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Criss Cross, Reverse Lookup, City Directories, Telephone Numbers and Zip Codes

A guide for using directories that aid in finding people, addresses, telephone numbers, zip codes and area codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a criss-cross directory and a city directory?

The city directory is a book published by a private company that is similar to a phone book.  Since the phone book was invented in 1876, a city directory predates the existence of the phone book by many years.  The earliest city directory owned by I-MCPL was published in 1855, and it is a small alphabetical listing of the residents of Indianapolis.  In 1878 the Polk Company started publishing the city directory and is still doing so today.  In 1916 the book was expanded to include both an alphabetical listing of residents and an alphabetical listing of street addresses with residents included.

Not to be confused with the city directory is the Haines Directory, commonly called a Criss Cross.  It too is published every year, but while the Polk Directory lists residents by name, the Haines Directory only lists by address or phone number because it is a mechanical reversal of the information in the phone book.  Unlisted numbers do not appear in the Haines, just as they do not appear in the phone book.

Library Materials

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Indianapolis City And Suburban Criss Cross Directory
Haines & Co. (North Canton, Ohio)
917.7252 HAI

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Indianapolis North Suburban Crisscross Directory
Haines & Co. (North Canton, Ohio)
917.7252 HAI

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Indianapolis City Directory
R.L. Polk & Co.
R 917.7252 RL