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You are invited to explore all the ways a Library card can help you learn a new creative skill or improve one you have always enjoyed! Books, magazines, video tutorials, and online classes will keep your creative muse flowing all year long!

1. Attend a program.

Art, Craft & Hobby Workshops You are invited online or in-person to meet-up with fellow creatives to learn a new creative skill or improve one you have always enjoyed! Keep your creative muse flowing all year long! We have art programs for preschoolers, teens, and adults.

2. Stream crafting tutorials.

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Creativebug Video Tutorials
Creativebug is a collection of crafting video tutorials for all kinds of makers. Select from drawing, origami, sewing, holiday decorations, and more. All you need is your library card! If you have never used Creativebug before, start here. You can also read how two of our staff members used Creativebug to level up their crafting skills at Get Creative! Online Art & Craft Classes from Creativebug and Level Up Your Knitting Skills with Creativebug.

Hoopla Craftsy Video Series
You can use your IndyPL Library card to get access to many art, craft, and hobby resources including e-books and online video lessons and learning modules. Choose from Baking & Decorating, Knitting & Crocheting, Quilting, Sewing, and more! Don't have an IndyPL Library card? Get a Library Card.

You can check out 10 instructional videos each month from Hoopla. After you check one out it is available for you to watch for 7 days. After checking out and then downloading a video, watching it will not require a Wi-Fi or direct internet connection. If you are an iPhone or iPad user you can go to Apple’s App Store, search for Hoopla and install it on your phone, computer or tablet. For Android users, you can find and download the Hoopla app in the Playstore. On a Windows computer, use your web browser to go to to begin browsing Hoopla’s collection.

3. Check out a crafting e-magazine.

If you have never borrowed from OverDrive/Libby before both app directions and browser directions are available as well as a video tutorial and Overdrive/Libby Support.

OverDrive has a varity of magazine choices for both Photography and Crafts in general.

OverDrive Craft Magazine Samples

4. Get reading recommendations from our staff.

Getting Started with a Cricut Machine

Getting Started with a Cricut Machine
Cricut machines can cut, write, and score, making it possible to create a wide variety of projects out of all kinds of materials. Learn how to use your machine to its full potential and try out some of these suggested projects!

Crochet Amigurumi!

Crochet Amigurumi!
Amigurumi is a Japanese art style of crocheting or knitting small plush dolls. These can vary from animals, to dolls, to little pieces of food!

Metal and Wire Jewelry

Metal and Wire Jewelry
As the weather turns colder it is a good time to look into a new hobby or indoor project, check out some of the many books (and a video) about metal and wire jewelry making.

Me Made May

Me Made MayMe Made May is a movement to get back to making your own clothes, and wear at least one handmade item each day - it’s easier to do than you think!

Knitting My Way to Peace

Knitting My Way to Peace
Knitting is easy to learn and the Library has lots of resources to help the neophyte and challenge the veteran knitter.

You Need a Hobby Maybe Whittling

Whittling Will Keep You Out of Trouble!
Put a lifetime of learning and sharp observational skill to good use - whittling is the hobby you've been looking for!

Books That Taught Me How to Crochet

Books That Taught Me How to CrochetI taught myself how to crochet by learning certain doll patterns and searching YouTube on how to do the basics. These books also helped me along the way!

Puppet Projects for Old Socks to Paper to Clay

Puppet Projects from Old Socks to Paper to ClayUpcycle items from your craft bin or trash can, add your creative storytelling, and put on a puppet play!