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Creating a Resume


Before you jump into doing a job search, there are two things to get ready first:

1. An email address

You will need an email address that works. Can you imagine having a job offer sent to an email account that no longer works? Many job sites require an email address to even begin applying. Your email address is something a company may use during the application process and beyond. They may use the email address to respond with a job offer, or after you receive a job, may use your email address to communicate with you about many important things like giving you access to an online pay stub.

2. A resume

You will need a resume. Not all job applications will require a resume, so this may sound like an extra step to you, but if you already have a resume done and handy, it makes filling out job applications easier and faster. It is also a nice note taking page for you as you notice things about the job as you are applying that you don't want to forget. Also, several job application sites will "read in" a resume and fill in parts of a job application for you. The time that you spend on a resume before you begin applying will be gained back in time saved on the actual job applications.

If you need to make a resume, there are several options.

NOTE: Be aware that some online resume builders allow you to build a resume for free, and then charge you to download or print it.

The library has a tool you can use to create and download a resume – all for free. You can use it from home. That tool is called CareerTransitions. You can find it under “Jobs and Careers” in the Research section of our website. To help get you started, here is a video tutorial that will walk you through creating a resume in CareerTransitions.

After you create the resume, be sure to download it! If you are on a public computer, you will want to download the resume to a USB drive or attach it to an email or upload it to a storage site like Google Drive or Dropbox.

If you are on your own device, make sure you make note of where you saved it so you know where to find it later.

More Resume Writing Help

You can take a course called "Resume Writing 101" from Universal Class using your IndyPL library card. Once you enter your library card number and set up an account in Universal Class, enter "resume" in the search box. The course covers various types of resumes as well as the information that should be included in each. Help employers get to know you and your qualifications! The course walks you step-by-step through the creation of the most common sections found on resumes in today's job market.

Purdue's Online Writing Lab: Resumes

Purdue's Online Writing Lab: Resume Writing Learn to design your résumé through the Lab's online tutorial. Click here to download the PDF file containing sample résumés and employment letters.