10 Books for Kids to Celebrate Kwanzaa & Nguzo Saba

Nguzo Saba are the seven principles of African Heritage celebrated during Kwanzaa.

1. Umoja (Unity)
2. Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
3. Ujima (Responsibility)
4. Ujamaa (Cooperative economics)
5. Nia (Purpose)
6. Kuumba (Creativity)
7. Imani (Faith)

In L’il Rabbit’s Kwanzaa, L’il Rabbit is having a rough Kwanzaa. He loves the big Kwanzaa feast called Karamu but he may miss it because his grandmother isn’t feeling well. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, L’il Rabbit remembers that Kwanzaa is a time for helping. He tells his animal friends that his Grandma is ill and the animals show up with food and gifts to help L’il Rabbit and his Grandma celebrate anyway. Listed below are more Kwanzaa stories to check out with your library card to share with your kids the spirit of Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principals of Kwanzaa).

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Crafts for KwanzaaKwanzaa Wonder BooksKwanzaaSeven Spools of Thread a Kwanzaa StoryWe Celebrate Kwanzaa in Winter

Print Books:

KwanzaaKwanzaaSanta's KwanzaaThe Sound of Kwanzaa

To learn even more about fascinating and inspiring black history makers, visit the Center for Black Literature & Culture at Central Library. The Center is dedicated to celebrating the vibrant and resilient heritage and triumphs of those born of African roots.

WeNeedDiverseBooks LogoTo get young people engaged, one of the things they need is to see themselves in books. It is important for all of us to see ourselves in books, because that encourages us to read in a different way and encourages us to write more.” ~ Dr. Jerrie Cobb Scott Founder of the African American Read-in #weneeddiversebooks

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