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Save Your Family Photos Scan - a - thons

01/17/2020 | Events

Old Photographs on a Table

We are looking for photos of: families, houses, street scenes, clubs, neighborhood events, businesses, and prominent residents.

Bring photos to be scanned at one of our scan-a-thons. Share memories while IndyPL staff scan your photos. Registration is encouraged. We cannot guarantee service for walk-ins. Call 317-275-4370 or register online. See the schedule this month and next month.

Books about Photo Preservation:

Favorite Books about Photo Preservation from IndyPL Librarians

Genealogy: what to do about all those old family photos.

Old photos are a great source for tracing your family tree. Utilize these books to help you date, identify, store, digitize, preserve, and archive your family photos. #indypladults IndyPL_MicheleP

Digitizing your Family History

Easy Methods for Preserving your Heirloom Documents, Photos, Home Movies and More in A Digital Format

McClure, Rhonda R.

Easy Methods for Preserving your Heirloom Documents, Photos, Home Movies and More in A Digital Format. Your interest may be in the past, but permanently preserving your family's history relies on today's technology. If you have limited knowledge of computer equipment or feel uncomfortable using it, Digitizing Your Family History will teach you easy methods for choosing and using scanners, copiers, digital cameras, and software to keep and share your work with others.

Scanning Negatives and Slides

Digitizing your Photographic Archive

Steinhoff, Sascha

Ingram Book Company With this second edition, photographers can achieve the best possible digital image from a negative or a slide. They learn how to build a workflow to make this process efficient, repeatable, and reliable. Includes a DVD containing useful tools for image editing as well as numerous sample scans.

Personal Archiving

Preserving Our Digital Heritage

This book explores the emerging field of personal archiving. It covers a range of topics such as: archiving individual and family histories; services and software products; social media and email applications; legal issues; evolving formats and media considerations; academic research projects; Library of Congress initiatives; the role of the Internet Archive; research at Microsoft; and case studies of digital archiving in practice.