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  1. 2 religious books, only one with a Hoosier connection. And the connection is feeble.


    November 28, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    The reading of a religious book is one of the requirements for this year’s reading challenge. I’m also observing our state’s bicentennial year by looking for Indiana-related material, but haven’t…

  2. Holy crapolla! I should have asked Karen Joy Fowler who’s going to win the National Book Award! (And 7 things I like about one of the finalists.)


    November 12, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    Anyone who attended the Meet the Authors session at the Indy Authors Fair on October 29th had a chance to ask questions of any of the award winners and finalists,…

  3. Juniper Fuse


    November 9, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    I probably won’t, in this lifetime, enter any of the prehistorically painted caves in Europe; but I’ve done the next best thing. I have read Clayton Eshleman’s Juniper Fuse: Upper Paleolithic Imagination…

  4. Susan Neville’s Iconography


    November 3, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    I just finished reading Susan Neville’s Iconography: A Writer’s Meditation, and beware: you are about to be buried to the gills in quotations. Are there legal issues, here? Blame the over-quoting…

  5. Life at Wit’s End, or with a chimpanzee, or in a barroom when a loa appears with a hatchet


    September 29, 2016 by Reader's Connection

    Rima Lanisell is all alone. Her father has recently died. Her mother died almost fifteen years ago of an aneurysm, and her brother Oliver four years ago in an auto…