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Discover a New Favorite at our March Book Sale!


COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of life. But we’re not here to talk about those disruptions. We all know about those. No, we’re here to share how those disruptions helped Indy Library Store discover some benefits which were not anticipated, but are nonetheless welcome!

For us at the store, the disruptions have meant a completely unexpected, but ultimately welcome, restructuring of our book sale model. A restructuring that is ongoing even as we get ready to host in March our second sale since COVID-19. (See Public Sale dates and times here.)

What is this new model? We’re calling it a Sign Up model rather than a Show Up model. Among its many benefits, according to customers of our September 2020 sale is that the atmosphere of the sale has improved. With no more shoulder-to-shoulder filling of the aisles, our customers are relaxing more and enjoying again the discovery process of book buying.

Pro Tip: Join the Friends! One of the benefits of Friends membership is early access to our book sales. Learn more. Friends members will receive an email with a link to sign up for special “Friends Days” sessions on March 1-3.

What’s the Discovery Process?

Many of our customers come in to the store with a specific book in mind. Maybe they are collectors of Stephen King’s books and want to fill holes in their collection, or perhaps they’re investigating the issue of racial equity or exploring new cuisines through cookbooks? Whatever their interest, previously they would come into the store, elbow their way through the crowd of sometimes as many as 100 people, and look for their jewel.

But now that pressure is gone. Now people come in with their lists still, but after finding (or not) that missing item or two they’re collecting, they have the opportunity to just breathe in the smell of books, browse shelves just for fun, and discover something new.

How to Sign Up

If that sounds good to you—that freedom to discover—consider signing up for a session during our March Sale, March 5-11. Sign up for the Public sale—including Half Price Day and Bag Day—starting at 8 a.m. February 17 here:

We have morning, afternoon, and evening sessions this time. And the store is full!

See you there!