Strategic Plan Task Force Committees

Role of the Task Forces

People serving on the task forces represented expertise in the nine areas identified as places the Library could work to address Indianapolis' greatest concerns.

Nurture Healthy and Vibrant Communities

Residents make healthy decisions and live in clean, safe, vibrant neighborhoods.

Create the 3rd Place

Citizens enjoy creative and social interaction at meeting places other than work or home.

Foster Civic Engagement

Citizens are engaged in meaningful activities and conversations that help them become more aware of their community and the world around them.

Guide the Digital Journey

Residents have barrier free access to technology and opportunities to learn effective use of technology and digital information.

Embrace a Diverse and Global Community

Citizens are informed and empowered to thrive in a diverse community with respect and appreciation for different cultures.

Aid Workforce Readiness

Citizens are prepared to be gainfully employed and have successful careers.

Support Business Development

A world class business community is informed and receives support for economic success and business growth.

Enhance Formal Education

Formal education is effectively augmented and fully supports academic success.

Enrich Informal Education

Personal growth in our daily lives is supported by opportunities for independent learning.