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Open Your Eyes!

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun, doesn’t it? Just read each day’s news. I often think, “Haven’t we done this already?” when the anchors report on the latest. Maybe that is just a function of living for 60 years.

But the great thing is that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new in the world to me. All I have to do to find “new” is to open my eyes and look around. I discover new ideas, new authors, new ways of thinking almost every day in my work here at the Indy Library Store. It’s a great gift to work in a place where every day you have the opportunity to say, “Wow!”

For instance, the other day a book came into the store that encouraged me to think about old topics in new ways. The content of the book was quite familiar—the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech—but the presentation made it new and gripped my imagination.

In the book, ostensibly for children but fit for all, are the words of Dr. King’s most famous speech gorgeously illustrated by 15 Coretta Scott King Award- or Honor-winning artists.

Reading the familiar words with the illustrations made the speech almost new. Indeed, Dr. King’s admonition regarding “the fierce urgency of now” rang in my ears as if for the first time. That part of the text is paired with an enchanting illustration by Ashley Bryan of children of different colors, faiths, and heritages playing together. Realizing that this ideal is still not “now,” was arresting.

Indy Library Store is a special place. We get nothing in here that is not used. Our stock comes from the important discarding process of the Indianapolis Public Library and from the generosity of donors in our community. None of it is new.

But much of it is likely new to you or to your child or to your neighbor or friend. Like “I Have A Dream,” the richness of new can be found anew if you look for it. If you search for it. If you open your eyes. Will you look for it?

Our store has five sales each year, (January, April, June, September, December).

Michael Ehret is the Coordinator of Indy Library Store.