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IndyPL Book Bike - It Goes Where the People Are!

06/27/2019 | IndyPL FYI & FAQ

Book bike and rider

Chances are, you've seen one of our Bookmobiles driving around town or parked at your school or in your neighborhood. Did you know we also have a people powered version?

The book bike is a smaller, more nimble version of our bookmobiles. Instead of rolling up to a venue and parking in one spot for the duration of an event, the book bike can post up at several different places at the same event. Since the book bike doesn't rely on people coming to it, it reaches a lot more people! The book bike goes to where the people are!

The book bike doesn't check out books like the bookmobile does, which seems bad...but it isn't! The book bike GIVES books away, to keep forever!

Indianapolis Star: Indianapolis Public Library Book Bike Offers Free Books - No Library Card Necessary

No one should leave the book bike without a book to take home!

Would you like the book bike to appear at an event? Request the Book Bike

NOTE - The book bike is for outdoor events only. It is too wide to fit through most exterior doors.