    Will octavian die??? 🙂 
    Will annabeth be in Rome on her own side quest the whole time?
    Did she find someone else?
    Is Leo sammy’s grandson?
    Will they even get to Greece at all in mark of Athena?

  450. Hey Danny I know it was a while back but what does cleavland have to do with us being brothers? And ps it’s not my real name.

  451. @festus101 my weapon would be a celestial bronze bow and arrow. im actually really good at archery

    ive read alot of fanfictions and none of them are really good. they posted them too early. the book came out only 20 days ago. well actualy thats alot, but some of those people need to put more thought into it. (theyre all the same, they land , percy and annabeth kiss, reyna and piper fight.)

    wait a few weeks or so and maybe a really good one will come out.

  452. @percabeth im glad ur parents bought the book. tell them it was well worth it.

    kronos diddnt start out all bad, but then his mama (gaea) twisted him into doing bad stuff. but he made bad choices and was evil in the end so he wasnt really all that nice.

  453. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss!

    convinced parents to let me by son of neptune so happy

    : D 😀 :D:D::D :D:D:D:D::D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  454. @danny oo but you forgot, enceladus was a strategic giant like athena he may not be the biggest but he had the best strategy.therefore he was able to defeat jason because he anticipated all of jasons moves…

    @percabeth ive been on fanfiction but maybe not the one ur talking about ill check(:

  455. Please answr my quseton about fanfictio and that part of the myth i did not know but i knew he had a headache and Poof athena sorta wierd huh talh latr BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    : DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD))))))))))))))

  456. I think kronos was a nice guy but his Fear of his children and his lust for power corrupted him into an abomination thta we know and hate things such as fear and lust and greed can make the worst man out the greatest

  457. and athena would take his place and the younger gods would rule thus making heroes like heracles and perseus would be replaced but zeus saw this an deat metis and so on

  458. and @ son of the gods yeah i knew because ares and athena are zeus’s two greatest children athena is stronger than ares though and Kronos would be zeus and athena would be zeus athen over throe=ws her father and becomes master of the universe

  459. @ dancer yes carter and sadie are from the knae chronicles the two mAIN pROTAGANISTS i guess its okay and the heroe sof olympus and the percy jackson and the olympinas series both fall under the percy Jackson universe and rachel can dance with people just not get pregnant

  460. Hey again

    Rick is going to release the kane chronicles in may and his HO book October first that is his goal maybe sooner BUT U didnt hear it from me

  461. did u know in the myths Zeus’s first wife Metis is Athena’s mom but Zeus heard that any kid of Metis would be greater than the father Zeus new that Metis was pregnant so he turned her into a fly and swallowed her years later Zeus had a headache so he ordered Hephaestus to split his skull to relieve the pain and poof Athena was born clad in full battle armor and fully grown

  462. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY i am bak i want to be a son of Poisideo iknow what ure thinkn IT IS NOT BECAUSE PERCY IS i just think he is cooler

    P.S. have yall gone to yet talk with u latr


  463. rachel could not dance with somebody at a scool dance because shes now the oracle so she is a maiden or somethin now. she cant date anybody or marry anybody or have any kids.

    also he said it would be a character from the percy jackson series not the heroes of olympus series. (even though some are in both ex. annabeth percy ect.)

  464. who is carter and sadie!!?? are they part of the kane chronicals? is that series any good?

  465. If you could have any weapon what would it be…plus what would it be made out of…I would have a bow and stytigian iron arrow (stytigian iron is what nicos sword is made out of).

  466. ya rr said it was carters shool dance so i was thinking who gose to school in brookland …doesnt rachel…dond thats my opinion…. And i would defenetly choose CAPTURE THE FLAG , PERCY , and GREEKS

  467. Oh and ya wanna know how percy is stronger than jason well enceladus is the weakest giant right an djason had a hard time beating him right and if polybotes i sstronger and percy beat him easily an dhe was his fathers bane an djason got squashed by enceladus the weakest giant percy is stronger

  468. Now i have to wait a year until the maqrrk of athena Tyson likes ella and how come Alcyoneus didnt have to be killed by by Hazel and a god P.s percy killed Polybbotes with terminus not that awesome but eh

  469. @danny ikr i was like what trouble could annabeth cause!? shes so smart and like thinks things through b4 doing them!

  470. @festus101 capture the flag, greek and definitly percy! Though I think the romans are not that bad either.
    PS. about the kane chronicles, I have known the books sinve they came out but they dont really grab my attention as much as PJO or the HoO series did, I may want to start reading it though… Can someone tell me what it really is about? Please? : )

  471. @festus101 War games, greeks and Percy (duh) will DEFINITELY win.

    PS. I’m totally with you on the whole Rachel thing. It’s a pity that they probably won’t exchange each others secrets.

  472. @festus101 capture the flag, either(:, and idontknow lol also is carter in the kane chronicles and when u read that tell me(:

    @danny ooooohhoooohoo i.didnt.know.that. thats a twist in the storryyyy!!!!

  473. @lovey143 i am a percy geek and i hve special parents i get this info from because they know i like this series although why cant they let spend ten buks on the book : <
    @festus101 definaten ly greeks

    sorry for not vhatting sooner


  474. thers gonna be death anguish romance drama action adventure i just hope RR dosent do anything that make look his friends

  475. i perfer greeks festusP.s howd you talk to rr and is the dance gonna be a cameo or will it be an actuall percy and carter might live inthe same world because in the Red pyramid amos said there wera OTHER gods in new yorkP.sss i just finished the son and what does Hera/Juno mean Annabeth is gonna cause a lot of trouble and i dont see a bright future for annabeth

  476. @festus101
    Capture the flag
    And Perc (Duh!)
    but i sorta like war games too. sooo yea. but capture the flag is still my favorite

  477. @festus101 thats cool! I wish I could talk with Rick. I agree about Rachel or maybe Piper or Hazel I think one of those three…

  478. this book really suffered from rick writing in third person. i like it better in first person. dont get me wrong, the book was AMAZING!!! but wouldve been better in first person

  479. war games VS. capture the flag
    romans VS. greeks
    jason VS. percy
    who will win…please leave reply

  480. i talked with rick on oct 8 and he siad carter (in next cane cronicle book) will have a school dance where he (not knowingly) dances with one of the main carrecters from percy jackson…my guess is rachel

  481. Rick Riordan is going to write a book about norse mythology (that means viking mythology like thor and loki and all them)

  482. i would be a daughter of athena.

    oh and that was me at comment 896. theres really this kid in my class named jason grace. i just bout flipped out when i found out.

  483. @person who are carter and sadie?? and i think reynas sophisticated enough to let piper have reyna

    @arjun i dont htink that would work because then youd have greek, roman, egytian, and whatever norse mythology is(norwegian?) gods which wouldnt work outt

  484. yeah, that would be cool if Carter and Sadie were in this book…. and i wonder whats gonna happen about piper/jason/reyna…

  485. OMGGGGG! i finished the book last night!!!! it was sooo good!!! but i also hate the end because thats just NOT fair like no you cant leave off there!!!p.s. dont read my next comment if you havent read the book…

    **SPOILER** omg how is leo sammy!!!! omigod i fliped when i read that part!!!!!*end of spoiler*

    p.s. Thanks for answering my question(:(@pjo and anyomus)

    @son of neptune I DIDNT KNOW! probably because i havent learned about rome and greece yet sadly:( but were learing this year!

    @annabeth 2 honestly i wouldnt care if i was a daughter of any god but my top picks are aphrodite, athena, zeus, poseidon, or maybe diyonosus(sorry i cant spell) but i think all the gods are cool!

  486. oh yah just to clarify the heroes of olympus series takes place is a year long in thier world
    Every book is NOT 1 year
    so percy will turn 17 in this series

  487. @lovey143 To train I would go to Camp Half-Blood .And to go to college and live, is there any place BUT Camp Jupiter?

  488. i think both camps are equal
    i hve a question if you were a demigod who would be your parent

  489. percy fights him in the under world Before TLO and throws him in the lethe and erases his memory becoming percys friend bob the titan.

  490. @PJO IAPETUS with an I HEs one of the 12 Original Titans like kronos hyperion Krios ETC he dosent appear in TLT TSOM TTC TBOTL OR TLO he appeared in percy jackson and the olympians the demigod files. hes in the third short strory the sword of hades

  491. @lovey143 i would go to camp half blood.

    ya we were kinda hard on jason @lovey143. i actually like jason and hes a good guy, but percy is still the best.

    ps-theres this kid in my class and his name is…
    JASON GRACE!!!! i couldnt believe it. (but he looks nothing like him, he has brown hair and eyes and hes short)

  492. @son of neptune yes thats what i think they are equal beacuse if you combined these two places/religions/whatever they wouldve created the most powerful empire ever!

    BTW did you guys know that cleopatra almost became the empress of rome? i didnt know my social studies teacher told me that yesterday!

  493. why are you guys so hard on jason ??? i mean i LOVE percy dont get me wrong but i feel like your only picking out the bad things about him…

    i have a question: would you rather go to camp jupiter or camp half blood

  494. hey um they are equal because greeks r creative and ingenious the romans admired that but the greeks thought the romans were barbarians but admired there military strength so in a way they are equal

  495. @Danny Who’s Lapetus???

    PS. Romans maybe good warriors but they have NO creativity or ingenuity. They stole greek cultures, religions, and designs so in the end Greece really did and does live forever. And that is why……

    !!!!!!GREEK FOREVER!!!!!!

  496. I also think the greek campt is better!!! It is the place where everything started and honestly I would not like it if percy would stay at the Roman camp it just would not be right…

  497. i say tottaly greeks, they would never kill u for sticking up 4 somebody unlike the romans.

    romans will never be better than the greeks

  498. personally i like piper better why? because i can relate to her (dont ask) but reyna is also a favorite to theyre equal but pipers got a bit of a lead

    i like greeks and romans equally theyre kind of equal im italian so im more likely roman than greek but greece is my FAVORITE PLAcE ON EARTH<3

    @percabeth how do u kno about the cover??

    @the lost hero ikr!! like the kane chronicles has 1/4 the fans than PJO or HoO!!

  499. @once again i have to set the record strait Jason is strong but percy is stronger why because percy beat Iapetus Hyperion and polybotes anteus Ares medusa Arius and orieus tammi kelli geryonETC. (atlas and kronos recives credit but Artemis beat Atlas and luke killd kronos) plusHazel said that something about him told her that he was possibly the strongest demigod she Knew. So at @Every one if percy and jason wer to fight percy would win hands down no ties.

  500. @Pjo reyna said the she beleaved in greek demigods and that percy had to come from somewhere so she knew he was greek cmon @cleavland so we are brothers then why is your name cleavland

  501. I like the greeks, they seem like they would be a lot more fun. Like how greeks have their counsle meetings around a ping pong table, but the romans have it in a fancy room…

  502. i vote greeks why maybe because i ve grown on them or maybe because the Romans are annoying cliches the legion thing is confusing and the legacies uhhhhhhhhh

  503. i vote greeks why maybe because i ve grown on them or maybe because the Romans are annoying cliches the legion thing is confusing

  504. no matter how RR may make it look like romans are better than greeks you know jason so of jupiter and camp jupiter being a city/slash mini empire i will always prefer the greeks

  505. P.s piper is okay but i dont like how when jason was claimed she said that it was obivious because Zeus/jupiter was the fathe rof all the greatest heroes and the strongest god and hwo else could be his dad

  506. imon page 131 of the Son and does anyone notice how Camp jupiter has a city a bath center forum legions lares? fauns are lazy and grimy uhhhh rick is triying to make camp half blood look stupid compared to the romans but i still like camp half blood better

  507. i wish RR would concentrate more on the heroes of olympus serie more then the kane croncles

  508. @ danny percy shows off 2 even when he dont realize it remember when he made a freakin hurricane over a small pool of water 2 hurt that titan and when jason shows off its awsome 2 so dont lie 2 our fellow fanatics

  509. @Danny Reyna liked Percy that way before she knew he was greek, or need I read it again to show you?

  510. @dancer* I think that you might be right! Oh man! I hope not though, all we need to do is wait!!!! Why am I so impatient???!!!

    @annabeth I do like reina better because she is a natural warrior, but lets cut pipper some slack, her mom is aphrodite, that is why she keeps thinking about jason all the time.

  511. @percybeth not quite true with the two demigods each Tyson isn’t a demigod but I do see what you meant and didn’t think about that thank you

    @Danny if your dad is percy and your mom is annabeth, we are brothers!!!! Just sayin

    Also whoever said deadaleas** comes back he wouldn’t be for Gaea remember he got a good punishment not a bad one

    Can’t wait for mark of Athena.

    Percy and Jason, I like percy better, but I’m afraid that either Jason would win or they would tie

    I cant believe I just said that

    Go Percy!

  512. lets stop talking about relationship and start talking about the actual book. i wonder when they will close the doors of death. probbably this book or rick will leave us at a clifhanger on this book right before the doors r closed.

  513. Its true though that we do not know much of other characters… Some might even die…

  514. @Annabeth 2 I personaly like reyna better piper is all whiny all she cares about is to be with Jason

    @Percabeth I hate piper well kindof

  515. who do you like better Reyna or Piper?

    P.S. i agree with Percabeth i Hate Piper (Sorry if you like her)

    Oh yeah please nswer my Question

  516. @PJO and reyna liked percy and hes greek so the has nothing and shes a pretty nice when shes you get know her and your alone

  517. P.s so leo cant end up with reyna because hes jason’s best friend eeven jason and reyna arent dating so he can end up with hazel even Thou he sfriend s with frank and Frank and hazel are dating? LENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  518. first leo falls in lov ewith every cute girl he sees plus jason and reyna dont have a relationship there just really close and its not impossible for leo and reyna to hook up shes not gonna end up with that pig Octavien lENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  519. How could RR not be sorry for leaving us a cliffhanger If i didnt Need him to write more books about Percy I would torture him then Kill him. Sorry i wouldnt do that but how could he not be sorry Stop talking about relationship unless its Percabeth Because We dont know a whole lot abou t others

  520. reyna and leo will probbably not hook up, but it would be fun to find out what would happan if they did.

  521. I also just checked rr’s blog and he said he was already going to start writing the mark of athena soon! But he also said that he was not sorry for leaving us at a clifhanger 🙁

  522. Oh and I dont think reyna and leo will hook up, at all. Well maybe leo will fall for her, but no chance. Especially since jason is his best friend and all that. I think that yhere will be some sort of weird triangle between leo, hazel, and frank. I know its not what you would want but think about it! It makes sense! Or what do you think? Please respond.

  523. Leo and Reyna will NOT hook up just because they’re the only 2 characters who people have noticed that don’t have a real relationship.

    FIRST: Reyna could NOT like Leo and his jokes ESPECIALLY since he’s a greek demigod.

    SECOND: Why would you even WANT them to hook up???

  524. Yea, I most certantly prefer percy, way cooler than jason! that is why juno gave jason more time in the camp, because he is not cool enough to earn the camps trust in a short time like percy did in the roman camp! and though I do wonder what sort of quests jason accomplished, I dont think I could stand a series on greek/roman mythology where persy is not mentioned.

  525. Jason is not better Pery is way better Jason has like zero personality and is too lovey on Piper ( I hate Piper she is annoying and whiny where did RR even think her up) Percy however is awesome he is funny and doesnt love way overboard on Annabeth.

    P.S. Did you notice that each BIG THREE has claimed TWO DEMIGODS EACH.
    PPS go to fanfiction .net it has some stories about Percy Annabeth Grover The gods And everyone else

    PPPS what do you think of the Roman Series i didnt really like the romans but i think we need to have info on their background. I hope this clears everything up ; D

  526. @percabeth, frank would not date reyna. reyna might be already in a realationship with jason, shenhas a crush on percy, and leo will obviously fall in love with her. frank will be with hazel!!!

  527. well i think jason and percy are completley balanced out cuz percy can be arrogant too and jason is nice alot so u know what im saying

    @percabeth im almost positive hazel and frank wont break up and leo and reyna will most likely hook up. also im not sure the book is onlie yet and sorry your parents wont buy it):

    @Alex ?? you just confused me (:)

  528. I finished the book today, only one more year until Mark of Athena comes out, I can’t wait until I see the cover, I hope it has Annabeth on it

  529. P.s @ percabeth why wont youre parents let vyou buy the book? cause i dont think thelll have the whole book to read on the internet kinda defaets the purpose ynow

  530. first of percabeth were ever got that informatio n is a lie frank is crushing on hazel and hazel likes him back so at the end they end up toghether and leo goes reyna not hazel plus even when jason had his gold coin percy was still better why cause unlike jason he is not A SHOW OFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  531. I meant RR tried to make Jason cooler than Percy He realized that halfway through the book and thought it might upset people but he had a deadline so he made Jasons gold weapon brake and he didnt make Jason funny like Percy. P.S. I am a boy not a girl but i believe in Percabeth I ll be back tommorrow

  532. If you know RR address ask him if he will make a roman series leading up to the lost hero with Jason`s POV for the series. P.S. Annabeth is the one who can close the doors of death PPS my parents wont let me spend ten bucks on the book so please give me a website where i can read the book from chapter four to the end ( I found a snek peek on the kindle store at amazon. SPOILER Hazel dumps Frank And dates Leo Frank then dates Reyna. It all works out P.S.S. I am new to this chat. Jason is actually cooler than Percy That is why his gold weapon broke. NOw Percy is cooler by five septillion points : ))))))))))))))D

  533. sorry, diddnt mean that they were closed, i meant that monsters could die and that tahantos was free.

    @danny, ya leo and reyna should defintely hook up.
    i also agree with u on percy vs. jason thing. percy is way better, by alot.

  534. jason acts like hes so cool oh Jason:i killed the trojan sea monster i toppled kronos’s throne i beat krio swith my bare hands your turn to brag percy: well i slew medusa i matched ares god of war i defeated the minotaur twice i beat not one but two titans and i fought kronos my self beat that Jason: UH Leo: dude you just got poned score on e for the greeks


    wtf is with those guys?

  536. my book is gonna be here any day so iv e been reading the lost hero and jason is kinda annoying so is thalia a little but i never liked thalia that much mostly because she ran from the prophecy loike a coward

  537. @dancer the prophecy states that foes bear arms at the doors of death meaning the seven and percy just becaause he saved thanatos the doors are still open. P.s @annabeth2 youre welcome

  538. OMG sorry i havent been on in like soooo long i have like 3 more chapters but im trying to savor it

    i think jason should get piper because theyve been through alot together and yah

    also *minor spoiler**the doors of death are in rome as thanatos said and they can only be found and closed by a certain person i wonder who that is???????

    @danny i HIGHLY doubt that RR would make annabeth die that would just be soooo cruel!!! i dont think hes making another series cause there is nothing to write about now but i wish he was(: also i will probably also cry in 2014 no doubt

    @arjun i think the third is going to be when they meet and sail to rome and what they do there the fourth is preparation and before the actual fight and the fifth is the battle with the gianttsss
    BTW *minor spoiler…again*since alcyoneus was killed by frank what then they have less giants to defeat

  539. Hi… I have some comments I would like to share with you… Firts I found it kind of funny how percy kept finding relatives in this book especially since the book is called the son of neptune! And second percy is so smart! He suspected of an exchange of leaders right away!

    @lovey143 I hope you finish reading the book soon and let us know what is your opinion on it : )

  540. @annabeth 2, good question. i think that piper should get jason cuz when percy asked reyna if her and jason were dating she wasnt sure about it so i dont think that they were dating, but just really close friends.

  541. @danny, ya i used to be artemis* but that was to vague so i decieded to go with dancer , cuz well im a dancer.

    @son of the gods,i dont think the mark of athena book will have anything to do with dadelous cause rr already had a book about him and the doors of death are closed now but it may have something to do with that.

  542. piper cause rick wouldnt have made all that piper non sense if they werent going to get togethr plus Reyn agoes to leo

  543. blast it no when we all look back in 2014 when the last percy jackson book comes out well think thank percy jason leo annabth nico Kronos Hyperion zoe grover ares thalia piper and even medea minos midas and gaea for making the greatest book series ever and the 2014 will be here before you know it so im gonna hope RR does a third book series and if not then thta will be disappoint ment and i might cry

  544. Umm.. When is the book gonna be really available in pdf…!!!! I am so out.. Been searching it for days.. Ahhh so sud hump………..

  545. @Danny Sadly… no. This will be the last series involoving anything Percy, or at least I think. Because RR said that right after the last book of The Heroes of Olympus he’ll write about norse mythology. CURSE YOU NORSE MYTHOLOGY!!!

  546. @ dancer thanks for commenting and every one why does there have to be so many plot twists but i am serious if annabeth dies i will destroy RR but then again annabeth is to important of a charaecter to die plus shes part of the the 7 and her an percy just got together i dont think RR would tarethem apart P.s @dancer Didnt you uesd to be artemis? do you guys think rick is gonna right a Third series about the heros children ( percy and annabeth Jason and piper Travis and katie gardener Connor and lou ellen leo and reyna Frank and Hazel ETC).

  547. i really think the third book is about sailing and fighting in rome then the fourth and fifth are about greece

  548. just saw a spider so scared cause spiders creep me out like it don’t make sense but then again i’m a kid of Athena but i’m not afraid of lions or giant birds of prey so a little spider should not creep me out

  549. oh @ the lost hero i think Daedalus is going 2 come back from the grave cause remember the “tattoo” he had it was the mark of Athena or some thing like that and i think that annabeth has 2 convince him not to help the titans

  550. @lovey143 I bet that RR has already written at least half of he third book, but he makes us wait a lot to:

    1)Give us more anticipation to buy the book.

    2)To have time to get the word spreaded about the book.

    3)To get a headstart on the fourth book.

    Even though it’s like a never-ending cycle of pain and torture for us!

  551. hey guys i’m trying 2 write a book 2 mine is about mythology basically there this guy and girl who find out that they r demigods but somehow they have powers of all the gods they meet a faun and Egyptian demigod, Greek demigod and roman demigod who r all friends and the camps of all of them were merged (the guy and girl r dating) and so they take them to the council of the gods on mount Olympus and the gods tell them how it happened (Poseidon possessed the bodies of both dads and Aphrodite possessed the bodies of both moms and they mated on sacred grounds which drew power from the gods of Greek Roman and Egyptian mythologies

  552. @danny the profecy that mars gave percy frank and hazel said

    go to alaska free thanatos by the feast of fortuna or die


    the one that ella gave percy, well she only said part of it so well have to wait till the third book to hear that rest. i posted that on comment 777

  553. If annabeth dies i will cease to exist because im Danny son of percy and annnabeth so if she died id be fading hey any one seen my hand?

  554. P.s leo is way cooler than frank thats why he is gonna end up with reyna plus can some one read the rest of the prophecy not just the first two lines getting my book in acouple of days

  555. if annabeth dies and percy end s up with reyna i am going to take every hero of olympus book in my posseision and tare them to pieces them to pieces first nico not a child of the prophecy iam hoping that rick doen’t do that but then again what he gives up might be um i dont know i just its not annnabeth

  556. @annabth i dont like how they can live in camp jupiter id rather the village not be there

    erg im not even done with the book and im ALREADY mad we have to wait a whole year soo ya WHY CANT RR JUST WRITE FASTER :(((((((

  557. when i finished the book i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!! rr is sooooo mean with that cliff hanger! im so sad that i have 2 wait another year cuz i almost cried when i finished the SoN. does any1 have the faintest clue bout what Percy has to sacrifice???? i totally hope that percy and annabeth get back together! it was so sweet the way he was thiknking that they culd have a family and live in the village at camp jupiter.

  558. @son of the gods Thank you! At least somebody in the blog remembered.

    @Nighthawk I’m trying to write a book too! It’s about 2 orphan siblings that find out that their descended by magical creatures. (I know totaly copied.)

  559. Hey I got the book on Saturday and finished it on sunday. That bool is amazing!!!!!!!! I’m absolutely content for the next month until it hits me that i have to wait a whole 11months until the mark of athena comes out!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  560. can anyone tell me where to get the book online. i m dying for the book but i don’t live in USA and so i can’t buy it here. please, please someone help me.

  561. @lovey143 YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! This book is SO much better!!!!!!

    @imchangingmyname (***SPOILER***) You’re right it IS a repeat! 3 demigods go on a quest to save a god(dess). One has amnesia, one has… um, history with the quest, and one has a special power that’s not common among children of whatever god(dess) is their parent… Hmm, I never thought of it that way. (***END OF SPOILER***)

  562. hello! why polish premiere will in january/february? why?!!! I’m Polish and I’m fan number one of Heroes of Olympus in Poland.

  563. omgggggggggg this book is definetly getting better i take back what i said comment 766 its wicked good im only at the part when hazel is talking to hylla but its still good!!! i am checking for the next blog every once and a while so when it comes out i will tell you guys

    @imchanginmyname yaa! i think it was like exactly like the lost hero (so far) but different in a couple ways

    @the lost hero your probably right about the seven and reyna im not sure i still have to finish the book to see

    @dancer* are those really like all the romance things cuz thats pretty weird kinda like a love triangle with more people lol but i still like the adventure so i hope the romance doesnt overrun that

  564. hey danny i vote percy but only because he can heal himself when he touches water they r both awsome but all zeus can do with the weather is make medium wins and small amounts of rain but poseidon can make full on storms so if percy starts 2 lose all he has 2 do is will it 2 storm and then jason cant stop it from storming so he’ll lose and u act like percy dont showoff sometimes 2

  565. @ imchanginmynameagain havent read the book but i guess the plots should b similar percy has no memory and the other 2 one has 2 haVE a secret and they probably had 2 save a god(dess) so that they can destroy another giant so that i’ll b easier in greece

  566. The child of wisdom walks alone, the mark of Athena burns through Rome? Totally must be Annabeth. but mars (ares) said percy would make a sacrifice that frank would have to make him make(To stop gaea, he woudnt sacrifice something for nothing)
    i think he will have to sacrifice annabeth. her mark will live forever through rome (Well her death)

    i dont want that to happen but its possible

  567. I guessed right that hazel was daughter of Pluto and that frank can do anything he wants, but I thought it because he had athenas blessing not a gift passed down by family generations or that he was mars son.

  568. lets vote if jason and were to fight who would win i vote percy why he may not be a son Of Zeus/Jupiter but his is Skill probably better and percy is awesome and jason is kinda a n annoying show offf

  569. i just ordered my book yeah we are gonnna read note frank can shape shift Note note 2 Hazel born 1928 note 3 Percy no longger has mark of achillles i dont like rick did that that was like the only thing that jason have Percy son posiedon Jason Son of jupiter jason wins percy pen that also happens to be a celestial Bronze sword Jason a gold coin that also happens to be a golden sword and lance jason wins cmon rick

  570. im back miss me ha i was SO right when i said that the giants chained death and they go on a quest to save him

  571. oh p.s. I OWNED YOU GUYS! i was the one who suggested that frank was a son of mars and hazel was a daughter of pluto soo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  572. i personally like the lost hero better soo far- im half way through the book- because piper and jason and leo are like my favorite characters and i feel like SoN isnt as exciting soo far but it will probably get alot better probably btw where is ella the harpy?? why did rick show her and when does she come into play in this story

  573. I agree with son of the gods. At least until 80 percent have read it though. But it was truly amazing

  574. oh yeah forget to tell yeah Octivian acts like a jerk to percy and everyone else hate him

  575. i have read the book OMG amazing so i’m pretty sure these are the seven


    But i also think Reyna has a key part in this series or RR would not have made such a big thing about her in this or he would not put her on his website she is just a leader in this book

  576. Look at where the greek building are and there’s a bright blue figure standing there.

  577. Okay first off i like the new name for the camp. Secondly, of course it is Percy on the cover because choclate brown hair, the ability to not die above large water over a cliff(cliff behind him read wikipedia thing)but, the only thing that doesnt make since in the eagle Staff in his hand, the sign of Zues(Jupiter,Camp Jupiter symbol maybe???????) Lastly,people who havent read the previews or part of the book just look it up,, I mean it I dont care if its like 2am there just look it up…… Oh and an extra message i am a writer in training and I plan on letting out a series in maybe few months to a year teehee

  578. i don’t think the book will appear online, at least not for awhile. i bought the book right after school when it came out 🙂 i currently have a waiting list for my book. ***minor spoilers may occur*** did anyone else feel like the son of neptune was kind of a repeat of the lost hero? it was good and everything, but the plot was the same. 3 demigods go on a quest, one with no memory. one has a secret. go free a god(dess), and destroy a giant. :/ anyway, it was good i couldnt stop reading it 😀 CRUELEST ENDING EVER.

    wait you were in a cage? and they let you out?

  579. yay i havet been able to be on in a long time!!
    i kinda wish that at one point rick would switch over to camphalfblood so we could see what was going on imm only like half way through the book so yaaa no spoliers pleasseeee! i think we can all agree that spoliers arent wanted until everyone one this blog has read the book then we can discuss it!!!

  580. Do u think the title of the third book, The Mark of Athena, has to do with what Ella said on page 386. If u don’t have the book yet, that’s ok, if u do, give me your ideas on what u think that the part of the Prophecy ella said means.

  581. omg! rick r. has some MAJOR romance going on in SoN.
    reyna has a crush on percy
    frank has a crush on hazel
    hazel has a crush on frank and leo(or sammy, u never know with rr)
    kinzie has a crush on percy
    reyna has a crush on jason(or maybe she loves him?)
    ella has a crush on tyson
    tyson has a crush on ella

    annabeth loves percy
    percy loves annabeth
    jason loves piper
    piper loves jason

    leo likes all the girls he meets…

    wow thats alot

  582. i just finished the book last night!
    clif hanger!!
    cant wait till the next book comes out!
    i take back what i said awhile ago. frank as a shape shifter. that one really took me by surprise.

    who wouldve known? rick r. really did it this time.

  583. Γενειάδα του Δία έλα αν ur πρόκειται να δώσει ήπια αυτοί όπως Cleavland I mean if u r going 2 give spoilers give mild ones like Cleavland Please.

  584. @PJO – As soon as RR reveals the cover and/or the first chapter there will be a blog post for The Heroes of Olympus #3 and the chat/speculation can begin again.

  585. @Danny When RR reveals the cover and the first chapter of the third he or somebody else who he works with (I’m pretty sure that it’s somebody who works with him) will start the next blog on this page. Or at least I think that’s how this one got started.

  586. so when we all do move to the next chat how are we gonna do that just start one? any way when we do move lets signal just to make sure every one moves.P.s THE MARK OF ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bHAS BEGUN HAHAA> LETS CHAT THORUGH THE WHOLE SERIES

  587. Spoiler alert ( very mild) Just finished reading it on my iPad which is ironic when that guy had one anyways nico is the son of hades not pluto I’m pretty sure I just searched for it but it would make since that in past books he didn’t feel right at camp like Jason but I’m almost sure he’s hades not pluto

  588. @son of the gods YOU CANNOT STOP THE POWER OF THE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  589. @ danny camp olympus is the name 4 the online “training camp” im making we will just talk on this site though
    P.S. Please no more spoilers havent gotten my book yet.

  590. @pj well depending on where you like you can buy it. i dont think its online yet but you can read chapter one if you just type it in on google.

    @dancer* ommggg thats sooo cool! i would ask him where the heck he got the idea for all this cuz its amazinngggg!!!

    and btw is it gonna talk about hazel cuz she is a intresting character and i still wanna kno if shes dating jason??

  591. I almost forgot. @arjun (if youre still on), you have bested me on (***SPOILER***) comment 521

  592. OMGZZZ! HAVE MY BOOK WITH ME RIGHT NOW! its on my lap! i also will be coming on still like duuuuh who else will listen or care about the book besides you guys!(: btw im only on chapter 3 and itll probably take me a while to read the book so dont post any HUGE spoliers i already know hazel is a daughter of pluto ( i opened to a random page when i got it and read it)

    @danny yea im gonna move to the next chat when it comes out and the next book! ik it doesnt come out until next fall and its called the mark of athena! GOODNESS ME!!:)

  593. omg! tramatic expeirence!
    it turns out u had to have a band(or bracelet, idk)to get ur book signed and u had to get it on sunday. i was crying! then it turns out u had to have the band to buy the book 2! by this point i was bawling. then the cashier pulled out a band and gave it to me! A GIFT FROM THE GODS SHE WAS!!!! nicest thing someones ever done for me! i got my book signed and rr was really nice! he said”hi how are u?” i said “fine” then he said “do have any questions?”then i asked him whats ur favorite book the youve written? he said the last olympian.


  594. @Danny I get the feeling when I read that Nico is NOT THE child of Hades I wanted to go to RR and kick him in the groins!


  595. oh man i was up till 5 am last night reading this book and i can’t believe some of the knew twists *****SPOILER*******
    Hazel a daughter of Pluto?! Wat!
    Since when does Posiedon have the power to give shape-shifting?
    Does anyone else feel like they made Frank bigger than Percy? Percy always seemed to fall behind when it was Franks point of view.
    “The child of wisdom walks alone, the mark of Athena burns through Rome”? Totally must be Annabeth. But wat’s she gonna do. Is she that special person that the Death dude talked about that could read the signs to the Doors of Death? Does this mean she is apart of the prophesy? It would make sense.
    Jason- Jupiter
    Percy- Posiedon
    Piper- Aphrodite
    Leo- Hephaestus
    Hazel- Pluto
    Frank- Mars
    That leaves Athena to be in it. Meaning Annabeth!
    Why couldn’t rr let percy at least find Annabeth before he ended the book. That was the one thing that I was disappointed about
    Leo/Sammy Valdez!?!? Wat!!!! is Sammy Leo’s grandfather or something. i don’t think they’re the same person. I mean, Leo remebers his childhood so it couldn’t be. wonder wat’s going to happen about it now though.
    Who are the main characters of the next book going to be? i hope Percy and Annabeth are. They’ve been apart so long that i seems unfair to seperate them, but i’m almost positive Annabeth is gonna be going on a quest. But i also have a feeling they are going to have to seperate for a little because of that whole “Child of Wisdom walks alone” thing. wonder wat troubles she’s going to cause for percy. hmmm…..
    is there going to be a problem for Jason, Piper, and Reyna because of relationships? Did Reyna actually start to like Percy? I mean he did tell her he has a girlfriend, like she was suggesting that one day they could be more.
    There was just so much romance stuff in this book it was crazy. a lot of them made me really happy though.
    *****End of Spoilers*****
    Sorry that was a lot. but these are all the questions that have been going through my head ever since i finished the book. i can’t wait for the next book!!!!!!! Please say your theories for the next book. I’m going nuts!!!!!!!

  596. P.S Anyone want some spoilers you know how to contact me. (And if you don’t, too bad!)

  597. Hey what do you guys think will be the cover for the next book.(I will not reveal the name until someone asks me, so start asking!)

  598. Omg i love the book. so cool! my bff had it in school today and everyone was going crazy for it!!!!!!



  601. By the way y r u guys just gonna like not get on this blog??? Just b/c the book came out doesnt mean u guys have to stop coming here. Me and sarah kate, and Son of Neptune used to go on the lost hero blog all the time after the book came out.

  602. @dancer*
    Ur so lucky! I would die if RR signed my book. Unfortunatley i havent gotten my book yet 🙁 But gonna get it saturday

  603. Hey I can give spoilers for whoever want’s them.

    PS:Skip to the last page to see the name of THE THIRD BOOK.

  604. So it seems the 7 cabins are for the characters with last names revealed:

    Jason Grace (Zeus)
    Piper McLean (Aphrodite)
    Leo Valdez (Hephaestus)
    Percy Jackson (Poseidon)
    Frank Zhang (Ares)
    Annabeth Chase (Athena)
    Hazel Levesque (Hades)

    Perhaps this could be the reason Reyna and Octavian’s last names were not immediately revealed (Reyna being Bellona’s daughter and Octavian being Apollo’s son).

    Makes one realize that the book is LOOSELY based on Classical mythology. The classical mythological Greek gods are being pitted against their Roman counterpart selves. Going against themselves can be so twisted like having a multiple personality disorder.

    I am totally repulsed by the idea of minors being marked with tattoos. The author should have thought how such contemptible act is reminiscent of young children being branded and tattooed during the holocaust. Totally UNCOOL!!!

    Tattoos are unsafe and limit one’s opportunities in life. They looked like body stains when you grow older. Just saying Riordan should have made better judgment since minors read his books. Peace to all!!!


  605. @dancer* ur sooooooooooooo lucky. i totally want my book signed by rr

  606. I am in the car right now (on my dads phone) and I got checked out of scool early to go Olympian week in columbia to get my book signed by rr! I am spazzing out!

  607. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! TODAY!!! HOLY ZEUS!! going to buy my book in a little while <3 im gonna miss you guys soo much make sure u all go on the next blog!!

  608. hey guys im new to this dicussion but have been reading all of the comments. cant wait till the book goes online so i can read it ive read percy series 17 times red pyramid 13 times and lost hero 8 cannnott wait

  609. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCREAMING WITH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GONNA BUY IT SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  610. Oh My Gods! I Never Had enough Gut to say this But Percy Looks kinda Hott!! Woot Whoo! Go Annabeth!! I Gotta Read This book!! -From Cabin Poseidon

    Ps My Name Means of The Sea in German so I claiming cabin Poseidon as my home at Camp!

  611. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! the SoN comes out in 8 hours and 45 minutes!! like what the heck is this!!!! cant waiittttttt

    @PJO yea im still gonna come on here after the book comes out the only time ill stop is when the next blog comes out!!!!

    i cant even wait i want today to end so i can have my book!!!

  612. @imchangingmyname I think that she’s a daughter of either Minerva or Mars, cause like I said about the Olympian Week cabins and my theory that she’s one of the 7.

  613. TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M practically screaming my head of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    @Sarah Kate and Son of Neptune
    GET ON AND TALK TO US!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS U GUYS!!!!! WE HAVE 11 and 1/2 hours to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  614. HEY IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m gonn’a miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey can we still write here after the book is released????????

    And if so, let’s.

    I mean I’m gonn’a be bored the next day when I;ve already read it.

  615. the book is from the pov of percy frank and hazel it would be boring to have 2 demigod with the same parent but we will find out in 2 days from now

  616. YES! Only 2 days away! In The Lost Hero, Chiron said, “My counterpart Lupa isn’t sharing anything.” I wonder if Chiron knows Lupa.

  617. BUT jason has blonde hair..Percy has black hair duh! oh, and i kinda read three chapters,but i dont know if their correct or not… Reyna is a daughter of Venus (Aphrodite) and nico, i think he’s the one to find percy first… n tyson well,hes gonna be searching the whole ocean so..if u wanna know where i read this go to n search : “read first chapter of son of neptune” there will be alot of different chapters n stuff like when people first find out jasons missing n when percy is brought into the roman camp as a prisoner and when Lupa first finds percy at the wolf house and when nico first finds out percy is missing and when nico sends an iris message to tyson while posiden is there n posiden tells nico that nico has to find percy fast,and that percy has more memories than “another” aka jason!!!

  618. Okay, I think that the person on the cover is either Percy (most likely) or Nico, it cant be Tyson because you can vaguely see a shadow of two eyes or Jason because he has blond hair, short hair.
    I dont think Khiores has anything to do with it partly because shes GODDESS OF SNOW not ice.


  620. IT IS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 DAYS FROM THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU ENVY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  621. Can’t wait for the book to come out and whatever we never know whats gonna happen next like other people said riordan will mix it up to get dramitic effect

  622. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of hate for this, but I really don’t want Percy or Annabeth to be 2 of the 7. They had a whole series to themselves, why can’t we get some new characters? Not to mention that the 7 halfbloods are supposed to be the most powerful, and I really have seen nothing remarkable out of Annabeth that couldn’t come from any other child of Athena/Minerva.