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Strega Nona, or “Grandma Witch,” is the Italian town of Calabria’s source for cures and secret potions. One of her magical skills is operating a magic pot which produces delicious pasta on her command. One day while she is away, hungry Big Anthony remembers the magic words Strega Nona uses to fill the pot up…but realizes too late he does not know how to turn it off!  Listen to the story’s author, Tomie de Paola read, Strega Nona: an Old Tale…a story that gives “all you can eat” a whole new meaning!

Have fun together reading these free eBooks & trying online activities about pasta/noodles. Listed below are even MORE eBooks and printed books you can check out with your indyPL library card.

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NoodlemaniaBoy DumplingsThe Story of NoodlesMei Mei's Lucky Birthday NoodlesMonster Max's Shark Spaghetti


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