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Funny Ladies


It is said that laughter is the best medicine. When people think of comedians they don't often think of women first, but from early women comedians like Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett, women have made us all laugh.

Use your IndyPL library card and the library's movie streaming service Kanopy to learn about early female pioneers who have brought their perspective and wit to movies, television, writing and stand-up comedy. Choose one or try all three!

PBS Pioneers of Television: Funny Ladies - An entertaining walk through comedic history.

Makers: Women in Comedy - The history of women in comedy from the 70s to the 90s to today. Listen to female comedians talk about how they broke into a male dominated profession and what they hope the future holds.

Funny Ladies a Portrait of Women Cartoonists - Cartoonists Cathy Guisewite, Nicole Hollander, Lynda Barry and "Brenda Starr's" Dale Messick -- share their thoughts on why there are so few women creating comics.

The list below includes audiobooks you can check out or stream with your IndyPL library card. Many of the titles are read by the author which for me was like being in the room with them hearing their stories. These women often get their material from what they see and hear as they are doing things in their everyday lives. Here are some of the highlights on why I enjoyed these audiobooks so much! Look at the full list to see my thoughts about each one.

  • "I listened to one of her books and found it so enjoyable that I listened to all her others."
  • "She is cynical and funny without being mean."
  • "Part of what make her books so good is that she is a great writer and her vocabulary is wonderful."
  • "She is honest and real and so very funny."


Funny Ladies

I started listening to Jenny Lawson and branched out from there. #indypladults #indyplaudiobook

Furiously Happy

A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Lawson, Jenny

I loved this book - it made me LOL and cry. I have recommended it to so many friends. Jenny Lawson is so easy to relate to, it is worth a listen.

Scrappy Little Nobody

Kendrick, Anna

I am a big fan of Anna Kendrick and loved this audio book. She reads her book and her personality really comes out in her reading. I found her funny and like someone I could just hang out with.

Why Not Me?

Kaling, Mindy

This was LOL funny, relatable and empowering. If you are a fan of The Office, the Mindy Project or anything else she has done it is well worth a listen.