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Homework Help: Autobiographies

Homework Help: Autobiographies

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Biographies are books written about a person’s life. Autobiographies are a special kind of biography, they are written by the person himself or herself. Nobody can tell the story of a life better than the person who lived it!

Drawing From Memory

Allen Say is an author of many books based on things that happened in his life. In Drawing From Memory, Mr. Say tells the story of how he became a maker of books. He tells it in very few words and with lots of photographs and drawings.

Believe it or not, Mr. Say moved out of his family’s house and into an apartment when he was 12 years old! At that time he became an apprentice to a master Japanese cartoonist and the two remained dedicated friends until hie teacher, Sensei Shinpei, died. Sensei Shinpei lived to see Mr. Say become a Caldecott Medal winner for his illustrations.

Listed below are several more autobiographies. Many of them are by your favorite authors like Gary Paulsen and Roald Dahl and Bill Peet an AutobiographyJacqueline Woodson. It makes sense that an author would write the story of their own life!

Bill Peet was born in Grandview, Indiana. He grew up in Indianapolis. His autobiography is an all-time favorite. It is full of his drawings because Bill was an artist. He wrote and illustrated many picture books and was also an animator for Walt Disney. He worked on many classic Disney movies like Dumbo, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty, 101 Dalmatians and many more. He had many creative adventures with Walt Disney himself, who was his boss. If you look carefully in his book you can pick out some Indianapolis landmarks.


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26 Fairmount AvenueA Girl from YamhillCheaper by the DozenLooking BackMy Life in Dog YearsMy Life with the ChimpanzeesMy Own Two FeetBrown Girl DreamingRascalRoald Dahl BoySmall Steps the Year I Got Polio<Animals are WelcomeAnne Frank the Diary of a Young GirlBill PeetChasing SpaceCondoleezza RiceDon't Tell the GirlsDown a Sunny Dirt RoadEnchanted AirFine LinesFiretalkingFlora and TigerForward My StoryGutsI Got This to Gold and BeyondKnots in My Yo Yo StringKnuckleadsLittle Tiger in the Chinese NightLong Walk to FreedomOn the Way HomeOsceola Memories of a Sharecropper's CaughterThe Boy in the Wooden BoxThe Days Before NowThe Tarantula in My PurseThrough My EyesTo DanceUnder My NoseUnder the Royal PalmsWoodsongWords to My Life's Song
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Author Spotlight: Jon Scieszka – Knucklehead

Author Spotlight: Jon Scieszka – Knucklehead


Knucklehead: Tall Tales and Mostly True Stories about Growing up Scieszka.  That’s right, Scieszka – Jon Scieszka, the guy who wrote The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, The Stinky Cheese Man and the Time Warp Trio books. Jon is also the very first National Ambassador for Young People’s LIterature.  It’s hard to believe he started out a knucklehead!

This is Jon’s story growing up with the other knuckleheads: Jim, Tom, Gregg, Brian and Jeff – his FIVE brothers. And their story is pretty funny. The boys fight, break furniture (and each other’s bones), blame each other, fight over the seat in the car by the window, and pretty much have a great time growing up. There are so many of them, Dad Scieszka doesn’t call them by name, he just refers to all of them as “knucklehead” or “you knuckleheads!” Author: Jon Scieszka

  • Jon Scieszca a Very Funny Knucklehead NPR Interview
  • Guys Read – Jon Helps Guys Find Good Books to Read
  • Watch a Reading Rockets Interview with Jon

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