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Learn Coding Skills at the Library

10/03/2021 | Technology Skills

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CompTIA’s Cyberstates Report shows that tech employment in Indianapolis is growing, with many of those jobs requiring some coding skills or technical skill training. There are a wealth of resources available to help you learn to code or start to transition into a tech career. So many that it can often feel overwhelming to know where to start! Here are some of our favorite library resources, free online resources, and community organizations that can help you take a first step into developing new coding and tech skills.

What is coding?

Coding or, as it is sometimes called, computer programming, is communicating with computers by creating a set of instructions for the computer to follow. Code can be used in many different ways - to make websites and smartphone apps, to analyze information or data for businesses, to build software for computers, to control robots, and even to automate simple, repetitive tasks on a computer such as filling in forms or sending email reminders. Technology shapes the world around us and learning to code can help you control that technology and create new uses for it.

Why should you learn to code?

If you are exploring new career options, want a new creative hobby, or just want to understand how the technology around you works - you should consider learning to code! Learning to code will help you be a more informed computer user and provide you with interesting options for solving tech-based problems. If you enjoy creating, then coding opens new digital creativity pathways for art, music, and more. For those seeking a new career, coding and tech skills can lead to high-demand career paths with good income potential - both in the tech industry and in other industries that require workers to operate in a tech-rich workplace.

See Yourself in Tech - Code Cafe and Coding Programs for Adults

You can find all of the programs we offer here or join our coding and tech focused community page on

Favorite Free, Online Resources

  • LinkedIn Learning
    Learn relevant, professional skills on LinkedIn Learning. Your library card gives you free unlimited access to more than 16,000 courses in 7 different languages: English, French, German Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese. Learn how here.
  • Jobs in Tech 101 from TechPoint
    Explore the Indy tech workforce with this website designed to help demystify what a “tech job” is and what companies are “tech companies.” See day-in-the-life interviews with local tech professionals who work in sales, customer support, product development, and more.
  • Get Certification from FreeCodeCamp
    FreeCodeCamp offers free lessons and certification on in-demand skills and languages including Web Design, Front and Back End Web Development, Python, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning.
  • Not Certain What Language is RIght for You? Try This Quiz
    Quiz results include information about a language and information about what types of companies and jobs use the language.
  • Mozilla’s Web Developer Tutorial
    Mozilla offers tutorials to help at multiple skills levels from complete beginner to building a basic web project or browser extensions.
  • Learn How to Code with CodeCademy
    Codecademy has several free lesson sets. This is a great resource for complete beginners to coding.
  • SQL Murder Mystery
    Learn the basics of SQL, a database query language, while solving a puzzle. This lesson is a fun mix of a playful murder mystery and a solid introduction to basic SQL knowedge.

Get Involved - Organizations in and around Indy

Connect with the community-based organizations who help support adults who are transitioning into a Tech Career

Web Development & Design Books for Beginners

Learn how to use coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a basic website with code.

HTML in Easy Steps

McGrath, Mike

HTML allows you to provide structure to the contents of a web page. This introductory book has a brief histoty of HTML and then delves into an example heavy intro to the topic, showing WHY HTML code is written the way it is not just how to write it.


Design and Build Websites

Duckett, Jon

This book is has a very visual approach and is both well-designed and thorough. It focuses on both teaching the foundations of HTML and CSS while reinforcing good design principles. Perfect for someone hoping to be prepared for using HTML and CSS for design or UX. Available as both a physical and an e-Book.

Create With Code

Build your Own Website

Hatter, Clyde

This simple introduction to the basics of website building was written to compliment the popular youth coding club Coder Dojo. Although designed with kids and teens in mind, it has a well-structured and easy to understand explanation for building a first website that makes it a great starting point for adults new to the topic as well.