Good News Bad News

While on a picnic, Rabbit and Mouse look at everything that happens in a different way–Rabbit produces an apple, Good news!, Mouse finds a worm in it, Bad news! Rabbit produces a piece of cake, Good news!, Mouse sees a bee on it, Bad news!. Rabbit sees only the glass half full, Mouse sees only the glass half empty. Rabbit is Spongebob Squarepants and only sees every situation as something WONDERFUL!  Mouse is Squidward and only finds something TERRIBLE.

When their adventures take a hair raising turn Mouse finally loses it…and subsequently makes Rabbit cry…leading him to make an effort to see the good and cheer Rabbit up. A great story for Findng happiness in the simple things and for keeping disappointments in the proper perspective. You can complain…or you can find the bright side!

Some kids are automatically wired to be positive. For the kids who aren’t naturally wired that way, these stories can help them learn how to look for the positive. Positive=smiles=happy.

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