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My First Library Card

my first library card

Use this new card to help give the gift of reading to your child—it's a timeless, classic gift that requires no assembly or batteries. Start reading with your child today—let this new card be the first step in a journey of a lifetime!

Register your child today!

This new card is uniquely designed and is the official library card for young children from birth through age six. With this card, you and your child may borrow children's books fine free.

Worry Free

Enjoy checking out children's books and reading them aloud together - because now the items checked out on My First Library Card will not accrue overdue fees! When your child turns 6, he or she may register for the standard library card.

Help build a community of readers—let your preschool child check out books using his or her own library card. Let "My First Library Card" encourage library use and promote lifelong reading and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for My First Library Card?

The My First Library Card has been developed with our youngest library users in mind (birth through pre-school). They must be residents of Marion County. This is now the only card that a child may obtain before their 6th birthday.

What if my child does not live in Marion County?

The same residency rules that apply to our regular cards apply to our My First Library Cards. If your child lives outside of Marion County, we cannot issue the My First Library Card. However, you may purchase a PLAC or Non Resident card for their use.

What can be checked out?

A maximum of 25 juvenile books may be checked out.

What if my child wants to check out juvenile media such as CDs or DVDs?

These materials can only be checked out to the parent or guardian's card.

Why can't my child check out juvenile media on the My First Library Card?

Media items are excluded because of the card's fine free status.

Child reading

What does "fine free" mean?

Fines are not charged for juvenile books checked out to My First Library Cards.

Will I still be charged for damaged or lost items on a My First Library Card?

Yes, the parent or guardian will still be financially responsible for Lost or Damaged items checked out to My First Library Cards.

Will my child be able to renew items checked out on My First Library Card?

If another patron has placed a request on an item, we cannot allow it to be renewed. Otherwise, items checked out on My First Library Card may be renewed in the branch, over the phone (317-269-5222) or over the web.

When can my child change a My First Library Card to a regular library card?

A child can exchange a My First Library Card for a regular library card anytime after their 6th birthday. At this time you must complete and sign a new library card application. This is necessary because with the regular library card the parent or guardian is responsible for fines and fees and we will be allowing your child access to a much broader collection of materials.

What will happen on my child's 6th birthday?

Near your child's 6th birthday, she or he will receive a birthday card from the Library inviting them to exchange their My First Library Card for the regular library card.

Can my child continue to use the My First Library Card after their 6th birthday?

Yes, the child may continue to use the My First Card until they re-register for a regular library card or until the actual expiration date on the My First Card is reached.

Does My First Library Card look different from the regular library card?

Yes, the My First Library Card has been designed to appeal to our preschool children and looks completely different from our regular library card.

My child has a current library card. Can she keep it?

For this first year conversion, we are letting the current 5-year-old cardholders keep their regular library cards. But all younger children or any new applicants within this age group must get the My First Library Card.

How will my child's current card be exchanged?

As of November 1, 2006 the current cards for all children with a birth date on or after November 1, 2001 have expired. Any requests pending on these cards will also be expired as of this date. You will need to exchange your child's expired card for a My First Library Card on your next visit to the library.

Girl checking out books at Franklin Road Branch

Will there be a charge for changing to My First Library Card?

No, the cost for My First Library Card is free. However, any charges in excess of $24.99 on the child's current card must be resolved before the card may be exchanged.

Will I have to fill out a lot of paperwork to change to My First Library Card?

There will be no additional paperwork required unless we cannot find a previous record. We will need to see proper ID and confirm your current mailing address. If we cannot find a record for your child, then you will need to complete a new application and present proper ID for you and your child.

Will my child be able to place requests using My First Library Card?

No, we are unable to provide this service at this time. However, all juvenile items remain available for request on the parent or guardian's regular library card.

Will my child be able to use the My First Library Card to access the public PCs at my branch library?

Yes. Access to the public pcs will remain the same as for a regular library card.

When will the My First Library Card expire?

The card will expire 6 years from the date the card is issued.