Memorial Day Weekend Closings
All Indianapolis Public Library locations will be closed May 28 - 30 for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, except the InfoZone which will be open each day from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Southport Branch closing
The Southport Branch will be closed for renovation May 31, June 1, and June 2.

East Washington Branch Closing
The East Washington Branch has been closed for renovation. More updates coming soon.

Government & Social Issues

Links and information about federal, state, and local government, elections, politics, taxes, international affairs, as well as cities, neighborhoods and communities, including statistics and law.

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fdlp-emblem-color2.jpgFederal Depository Library Program (FDLP)

The Federal Depository Library Program was established to provide U.S. citizens free access to government information. Central Library is a “selective depository” of the FDLP and provides free public access to select U.S. government materials. The Indiana State Library is a full FDLP depository and the regional library for the state of Indiana providing access to all federal documents distributed through the FDLP.

Organization Links

Association for Community Organization and Social Administration - "ACOSA is a membership organization for community organizers, activists, nonprofit administrators, community builders, policy practitioners, students and educators."

PICO is a national network of faith-based community organizations working to create innovative solutions to problems facing urban, suburban and rural communities.

National Urban League
"Established in 1910, The Urban League is the nation's oldest and largest community- based movement devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I request a birthday card from the President of the United States?

The White House sends cards to people celebrating birthdays of eighty years or more, anniversaries of fifty years or more, or other memorable events such as the birth of a child, graduation, or receiving a prestigious award. To request a presidential greeting, you can contact the White House at:

Greetings Department
The White House
Washington, D.C. 20500

Send the recipient's name, address, and the date they are celebrating, at least one month in advance.

If the President of the United States is no longer able to serve, what is the order of succession?

Vice President
Speaker of the House of Representatives
President Pro Tempore of the Senate
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Transportations
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Source: World Book Encyclopedia

How can I find out about governments around the world?

Governments on the WWW is a directory of governmental sites, arranged by country.

Can I find who is in government around the world?

World Leaders provides a list of each country's head of state and cabinet members.

What about our neighboring countries: Canada and Mexico?

The Government of Canada site the offers information about Canada's government and services, and links to departments, organizations, and provincial governments. Presidency of the Republic of Mexico provides information in Spanish and English about Mexico's government and culture, as well as the latest news from the President of Mexico.

Web Sites

The United States Government's Official portal.
The official website of Indianapolis and Marion County.
The official website of the state of Indiana.

State and Local Government on the Net
A guide to government sponsored Internet sites, it also includes links to regional commissions, state insurance sites, and government related national organizations.

Budget of the United States Government
A searchable online version of the budget for Fiscal Year 1996 through Fiscal Year 2008. Documents can be viewed or downloaded, and the site includes information about the budget process.

Project Vote Smart
A user-friendly voter's self-defense system, Project Vote Smart covers candidates and elected officials in five basic categories: biographical information, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings. 

Federal Government Resources on the Web
A comprehensive gateway to all branches and agencies of government.

Offers access to government and business information.

U. S. Federal Government Agencies Directory

A list of links to a large number of federal government sites, arranged according to the branch of government (executive, legislative, judicial). Includes independent and quasi-official agencies.

Code of Federal Regulations
An online and searchable version of the code of rules published by federal executive agencies.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Search for financial and non-financial assistance from the federal government.

Library Materials

Believer : My Forty Years in Politics

Believer : My Forty Years in Politics
Axelrod, David
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