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Hoopla Music Album Cover Samples

Great music has always fascinated me. In college and afterwards I loved rock and roll. As I grew older, classical music became one of my big interests when I discovered that classical music could actually improve my concentration and help me think more clearly as I work. LPs and later CDs became a great way for me to have rock and roll and classical music to listen to. Now comes Hoopla.

When the Indianapolis Public Library first made Hoopla available some three years ago, along with their e-book reading app Libby, I was cautiously hopeful, but also prepared to use Hoopla as a ‘once-in-awhile' thing. I had never been impressed in my experiences using free apps and quite frankly, I'm just too cheap to spend money on subscription streaming services like Spotify.

Hoopla hit the spot for me! Hoopla offers e-books, graphic novels, movies, and television series as well as music. I confess I know next to nothing about their e-book, graphic novel, or video offerings. I do use Hoopla on a daily basis for music and I love the advantages it offers.

You are probably wondering how extensive the music collection in Hoopla can be. Often, the word ‘free’ when talking about music sites is associated with the words ‘small’, ‘dated’, ‘limited’, and ‘uninteresting’. This is not the case with Hoopla. In searching Hoopla’s collection, I found Taylor Swift’s latest two albums, albums by Lady Gaga, BTS, and even Stevie Wonder’s “Songs in the Key of Life.” Hoopla really does have a lot to offer.

How Hoopla Works

Each library patron with a library card is entitled to check out 10 items each month. Each album is then available to listen to for 7 days. After checking out and then downloading the music, listening will not require a Wi-Fi or direct internet connection. One of the great joys of using Hoopla for music is that you will never have to worry about returning the albums because they return on their own. Each album checks itself back in at the appointed time without you ever having to do anything. Like an album a lot and want to listen to it again? Check it out again.

You can begin using Hoopla in a number of ways. If you are an iPhone or iPad user you can go to Apple’s App Store, search for Hoopla and install it on your phone, computer or tablet. For Android users, you can find and download the Hoopla app in the Playstore. On a Windows computer, use your web browser to go to and begin browsing Hoopla’s collection.

No matter what sort of device you use with Hoopla, always remember that it is a library-based service. In order to use your new Hoopla app, you will be required to identify your library and your library must be a provider of the Hoopla subscription service. You must also have a valid library card. After signing up that first time you can begin enjoying music right away! Don't have an IndyPL Library card? Get a Library Card.

Have questions? Try these Hoopla directions, watch this video tutorial, or call, text, or email Ask-a-Librarian. We are here to help you find what you need and make the most of Library resources!

Find out more about all the digital borrowing options available from IndyPL.

Hoopla Music Album Cover Samples

This blog was written by Keith Harrison. He is a semi-retired Computer Lab Assistant at Central Library who believes that we are never too old to learn something new. The world contains too many fascinations for us to sit still!

Do You Hoopla?

In addition to music, Hoopla offers TV shows, movies, comics and ebooks too! IndyPL_SherryU


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