DIY Birthday Party: Curious George

Curious George CakeCurious George BooksBook characters make great birthday party themes because they are FAVORITES. Curious George is always a hit! Below you will find everything you need to plan a fun Curious George Birthday Party on the cheap. All you need is a computer, printer, some time…and your library card! We have the books, movies & music to make your party a memorable hit.

For our Curious George Party we looked at these sources of fun and picked our very favorites. You can follow our plan or mix and match activities that make sense to you and your birthday kid. Have fun!



To get your party started, click and print a handy checklist and invitation of your choice – print in color or color yourself.

Curious George Guest List 2Curious George Invitation ColorCurious George Invitation B and WA Fun-Filled Curious George Event - Invitations


Curious George Mask or Party Hats to print and color.

Curious George Party Hat B and WCurious George Party Hat ColorCuirous George Mask

Party Activities:

1. Greeting Guests Music & Coloring/Craft Activity 15-20 min Provide printable coloring pages & crayons/markers or paper for origami or learning to draw George step-by-step. Providing newspaper for the paper boats is even better – just like George! Print the picture frame on card stock for the kids to color. Make sure each child writes his/her name on it!

Boat OrigamiA Fun-Filled Curious George Event - How to Draw Curious GeorgeArthur Frame

2. Game 10 min Printable: Hundley’s Tummy Bingo

Hundleys Tummy Bingo

3. Read Aloud 10 min Read Curious George’s Birthday Surprise or the birthday boy/girl’s favorite Curious George book. List of Curious George Library Books

Curious George and the Birthday Surprise

4. Music Craft – Make a Curious George Tambourine and Sing Along! 15 min

Curious George TambourineCurious George Sing Alongs and LullabiesFollow That Monkey

5. Game 15 min Act Like an Animal

Act Like an Animal

6. Take a Group Photo or Individual Photo of Each Guest (Print copies while guests are eating cake. If you have time, attach the picture to the frame guests colored during the greeting time. If you don’t have time, add the frame and photo to their take home bags!) 5 min (Print for each guest.)

Arthur Frame

7. Cake/Food Sing and eat cake 10-15 min

Curious George Birthday CakeFrozen Banana PopsYellow Hat Table Setting 3

8. Games 15-2o min Printable: Butterfly Hide-and-Seek

Butterfly Hide and Seek

9. Videos During Pickup Time

Curious George Rides a Bike

10. Take Home Bags and Say Goodbye 10-15 min

You can make a printed Curious George Activity book for guests to take home. Follow these links to printable pages. Add your own small favors or treats.

Curious George Bookmarks 2Curious George Finger PuppetsCurous George Flip BookCurious George Matching Game

Thank You Notes:

Curious George Thank You ColorCurious George Thank You Note B and WCurious George Thank You CertificateCurous George Thank You Note 2


List of Curious George Library Books to check out.

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