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Haunted Places & Salem Witch Trials: At Home with Universal Class


Ever wanted to write the great American novel, but thought you'd probably need at least an entry level creative writing class before pounding out your first chapter?

Maybe you've recently heard about the release of the games series, The Dark Pictures Anthology featuring the Salem Witch Trials. However, the best you can recollect about the Salem trials comes from that half hour quirky reenactment on an episode of "Drunk History." Perhaps you're home watching every single episode of "Ghost Hunters" and now you can't get it out of your head and you're fully intrigued by the possibility of Haunted Places in Indiana. Universal Class has you covered.

If you're staying at home with internet access, now is the perfect time to learn anything and learn anytime you want. IndyPL's subscription to Universal Class has so many fantastic FREE online courses Available Now, and all you need is your library card. We implore you to take a comprehensive look into these online opportunities and find a course that sparks your curious mindset.

Amaze your friends and family (and keep things interesting) during those weekly Zoom calls with all the knowledge and information you've compiled from a Universal Class online course. Who knows - you may even find yourself creating your very own YouTube channel jam packed with all of your Universal Class knowledge.

Universal Class has over 500+ Courses. Find the one that works for your interests and continuing education. Commit yourself to an hour a day or whatever makes it effortless for you. Join the course of your choice, complete the readings, assignments/quizzes, and then download your certificate of completion. It really is that simple.

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Universal Class: Creative Writing for Beginners
This course is designed to teach you the tools and mechanics of creative writing. You'll learn about writing fiction, poetry, screenplays, and even nonfiction.

Novel Writing: 101
If indeed you are truly committed and willing to invest the necessary time and effort to put your literary skills to the test, there should be nothing, absolutely nothing, stopping you from producing memorable prose.

Universal Class: Haunted Places Whether or not you believe in the paranormal, you can still enjoy the ghost stories that send a chill down your spine sitting around the campfire. Our love of scary stories has inspired horror movies and scary television shows, creepy novels and ghostly folk tales. We visit haunted houses and take flashlight tours of spooky cemeteries, all in the hopes of catching a glimpse of a ghost or catching a supernatural thrill. Harmless fun.

Universal Class: Salem Witch Trials This course begins with a historical overview of the environment in Salem in 1692. An examination of the way life was like in Colonial Salem will provide a backdrop to the tensions and circumstances that led to so much unrest.