Sons of a New Tribe by Jerry Taliaferro

A Photographic Celebration of the Black American Male

Sons Of a New Tribe

Sept.25 — October 31, 2018

Sons: seeing the modern African American Male is both timely and relevant. Recent events point to the urgent need for conversations about the contemporary Black American male. Any effort, however humble, to foster an understanding of this largely misunderstood and often marginalized segment of the American population is of utmost importance. SONS is much more than a photographic study of the modern Black American male. It is also an exercise about how we perceive people. By attempting to reveal how Black American males see themselves while encouraging a thought-provoking examination of how the Black American male is perceived SONS, a very interactive exhibition, seeks to start conversations.

The Indianapolis Public Library will host the nationally touring exhibition the “Sons of a New Tribe” at the Central Library, Sep. 25-Oct. 31 2018. This exhibit, created by noted North Carolina photographer Jerry Taliaferro is a photographic study of the strength and impact of 60 representative black men across the country. A popular feature of the exhibit is the inclusion of portraits and videos of men from the hosting community. In order to select local men to be photographed and video recorded for inclusion in the exhibit, IndyPL invites you to nominate candidates to represent Indianapolis.


Who is a "Son of a New Tribe"?

In every community there are both “movers and shakers” and "unsung heroes" — caring individuals, volunteers and paid professionals who go beyond their expected responsibilities to make a difference. If you have a role model, friend, family member or coworker who is having an impact in their homes and/or The Indianapolis community, nominate him for this unique honor. The online nomination process is simple.

Nominate a Local Black American male to be one of the Sons of a New Tribe
Feb. 26 — Mar. 14, 2018

Complete all the requested information about yourself and your nominee. Write a brief, passionate, compelling story about your nominee. Highlight how the nominee's actions and deeds benefit the lives of others and the local community.

Reminder: The deadline is March 14.

Nominate a Local African American Man
to be one of the Sons of a New Tribe
Feb. 26 — Mar. 14, 2018
Nominations are now closed.

Selection Process

A committee, including representatives of the Library's African American History Committee, the African American History Committee Advisory Board, the Library Board of Directors, and the Library Foundation Board will consider all nominations and select 20 of the men to represent the Indianapolis community. Professional portraits will be created by Jerry Taliaferro. The men selected must be able to participate in a photography shoot and video recording the week of Apr.22, 2018 at the Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street. These portraits and videos will be included in the Sons of a New Tribe exhibition on display at Central Library Sep. 25-Oct 31 2018.

A celebration highlighting the selected men will take place at the opening on Friday Oct. 5, 2018

Criteria for Nominated Male

The selection committee will be looking for local black American men who possess strength and honor through their community and family service. Nominees can be family, friends, volunteers or professionals who:


Nominations for the award are now closed.